small saving

Do you ever do this?
Squirting that last bit of liquid dish soap from the bottle? I do it every time to make sure I do not waste anything on which I have spent money.

There is nothing wrong to be frugal. Taking care of such petty things can actually help you in saving lot of money. There are similar other numerous things you can do to cut down a little off your expenses. Even though these pity things won’t make any huge difference in your daily life, they can actually affect your finances positively over time.

5 Effective saving tips

We offer you 5 effective saving tips on small savings that can add up to big money. Continue reading!

1Don’t buy lunch

This tip is extremely valuable for all professionals out there. With inflation soaring high in almost everything, buying lunch everyday can be too pricey and if you evaluate you would realize how much you’re spending every month on eateries.

A standard meal in India would not cost you less than Rs.50, so this comes to Rs.1100 per month and 13,200 over year if we exclude the weekends. If you save this amount of money say for 30 years with an interest rate of 7%, you would have Rs.40,290.

So, next time when you feel lazy and leave with your husband to office without packing your lunch then consider these above estimated numbers. Consider how much you could save if you stopped eating outside food.

2Stop smoking

Not only are you increasing the possibility of dying from cancer or heart disease, but you’re wasting around Rs.36,500 a year!

3Cut down your tea/coffee habit

Most people have the habit of having several cups of tea in a day. If they reduce the frequency they can actually save lot of money being spent on milk, tea powder and sugar. Apart from being frugal, they are also cutting down their weight.

Think of small spending you make out of pleasure. For instance, magazines; next fortnight when you pick a magazine from the newsstand just ask yourself do you really read those issues? If no, then drop the idea of buying it.

You can always rely upon your Internet to get updates on fashion and entertainment. And why do you forget you are already spending on your 3G and local service provider every month. So, why not make use of those amenities first?

4Stop spending on weekends

We do agree that after a week-long exhausting schedule, you need to relax and enjoy in weekends. But enjoying doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve to spend every time you step out.

Lately, it’s seen that the cities recently-turned cosmopolitans have induced a lifestyle, where people have more or less stopped eating at home in weekends. They hardly stay in only to be relieved from the burden of week-long hectic schedule.

It’s good to go out and dine with your family. But if we cut down the frequencies and rather find some alternatives then you can actually save considerable amount of money.

5Save on your household bills

I don’t have to lecture you on electricity conservation. We keep getting advice day in and day out on this. But in our busy schedule, we sometimes forget to notice on such small things like we forgot to switch off the lights of other rooms and we switch on the AC even when it’s not required to name a few.

If we consider these small yet important saving tips and things we can cut down on household expenses hugely.

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