24 Best Gifts Ideas For Her To Make Her Feel Special

25 Gift ideas for her

Valentines Day is around the corner! Are you also spending your days and nights scrolling through various websites like Amazon, Myntra, Flipkart etc to find the perfect gift for your loved ones? Grab every opportunity to let the women in your life know how special they are. Express your love with a well thought out gift for them. Celebrate togetherness and say how much they mean to you with personalized gifts. Look no further, Birthday, Christmas, Valentines Day or spur of the moment, here’s a list of 25 Gift ideas for her, that you can choose from.

Top 24 Gifts for Her & Presents for Women in 2019

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1. Love Letter

25 Gift ideas for her
A gift that will make your girlfriend cry (happy tears), this one always plays the trump card. No gift can compensate for the feeling that your words can convey. Put all your feelings and thoughts on a paper and gift her. It’s true, it’s pure and it’s priceless. It will remain as a heartwarming memoir of love forever, the perfect Valentines Day gift idea for her if she’s a romantic at heart.

2. Chocolate Bouquet

25 Gift ideas for her
You cannot go wrong with this because everyone loves chocolates. They are the best and a sweet way to express your love. Gifting chocolates are symbolic to care, love, happy life and much more. A lovely bouquet of assorted chocolates is definitely the most suitable gift to make her feel special if she’s got a sweet tooth!

3. Wallet

25 gift ideas for her
We all struggle to pick the best gifts for the people we dearly love. What makes a gift stand out is the emotion it carries along with the thought that’s put behind it and all these things make it really hard to guess the best one. Celebrate, because you have the power of the information. You know wallets are an absolute essential for every woman and if it’s the right wallet, she will thank you for this pretty gift every time she steps out of the house. It will not only be with her for a long time but will also remind her of you every time she takes it along. Good Idea, no?

4. Framed Love Quotes

25 Gift ideas for her
Words have the power to conquer every heart. Women, in general, love personalized gifts. Get your or her favourite love quote framed and place it at home. These love quotes always bring positive vibes and moreover, this is one of the best-personalized gifts that will make her melt. Don’t think much, get the perfect quote and get it framed right away!

5. Makeup Kit

25 gift ideas for her
You know, the right shade of lipstick can fix everything right! If she likes makeup, gifting a make-up kit will be a good idea. This is one of the best ways of pampering her. She can use it for a date, for an outing or for any family event or simply any time she feels like! Something you should definitely consider if you’re looking for the right gifts to make her feel special.

6. Books

25 gift ideas for her
This one is my favorite and I know my tribe is huge! :P Make-ups, accessories, chocolates, etc will certainly not work if your lady is a bookworm. For a book lover, nothing makes them happy apart from books. Gift her some books of her favorite author and see the magic.

7. Diamond Ring

25 gift ideas for her
Sweep her off her feet with a simple diamond ring! Who doesn’t like diamond rings? After all, diamonds are known as a girl’s best friend. Majority women are hopelessly romantic at heart and diamond rings is certainly the best surprise gifts for girlfriend. It not only guarantees an undying smile on her face but also takes your relationship a step above.

8. Little Black Dress

25 gift ideas for her
There’s never enough clothes in a girl’s wardrobe but the closet is totally incomplete without a little black dress (LBD). Plan for a romantic dinner date and let her wear this amazing dress. Get her a perfect date dress and make sure to treat her nothing less than a Queen. In case you also want to check out some creative gifts for girlfriend, you can use these valentines day offers and deals to make the day a little more special.

9. Customized Jewellery

25 gift ideas for her
Get your names or your important dates or maybe your favorite quotes engraved on a bracelet or a lock and gift her some memories that’ll stay forever. These ideas are not just creative but also shows how much you love her and how important she is to you.

10. Quirky Cushions

25 gift ideas for her
Gift her some cushions, which are funny and quirky. These can be made by yourself and are some of the best gifts that you could possibly get her. Cushions will remind her of you on nights when you aren’t around.

11. Cakes

25 gifts for her
Get a customized cake of her favorite choice and flavour. You can create an edible representation of your love story and celebrate the occasion with lots of memories. If you’re in search of the most unusual birthday gifts for her, there are a lot of options to pick from. It’s a great gift and a great way to pamper her.

12. Romantic Dinner Date

25 gift ideas for her
Plan for a surprise dinner date in the most romantic way possible. Look for small gift ideas, plan a special candlelight dinner and treat her royal. A night full of conversations and love is one of the best gifts to make your girlfriend feel special. The memory will remain as the best gift forever.

13. Memories Scrapbook

25 gift ideas for her
This thoughtful gift allows you to gather all the memories you have shared with her. Collect some photographs or memories of her childhood, her dreams or the pictures of her loved ones. This compilation of memories is bound to let her know that you love her and care for her feelings. Trust me on this, gifts like these work wonders on every heart.

14. Perfumes

25 gift ideas for her
Everybody buys gifts to make her feel beautiful. But a bottle of perfume may bring the spark between you and her. Surprise her with her favorite perfume and enclose a beautiful greeting card confessing your love instead of getting lost in the Archies gifts pile.

15. Handbag

25 gift ideas for her
While personalized gifts leave a tear of happiness in your lady’s eye, things that are really useful for her have their own charm. If the lady in your life is a working woman, gift her a purse is a great idea. Go for a stylish and durable handbag, which she can carry anywhere and team up with any outfit.

16. Watch

25 gift ideas for her
Gift her a classy watch and let her remember you every time she looks at the watch. Watch is a safe gift for all the occasions and is also loved by women. Try to keep in mind things like her choice of strap, wrist size, and dial preferences while you select the perfect one for her.

17. Shoes

25 gift ideas for her
A woman can never have enough pair of shoes. They will always run short of shoes before every event. Consider gifting her a pair of sexy heels and let her rock every party she’s a part of. She’ll wear the widest smile, I can vouch for it.

18. Pets

25 gift ideas for her
For an animal lover, the best gift will always be a pet. Surprise her with a cute pup and she’ll never break up with you, honestly. This one will not only make her super happy but also bring the two of you a little more in love with each other. Also, watching her play with the adorable ball of fur will be a sight to behold, forever!

19. Photo collage

25 gift ideas for her
Gift ideas for women don’t always need to be about glitter, go personal and make her unique gifts instead. Gather all the photos you clicked with her. Curate them into a photo frame or add some creativity into it and make it attractive. This gift will also work as a beautiful decoration for your room.

20. Home Decor

25 gift ideas for her
Finding the best gifts for their girlfriend is every man’s dream. But for that, you need to know what matters to her. If she is interested in interior designing and loves decorating her home, gifting her some beautiful vintage home decor will be a great idea. She will definitely love it.

21. Wine

25 gift ideas for her
Sprinkle sparkles in the celebration. Gifts for girlfriends can be hard to find, try gifting her wine bottle and say ‘cheers’ to your future. Also, red wine has a lot of skin and health benefits that she’ll thank you for.
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22. Jewellery

25 gift ideas for her
Dazzle her with a beautiful neck piece or a bracelet. You can choose from silver, gold or platinum with Swarovski or diamonds. Trust us, when it comes to gift items for ladies, a touch of shine can never go wrong. Treat her with a beautiful necklace and make her feel beautiful and special.

23. Teddy Bear

25 gift ideas for her
Wondering what to gift a girl on her birthday? Every girl loves teddy bears! They have a cute bonding with this cuddly thing. Definitely, gift her a teddy bear.

24. Lingerie

25 gift ideas for her
Lingeries are one of the best gifts to give your girlfriends. With so many lingerie websites, pick the best and present her areally intimate gift. The cute, the cool, the lacy or the colorful.. lingerie is an amazing gift idea! Gift her a set of nice lingerie and see her smile.

It’s time to make her feel special!

Make every moment you spend with her memorable. It’s not always the gifts make her feel special, it’s also small gestures which bring a smile on her face. Greet her with a rose, hug her when she least expects and never leave a chance to make her feel loved. And one of the best ways to make her feel loved is by taking her for a rejuvenating spa.

These are some of the best gift ideas for her, which will make her happy as never before! If there’s any other gift idea that crosses your mind, let us know. We would love to include them.

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