Online coupons are no more new to Indians. But do you know how many types of Internet coupons are basically available? Well, this edition is all about explaining you the varieties in online discount tickets. Do have a read!

4 types of Coupons used for Online Shopping

Printable online coupons

– These vouchers are like regular ones, except for the fact that they can be downloaded online and printed at home. These vouchers are used at the physical retail stores.

Product code coupons

– Unlike the printable ones, you don’t have to take their print outs. Instead, you can redeem them online at the specified web stores. All you need is to use the code at the retail store’s site at the time of check-out.

Activated link coupons

– These are also same like coupon codes and can be redeemed online.

Click coupons

– These are mostly offered by grocery stores. These vouchers are usually transferred online to your regular shopping card which gets credited in that particular grocery counter at the time of billing.

There are certain benefits associated with these Internet coupons. Gone are the days when people used to hunt for coupons in newspapers and journals and save the paper cuttings. With the advent of online shopping, the concept of discount deals has also changed.

The discount vouchers can now be availed easily during any time of the day. even though you’re not aware of the coupon sites, Google easily helps you fetch one of your choice. With varied choices, you can now compare and comprehend before finally picking a code.

However, there are always pros and cons associated with every new technology. Fraud has been the biggest concern for retailers and consumers alike. Even though Association of Coupon Professionals (ACP) is working to improve security strategies for printable online coupons, people should carefully chose a site. Verification is a must for beginners. They should check the genuinity of the site by going through reviews online.

You’ll have to enter an alphanumeric code during the check-out process whenever you’re using the product code coupon. This code will help in activating the discount during the billing.

This kind of voucher offers a flat percentage discount, say 25%. These codes can also be availed easily through search engines.

The activated link coupons do not involve any kind of coding system. These are used automatically without any manual processing, say free shipping offer on qualifying shopping. This is implied to the final invoice by linking to the discount offer in a seamless and integrated fashion. The consumers do not have to do anything except for using their credit card online.

The last kind i.e. the click coupons are usually grocery coupons which are applied to the customer’s shopping card. This card is required to be shown during check-out. The shopper uses the coupon by entering his/her grocery card number and then discounts will be electronically implied to the user’s account.

No matter whatever your discount coupon type is, it will always add value to your shopping experience. However, you can make the most of it if you use it offline. This is certainly the latest avenue of mutually profitable marketing via value-added savings.

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