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5 Hilarious Things That Will Happen When Tesla Comes To India

Brace yourselves auto enthusiasts, Tesla might soon be making the entry into Indian Markets. So, Tesla comes to India, but when? The Indian Twitteratis asked and the CEO Elon Musk replied:

tesla comes to india tweet

It makes perfect sense to look at the things that might happen after Tesla India launch. This being India, there are quite a few things that could go awfully wrong and could turn out really funny. Comedy gold even!

Without any further ado, let’s have a look into the:

5 hilarious things that will happen after Tesla comes to India

#1 First things first, Tesla models come with autopilot feature that offers autosteer ability.

tesla comes to india autopilot autosteer

Guess who’s the happiest man in India after hearing this 😛

tesla comes to india driverless

#2 Why carry a power bank around when a Tesla is nearby?!

tesla comes to india smartphone charging

#3 We Indians are suckers for cricket and high mileage cars!

Before Tesla hits the market:

tesla comes to india maruti mileage

After Tesla hits the market:

tesla comes to india please

#4 After Tesla’s electric cars and supercharger network, electrical power thieves be like:

tesla comes to india electric power

#5 Last but not the least: tremendous changes in Bollywood action (destruction) sequences!

Before Tesla: Good old Petrol.

tesla comes to india bollywood action sequences

After Tesla: Things get a little electrified!

tesla comes to india bollywood action sequences electrified

So, these are some of the hilarious things that came off the top of our heads here at GrabOn. Do you think we missed out any other funny scenarios?

List more hilarious things that will follow Tesla India launch 🙂

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