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Take 9: Doodling simple mehendi designs this Diwali

Diwali is just round the corner and it’s time to shop till you drop. And with all the Diwali offers available online, it is more obvious that you would love to shop even more. However, simply shopping will not do. You also need to dress up right for the occasion and mehendi is an integral part of Diwali as well. Lovely mehendi designs is what I love to indulge in on weekends. But, you may not always feel like getting into all that complex stuff of preparing mehendi paste, putting it in a cone, applying it and then drying it properly, after a stressful week. I know this because I too feel the same 😛 However, there are quite a few simple mehendi designs, that takes only a few minutes of application. And once done, you are simply going to love it. So, all that hard work towards preparing the paste and application cone can be put up with. Today, we will be discussing how to go about doodling simple mehendi designs this Diwali.

7 Cool mehendi designs

Here’s how you can create some beautiful and yet simple Diwali mehendi designs in a matter of few minutes:

The Wrist Cuff Style


Source: Instagram

This is one cool Deepawali mehendi design of 2017 that has become very popular and goes well with any kind of outfit. Gong offbeat is in now. And if you are experimental enough, doodling simple mehendi design such as this can be fun. Try this design and awe your friends this Diwali. And if you are not sure where to get the mehendi, order it online such as from Craftsvilla.

Finger detail with wrist cuff


Source: Instagram

Wrist cuff with finger detailing is another style you can try while doodling simple mehendi designs. It is pretty easy to do and would take hardly 15 minutes of application. And then you are free to go, chit chat with your friends or even go shopping. Just let the freshly applied mehendi dry for a few minutes.

White mehendi


Source: We Heart It

Glitter and color mehendi designs have been trending for quite some time now. But, why not try the completely white mehendi designs this season? White mehendi is yet not commonly seen. So, you can be the one to set the trend!

Mehendi Patterns on the feet


Source: Wed Me Good

Yes, you can do some pretty and may be a bit complex design such as this on your feet for the Diwali celebrations. Keept it simple on the hands and opt for such traditional and yet chic design for the feet. Nobody will try this combination for sure!

The Chakra


Source: Gal Styles

A subtle play of traditional and yet modern is what design is all about. It is again really easy to apply and looks cute. Why not try this simple style, which can be done on your own? Go on, try it but don’t blame me if you get mobbed by the crowd! There will be many who would ask you all details on the design and may even ask you to do it for them.

The hathful with a modern twist


Source: Gal Styles

Try this design and be the queen of hearts, be it in your friends group or for that special person. This design is inspired from the traditional hathful, but less intricate detailing has been used to give it the modern makeover. And yes, the pop colored nails look great with this hathful mehendi design. Isn’t it?

Ink the fingers


Source: Living Hours

This is a complete modern take on the process of traditional henna application. This design is inspired from the art work that was used to adorn the walls of homes in the old days. It is extremely easy to doodle it and takes only a few minutes.

So, here are a few ways you can go about doodling simple mehendi designs this season. But, yes, if you have any other styles in mind do share with us. We would love to hear from you all!

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