Ever since the news of Arnab Goswami’s resignation as the editor-in-chief of Times Now broke out, twitter has been taken by storm. The Twitterati poured out reactions be it a sigh of relief (for the obvious reasons), disappointment from his hardcore fanbase or general applause for his more than entertaining, genre-defining service!

Arnab Goswami

Let’s take a look at some of the reactions:

Arnub with an ‘u’ can more than just fill in for Mr. Goswami.

This guy wore many hats!

Evil-doers be afraid..be very afraid.

Needless to say some weren’t that happy, I mean you can’t please everyone. Not even Arnab Goswami!

Some were all praises,

while others made the sampoorn use of the occasion to take a few digs!

Never ever, ever ever, ever again question my patriotism.

Finally *collective sigh of relief*

Quitting like a boss!

My name is Arnab and I’m not a sensationalist.

Times NOW? More like Times THEN!

The Newshour Debate will never be the same without you, Arnab :(

We can only hope that

So, how do you feel about Arnab Goswami stepping down? Got any question you would like to ask? Come on, the nation wants to know! Just kidding, leave your feedback in the comments below :)


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