The success of any online shopping giant primarily depends on its ability to deliver products on-time to their customer’s doorstep. Amazon recently realized that it needs to get more people on-the-road to deliver its products faster. Delivery is often slowed down when the logistics service has to search for the customer’s house which can be difficult to find sometimes.

Amazon Freelancers

The solution? Get people to volunteer and help deliver goods as a part-time job. Amazon says it thinks there are a substantial number of people out there who are willing to work on a part-time basis to earn a little extra dough. Online shopping is growing at a very quick pace and eventually, there will be a much higher requirement of man power to get the job done. It is difficult to outsource logistics and get a large number of people to deliver products.

So how’s it going to work? Amazon is speculating the launch of stores with products ordered by customers in that area. Anybody willing to work should simply approach the store, pick up the product and deliver it to the right address.They can be paid based on the number of hours or even number of deliveries. This can be a great prospect for people who are willing to do a part-time job and earn some money. This will also help Amazon clear delivery deadlines quicker and efficiently.

The stores would be rent spaces or small warehouses to stock products that can be delivered by these freelance delivery boys. This means if the idea does come into play, there would be several such stores for every region of the city.

Amazon thought of this idea when they realized the growing number of freelance workers in the world. Many people today don’t mind working for multiple companies at once. So a tempting offer like this will easy attract such crowd that does not want to permanently associate itself with any one company. They can work by their will and leave whenever they want to. That way the brand does not have to worry too much about their floor level human resources as they would not be permanent.

People will be free to use their cars or bikes to complete the delivery reducing logistic costs for Amazon. Most importantly, during season sales or holidays, it will be able to handle large number of orders with some extra help from the general public. On the whole, the idea has the potential of being a huge hit.

Amazon hasn’t revealed as to when it is planning to launch this idea. But on weighing all the facts, it is quite exciting to think of it becoming a reality. This might just revolutionize the online shopping world, who knows?


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