BookMyShow is the ideal website for you if you want to buy tickets for events and concerts. Discounts on ticket pricing and convenient access to information about future events are just two of the many advantages that this online ticket-buying service provides. Additionally, BookMyShow constantly adds new shows to its lineup, so there’s always something fresh to enjoy. We go over everything there is to know about the platform and its incredible deals in this blog post. Therefore, prepare your popcorn before continuing to read this piece of informative content.

What is BookMyShow?

One of the major entertainment websites in India, BookMyShow provides a convenient one-stop shop for purchasing tickets for movies, plays, and sporting events online. The platform was introduced in 2007 and is currently owned and run by Big Tree Entertainment. It is present in more than 650 towns and cities across the nation and provides millions of users with unrivaled entertainment experiences.

Over time, BookMyShow changed from being a website that only sold tickets to one that provided end-to-end management of live entertainment events, including sporting events, live theatre productions, music concerts, and more. The NBA’s first games in India, U2’s The Joshua Tree Tour, Cirque du Soleil BAZZAR, and many more, including performances by worldwide singers like Ed Sheeran, Coldplay, Justin Bieber, etc., were among the main properties the platform introduced to its markets over the years.

How To Book Tickets On BookMyShow

Here is a step-by-step guide to assist you in easily purchasing tickets online through BookMyShow(dot)com.

  • Step #1: Sign in to www(dot)bookmyshow(dot)com
  • Step #2: Select the city of your choice. (For example: Mumbai)
  • Step #3: Find the movie of your choice, and click on it.
  • Step #4: You will be redirected to the movie ticket book page, after which click on ‘Book tickets.’
  • Step #5: Select when (date and time) you want to watch the selected movie.
  • Step #6: Now from the list provided, select where (movie theatre) you want to watch the movie.
  • Step #7: Next, confirm your acceptance after reading the Terms & Conditions.
  • Step #8: Choose the number of seats you wish to book (From 1 to 10).
  • Step #9: Seats are identified and separated by Price and Row. (For example: Rs 170 – Executive, Rs 150 – Gold, etc)
  • Step #10: Now, click ‘Select Seats’ to reserve the seats of your choice.
  • Step #11: Finally, click ‘PAY’ to book tickets.
  • Step #12: In case you opt for a theatre with F&B service, you may also book your Food Combos. (Or skip)
  • Step #13: You will now get the booking summary to proceed further.
  • Step #14: You are requested to share your contact details in this step.
  • Step #15: Choose the convenient payment method (Net banking, UPI, Credit/Debit Card, Quick Pay, etc)
  • Step #16: Now, make a payment to receive your ticket via email, or simply take a screenshot.

How To Book Tickets On BookMyShow App?

Here are some quick steps for using the BookMyShow app to purchase your tickets.

  • Step #1: Install and Launch BookMyShow app from Google Play or App Store
  • Step #2: Log in to the app via Google, Email, or contact number.
  • Step #3: Verify via OTP or email confirmation.
  • Step #4: Pick a region of your choice. (For example: Mumbai)
  • Step #5: Select Movies to book tickets.
  • Step #6: Now, you will be shown a list of ‘Now Showing’ movies that can be filtered by language.
  • Step #7: Click on the preferred movie, and click ‘Book Tickets.’
  • Step #8: Select the date and time of the show as per your preferred theatre.
  • Step #9: Now, select the number of seats you want to book (From 1 to 6).
  • Step #10: Seats are identified and divided by row and price. (For example: Rs 200 – Executive, Rs 180 – Gold, etc).
  • Step #11: Choose your preferred seats as per the show, and click on ‘Pay.
  • Step #12: Once done, you will be redirected to the payment confirmation page.
  • Step #13: Select the payment method, and click ‘Pay.’

Different Types of Tickets Available On BookMyShow

Beyond simply movie tickets, BookMyShow also provides other services. One may discover a variety of events, including comedy shows, fitness classes, music concerts, live streaming, sports, activities, and much more on a single platform. Here is a breakdown of the many sections and tickets that BookMyShow provides depending on various interests.


BookMyShow is the go-to destination for all your entertainment needs. One can book tickets for all the latest releases for an unmatched entertainment experience.

Currently, the platform is active in hundreds of locations across India, catering to all kinds of audiences. You can watch everything from Hollywood to Bollywood, Kollywood, Sandalwood, Tollywood, Mollywood, and cinemas in Gujarati, Marathi, Punjabi, Odia, Bangla, and much more at the best-guaranteed price.

You can either browse through the latest listings or use the filters provided to refine your search according to your preference. BookMyShow also provides a variety of genres, including comedy, horror, action, drama, adventure, animation, historical, musical, sci-fi, and much more. These films are available to view in a variety of formats, including 2D, 3D, 4DX, 4DX 3D, MX4D 3D, IMAX 2D, IMAX 3D, etc.

You can either browse through the latest listings or use the filters provided to refine your search according to your preference. BookMyShow also provides a variety of genres, including comedy, horror, action, drama, adventure, animation, historical, musical, sci-fi, and much more. These films are available to view in a variety of formats, including 2D, 3D, 4DX, 4DX 3D, MX4D 3D, IMAX 2D, IMAX 3D, etc.

Once you’ve located what you’re looking for, choose one of the simple payment methods offered by BookMyShow, including credit cards and net banking services. The platform also provides a number of advantages for its users, as well as opportunities to save a lot on specific payment methods and banks, including complimentary/free movie tickets.


BookMyShow is the perfect place to find and book tickets for all the best events near you. The platform makes it easy to find what’s happening in your area and filter by genre or event type so that you can easily choose the show or event that interests you. With a single click, you can find your favorite music show, comedy performance, meetups, festivals, workshops, conferences, or awards ceremony.


BookMyShow is undoubtedly the best resource for discovering and buying tickets for forthcoming performances at the top theatres in your city. On this platform, you may look up drama, comedy, musical, and romantic plays near you, both free, and paid.

Simply look through the extensive collection of titles and select the one that appeals to you. Next, decide on the performance time and location that you want, enter the number of seats you would like to reserve, and finish the checkout procedure.

Theater, interactive theatre, storytelling, puppetry, and other genres are some of the most well-liked categories in this department. Plays are available in English, Hindi, Marathi, Telugu, Tulu, Gujarati, Urdu, Punjabi, etc. as language options.


BookMyShow is the one-stop destination to get details about all the upcoming sports events happening in your city. Using this platform, users can explore and be a part of a range of online, and offline game/sports events across categories like cricket, football, marathon, martial arts, cycling, bodybuilding, etc, including health, and fitness festivals.


Booking your tickets for activities like parties, adventures, special trip tours, quizzes and contests, amusement parks, and more has never been easier than it is with BookMyShow. You can also get special discounts on tickets for well-known attractions like Wonderla or Water Kingdom, and free access to other range of other events like fests, etc.

What Is BookMyShow Buzz?

BookMyShow Buzz is a personalized content recommendation service that helps you stay up-to-date on the latest movies, web series, and online events to stream. It provides you with detailed recommendations based on your interests and preferences, so you can easily find things to watch without ever having to search for them. It also keeps track of what’s popular among its users so that you never miss out on anything important. In addition, users can browse through intriguing articles, take part in polls, and view movies while on the go.

Popular BookMyShow Offers & Deals

Below is the list of all popular deals available on BookMyShow for massive savings.

  • Bank Offers: BookMyShow provides significant discounts on a number of banking transactions. A few of the offers include an additional free ticket, a 25% discount on specific credit cards, 2 free monthly tickets plus Rs 100 off, reductions on food combos, and much more.
  • Tub-Days: Users can get unlimited refills on their purchase of a Big Tub Popcorn, and Big Tub Combos. This offer is applicable on Tuesday shows only at INOX Cinemas and is valid for an unlimited refill for a duration of 4 hours from invoicing.

BookMyShow Alternatives

BookMyShow is one of the country’s most popular ticket booking platforms, with a large user base. Other platforms that provide similar services include PVR Cinemas, TicketNew, Moviefone, Cineplex, and MovieTickets, among others. You can use these platforms to book your tickets and enjoy a variety of benefits such as free tickets, movie ticket coupons, food discounts, free movie subscriptions, and much more.

BookMyShow Coupons and Promo Codes

GrabOn is the best place for you to take advantage of exclusive BookMyShow coupons for significant savings. No matter what you are looking for – free tickets, cashback offers, etc, GrabOn has got you covered.


1. How can I collect my movie tickets on BookMyShow?
Following a successful transaction, you can pick up your movie tickets from BookMyShow via SMS, email, or WhatsApp. M-ticket users only need to show the SMS to the staff or scan the QR code at the theatre. You may present the SMS/Email confirmation while picking up your tickets at the box office. When purchasing your ticket, be sure to read the Terms and Conditions because some theaters/cinemas want an email printout as proof of purchase.

2. Does BookMyShow accept cash payments?
Cash payments are not accepted by BookMyShow, although BMS Cash is an option that is available when purchasing a ticket.

3. Can I change my seat in BookMyShow after booking the ticket?
Once a customer has purchased a ticket, BookMyShow does not permit them to change anything about it, including their seat numbers, the day, the time, or the theatre.

4. How can I contact BookMyShow?
For help, hosting events, business, and press inquiries, contact BookMyShow via call (022 6144 5050), chat (app users), or write to them on their official website.

5. What are the many accessible payment methods on BookMyShow?
Currently, BookMyShow accepts wallets, debit/credit cards, net banking, American Express, MasterCard, and Visa.

6. Can you cancel a confirmed ticket on BookMyShow?
With regard to movies, events, plays, sports, online streaming, etc., BookMyShow does not encourage the cancellation or alteration of a confirmed booking or ticket. However, if you have reserved your ticket at PVR, you have until 20 minutes before the start of the show to cancel your ticket.

7. How does pay later work on BookMyShow?
Users of BookMyShow can pay for their orders, tickets, etc. all at once using a variety of third-party apps like Simpl, LazyPay, etc. According to the deadline established by the relevant payment business, all orders are totaled up, and users are then required to make payments once or twice each month.

8. How do I get out of paying the convenience fee on BookMyShow?
BookMyShow charges a convenience fee for transactions such as booking tickets for various events, movies, and activities. Although this fee is mandatory, users can receive discounts by using coupon codes or by paying through select banks for additional benefits such as an extra free ticket, cashback, and so on.

9. Can I change the date or time of my show on BookMyShow?
No. Users cannot change the date or time of a confirmed booking/ticket on BookMyShow.

10. Where can I use my BMS cash on BookMyShow?
MC Cash is only valid for the use, payment, or purchase of products/services available on the BookMyShow website or application. It cannot be used to make purchases on eCommerce apps or websites.

11. Can I add money to BMS Cash?
The direct addition of funds to BMS Cash is currently not permitted. However, you can accumulate BMS Cash in case the platform initiates a user cancellation.

12. What is BookMyShow Stream?
The Stream, a new video-on-demand streaming service from BookMyShow, lets consumers buy or rent the newest movies and enjoy them on a variety of devices without leaving the comfort of their homes. The BookMyShow app, website, Apple TV, Android TV, Chromecast, Firestick, and desktop browsers will all currently offer this service. In addition, users of the site can download all of the content for offline viewing.


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