“Uggh! Why do I need an Amazon Prime account? I already have NetFlix, which is just Rs. 800 anyway!”

Well…hold right there, player.

Amazon Prime has managed to get a lot of users in India. And why not! The benefits you get out of Amazon Prime are absolutely supreme. Exclusive shows and content, free delivery, free book rentals every month, added discounts, and exclusive deals before anyone else! Let’s give you the PRIME reasons why you should have your own Amazon Prime account anyway!

5 Cool Reasons Why You Should Have Amazon Prime in 2022

All the Best Offers And Sales are on Amazon

Ever heard of Amazon Prime Day? Well, guess why it is called Amazon PRIME Day Sale? Prime Day is a two-day-only global shopping event and an annual celebration with the best deals, entertainment, and new product launches reserved exclusively for Prime members. Yea, that’s right. Amazon has a sale day exclusive for Prime members. And what you get here is as good as King Solomon’s mines- unlimited ad-free music streaming, super-fast deliveries, exclusive deals, and discounts before anyone else. And all of this is just reserved for you. You also get unlimited 5% reward points as cashback. This isn’t all! They have the best sales running throughout the year and Prime members get to access them a day before everyone else!

Amazon Prime Memberships start as cheap as Rs. 129

Yea, you read that right. Unlimited free delivery, best of entertainment and music, free Prime reading and much more, starting at Rs 129. But you would rather buy expensive streaming subscriptions with no extra benefits for Rs 800, right? It was rhetorical, it is WRONG! Don’t be so stupid! Get yourself an Amazon Prime account right now!

Amazon Prime has the coolest streaming platform

Not kidding, we LOVE the streaming platform, Amazon Prime Video. It has clear subtitles for all kinds of shows and movies so, if you are looking for the best movies across any language, language is not your burden! Malayalam version of Drishyam or Tamil version of Roja and you speak neither? Gotcha covered! It also has a unique cool feature. You can hover your mouse over the screen and all character descriptions on the current screen pop up! So, if you were texting while watching a show, and don’t know who the new character on the screen is, you don’t have to rewind!

Hidden Prime Stuff

Got yourself those fancy Amazon Echo, Fire tablet, or another Alexa-compatible device? If you do, go ahead and tell Alexa those romantic magical words: “Alexa, what are your deals?” And boom! She tells you the best, latest and coolest Prime-exclusive deals, pausing after each one to ask if you want to buy it. After you are done listening to all the deals, hop on Amazon and go on a shopping spree! Bet you absolutely did not know about this!

Unlimited photo storage

Amazon Prime subscribers have an option of unlimited cloud storage for photos. All you need to do is use the Amazon Drive app to upload pictures from phones and tablets. it gets better because there’s also a desktop app (for Windows and Mac) that can store photos from your hard drive. Adding on to that, Prime Photos gives you 5GB of extra storage for documents and videos! How cool is that? No more “memory issue for all the good times” problem…ever! Additionally, they have also introduced Family Vault that allows you to share your Prime Photos account with up to five people, which means no more losing out on memories, in case, your system crashes (If you are unlucky enough to lose your mobile, and laptop all at once!)

So, there it is! The top 5 reasons to get your own Amazon Prime account today! And if you are still missing out on your subscription, say goodbye to the latest exclusive shows like Mirzapur and The Boys. If you can think of more reasons why Amazon Prime gives you superiority, don’t forget to mention that in the comments section!


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