Best Laptop Cooling Pads in India

Best Laptop Cooling Pads in India

Amazon is offering the Best Laptop Cooling Pads in India at an unbelievable discount and people cannot keep calm! Correct me if I am wrong, we live and breath online in today’s world and our constant companion is our laptop. I am sure you and your laptop are inseparable for more reasons than one, so it becomes an absolute must to take good care of your laptop and increase the longevity of the device. The first step in the process would be to prevent it from overheating and what else can do the job better than a Laptop Cooling Pad?

Best Laptop Cooling Pads in India
How Does A Laptop Cooling Pad Work?
For those who don’t know what is a Laptop Cooling Pad, it’s a device that cools down the temperature of your laptops and prevents it from overheating. When you use your laptop for long hours, the device tends to heat up excessively and result in system failure. A cooling pad for laptop comes to rescue in such cases. It helps in reducing the temperature of the laptop with the help of cooling fans in-built in the device. Cool, isn’t it? The best part about this electronic device is that it is easy to carry and can be taken along during travel and meetings.

Types of Laptop Cooling Pads in India

There are mainly 2 types of Laptop Cooling Pads available in the market.

1. Cooling Pads with a Fan – This type of cooling pads are most common in the market. The device is equipped with multiple fans that operate to cool the overheated laptops while use. Laptop cooling pads with fan are most suitable for people who love to watch movies, play games, work on the laptop for hours or who are into graphic designing.

2. Cooling Pads without a Fan – The second type of cooling pads in India are one without a fan. This category of laptop chill mats come without any fans installed in them. Wondering how they do their job? Well, these mats are made out of aluminum that is a heat-resistant material. These laptop pads don’t cause disturbance while operating but their quality of performance is much below than those with fans.

Top 10 Laptop Cooling Pads in India

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1. Lifestyle-You Cooling Pad

Lifestyle You Laptop Cooling Pad

Perfect for a gaming enthusiast, Lifestyle-You Cooling Pad can be adjusted in five different angles. With 2 USB ports and blue LED lights in the fans, this is a perfect cooling pad for gaming laptops. The metal mesh surface is sturdy to hold heavyweight laptops. You can easily choose this product if you are into graphics and use your laptop for high-resolution games and editing.

Price: Rs 1,999/-

Dimension – 380 X 290 X 32 X 90 mm
Fan Dimension – 120 X 120 X 25 mm
Fan Speed – 1000 +/- 10% RPM
Weight – 681 g

Suitable For – This laptop cooling mat is perfect for people who are gaming enthusiasts and designers.

2. Kootek Cooler Pad Chill Mat 5

Laptop Cooling Pad Kootek
Almost similar in design with Lifestyle_You Cooling Pad, Kootek Cooler Pad Chill Mat 5 is a great laptop cooler. The device has 5 fans that are inbuilt in ergonomic design stand that makes it comfortable to adjust the laptop and stand according to ones need. Features like zero fan noise, two switches to turn on/off the fans and flexible usage make this product a great portable cooling pad in India.

Price: Rs 7,043/-

Product Dimension – 380 x 300 x 35 mm
Fan Dimension – 70 x 70 x 15mm
Fan Speed – 1000 +/- 10% RPM
Weight – 1145 g

Suitable For – This one again is perfect for those who are fond of games or the coders.

3. Deepcool N2 Cooling Pad

Best Laptop Cooling Pad in India

Deepcool N2 Cooling Pad is by far the cutest laptop cooling pad ever! The device has a bunny with three carrots on it and comes in a soothing turquoise blue color. Do you need any other reason to own this? Well, this is a highly compatible device that comes with dual smart viewing angles and noise-free fan cooling. Apart from this, there are USB cable ports and is compatible with 17″ notebooks, etc.

Price: Rs 1,525/-

Product Dimensions – 380 x 260 x 26 mm
Fan Dimension – 180 x 15 mm
Fan Speed – 1150 +/- 10% RPM
Weight – 640 g

Suitable For – Anyone who uses a laptop for long hours can use this cooling pad.

4. Targus Lap Chill Mat AWE55US

Targus Lap Chill Mat
This one is a classy option if you want to buy a laptop cooling pad for yourself. Targus Lap Chill Mat is a light-weight high-quality laptop cooling pad. The device is highly comfortable to place on the lap or any surface because of the soft neoprene cushioning that prevents your lap from heating or getting hurt. It’s an elegant looking device, perfect for professionals.

Price: Rs 4,267/-

Product Dimensions – 305 x 381 x 76 mm
Weight – 862 g

Suitable For – All the corporates who spend their days and nights staring at the laptop screen can go for this.

5. Zebronics 1100 cooling pad

ZEB NC1100
Zebronics 1100 Cooling Pad has a cool rectangular plastic body with metal mesh to support the cooling fans and design it with LED lights. This is a very light-weight product equipped with a USB connector. This can be a good option with basic features, available at a very reasonable price.

Price: Rs 449/-

Product Dimension – 330 x 250 x 43 mm
Fan Dimension – 125 mm
Weight – 380 g

Suitable For – This is a basic laptop chilling mat suitable for those who generally use laptops for work or to watch movies.

6. Belkin F5L055QEBLK Cooling Pad

Belkin F5L055QEBLK
Belkin Cooling Pad is a top choice due to the cooling pad features it has. The device is highly compact and can be adjusted inside a laptop bag. The design of this product is great as there’s a comfortable slope to rest the hand while typing. Not just this, the product has a raised height to avoid bending and neck pain. Belkin Cooling Pads can be deemed best at the price they come for. It comes with 3 years warranty

Price: Rs 1,299/-

Product Dimensions – 296 x 310 x 46 mm
Weight – 699 g

Suitable For – Again, this laptop cooling pad can be best suited for working professions and students.

7. Tarkan Heavy Duty Cooling Pad

Tarkan Heavy Duty LED
This butterfly-shaped cooling pad with 4 built-in fans is a light-weight and durable option worth considering. Along with USB port, there’s a cable detangled slot at the bottom of the device. You can also adjust the fan speed according to your requirement. The ergonomic stand provides a better viewing and typing experience to the users.

Price: Rs 2,999/-

Product Dimensions: 408 x 287 x 29 mm
Fan Dimensions: 110mm x 110mm x 20mm
Fan Speed – 1200 +/- 10% RPM
Weight: 707g

Suitable For – Tarkan Cooling Pad is perfect for Graphic designers, gamers, and tech enthusiasts.

8. Havit HV-F2056 Cooling Pad
Havit HV-F2056
Havit comes with two USB ports and two height stands, suitable for everyone. The cooling pad can be used for both 15″ and 17-inch laptops and is extremely light-weight. The device has mesh made out of high-quality metal. The fans don’t make noise and you can work in silence. What more do you want?

Price: Rs 2,499/-

Product Dimensions: 380 x 280 x 28 mm
Fan Dimension – 110 x 110 x 20 mm
Fan Speed – 1100 +/- 200 RPM
Weight: 680 g

Suitable For – Movie buffs who like to binge watch movies and series should definitely own a Havit Cooling Pad.

9. Cosmic Byte Asteroid Cooling Pad

Though I am not a huge fan of this product’s design, Cosmic Byte Asteroid Pad is a 5-fan laptop cooling pad with LED lights perfect to create a gaming atmosphere. The product as an extremely amazing adjustable height setting for viewing and working at 7 different levels. The product also has a double holder design and buttons to adjust the fan speed.

Price: Rs 1,699/-

Product Dimensions – 432 x 302 x 42 mm
Fan Dimension – 140 x 140 x 15 mm
Fan Speed – 1100 +/- 10% RPM
Weight – 1020 g

Suitable For – A total steel deal for all the gamers out there.

10. Quantum QHMPL 350

Quantum QHMPL 350
Quantum QHMPL 350 is a single fan laptop cooling fan to cool your laptop’s temperature. The product has a handy design which enables the user to use it comfortably. The size of the product is 16″ and it’s compatible with notebooks. Though there are no speakers, you can adjust the height according to you.

Price: Rs 499/-

Product Dimensions – 405 x 282 x 77 mm
Fan Speed – 1000 +/- 10% RPM
Weight – 971 g

Suitable For – This laptop cooling pad is perfect for normal use in day to day life.

Having mentioned the top 10 laptop cooling pads for your favorite device, it’s your turn to pick the best one based on your requirements and prevent your laptop from overheating. The more you take care of it, the better it will perform so choose wisely and keep it safe. To save more on your purchase, you can use amazing deals and coupons available on GrabOn!


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