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Durga Puja 2017 – The Dashami Epilogue

The epic conclusion to one of the biggest festivals of the year. Emotions running high among the crowd of red-faced women from sindoor khela and amidst a tinge of sadness, the wait for next year’s Durga Puja begins. But first, it’s time for goodbyes. It’s farewell galore as people watch the idol being immersed and loved ones bid adieu before returning back to their tussle with work. Whoa..whoa..does not mean it’s a gloomy day! It’s quite the opposite. The 4-day long festivity goes out with a bang.

When do I celebrate Dashmi

30th September, 2017

What’s the specialty
Dashami PujaDurga Visarjan, and Sindoor Utsav


Perhaps the most iconic and most recognizable aspect of Vijaya Dashami is Sindoor Utsav or Sindoor Khela. Sindoor is associated with marriage and as such the married bengali women apply it on one another wishing a happy married life to each other. At times even young girls take part in this ritual but it’s purely out of devotion to the mother Goddess. Sindoor Khela takes place after the women bid their final goodbyes to the idol of Goddess Durga, offering her sweets and applying sindoor on her. It is believed that Goddess Durga visits her maternal house during these 5 days, hence the goodbye calls for a grand celebration!

If you thought Nabami was crowded, you have no idea about Durga Visarjan and the procession surrounding it. It’s the grandest of the grand celebrations. If Western India has Ganesh Visarjan Eastern India has Durga Visarjan. That might help you to gauge the event! If you haven’t been a part of it till now, try planning a trip to Kolkata during this time. You are sure to enjoy all the fun and madness surrounding this festival.

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Dress to impress


Style yourself in the quintesentially dashami wear, the lal pad saree. Maybe borrow a couple of retro jewellery from your mom?!


As far as Dashami is concerned, less is more. Keep it neat and simple. Suggested attire: Kurta-Punjabi.
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For the love of food



As far as bengali sweets go, Roshogolla is the most prominent one but you HAVE to try the following at least once in your life. Note: Sweet tooth paradise ahead!Raj Bhog

Raj Bhog


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Shor Bhaja


Thank you for joining us on our virtual puja parikrama 😛

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Did you enjoy our series of articles for Durga Puja 2016? Please let us know by commenting below. Subho Vijaya Dashami from the entire team of GrabOn and as they say, asche bochor abar hobe.

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