With Amazon Prime making it to the online globe, there are wide speculations about its pros and cons! For few Amazon Prime is all about a free 2 day delivery, free shipping which is a super saver deal for the budget online shoppers and also the Amazon Instant Video that has made this feature a huge it. But in reality, are the Amazon prime benefits only restricted to these three aspects? Not really.

Amazon prime benefits

1. Prime Membership that’s Share-able

Unique and useful, this feature is probably that is getting most highlighted in the list of Amazon prime benefits. So with Amazon Prime users and members have the option of sharing their membership with up to four different people. This means, these four people that can be the user’s family or folks are liable to make use of the user’s shipping advantages without requiring his/her sanction for direct access to the account. The only condition is that these people ought to reside at the same address. And for inviting four other members the main users need to add in their name, birthday and email address.

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2. Kindle eBook Rentals

Book lovers have a lot to gain here. So if you’re an Amazon Prime member and also have a Kindle ereader account, Fire phone or Fire tablet then you have the chance to rent ebooks from the Kindle Owners Lending Library for free. The rented ebooks come with their stipulated due dates and hence can be shares through any device that’s connected to the user’s Amazon account. However, the condition is that users are able to borrow only one ebook in a month. And just in case the user already has borrowed an ebook he/she needs to return the same in order to borrow another.

3. Amazon Prime Free Months

This is for the students! So if you are an Amazon account holder and you are enrolled in a University or a college and also have a valid educational email address, then you can use it to register in Amazon. Here you will be counted under the Amazon Student program and you will have a 6 months free trial for Prime. As the trial period ends students have the choice to get updated to a complete Amazon Prime membership enjoying a 50% off.

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4. Members Have Access to Unlimited Photo Storage

Most Amazon users usually start with a 5GB amount of free data storage under Amazon’s Cloud Drive with the Prime membership. This comprises of anything from videos to photos, music files and documents and anything else that the users want to store. The advantage here is that as an Amazon Prime member users free cloud storage plan gets expanded in order to enable unlimited photo files under the Prime Photos program.

5. Free Delivery of the Groceries

There is a program named Prime Pantry that enables the users to plan order for a grocery box worth $5.99. Post the order placement, all the Prime Pantry items are going to be shipped within a single Prime Pantry box and most orders will reach within 4 business days.

With its set of benefits and some conditions Amazon prime benefits seem to have impressed its users and have also increased the online customer base.

Amazon attaches great value to its customers! This is the reason why in order to sustain the increased customer base the brand provides Amazon coupon deals on all kinds of products and services listed under the website. Introducing the coupons Amazon makes it easy for customers to get their choicest brands and pay less for the same. Amazon coupons help online buyers to save big!


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