Amazon’s entry into Indian e-commerce space drastically increased the variety of products you can buy online. The company has always been pretty straightforward about their intention to sell “virtually anything you want to buy online”. However, there’s still a lot of products that aren’t yet available on the Indian version of the e-commerce giant.

While a majority of those unavailable products are something most Indian customers including us would love to buy, there are also some products that we aren’t so sure about. This is the list of those products:

Top 5 Weird Things Amazon Doesn’t Sell In India

1. This Lawn-Lookalike iPhone 6 Cover

Remember that time you wanted to buy a case for your iPhone that resembled your garden? No? Exactly. I’m yet to find someone who’d want their INR 50K phone to look like their backyard. But I also do not understand why anyone would buy an iPhone, so maybe it’s just me.
iPhone Green Case

2. 1500 Live Ladybugs in a Box

Now, we’re not sure what use a ladybug would be to anyone, let alone 1500 of them. We’re guessing it has something to do with agriculture, but surely there must be better ways of pest control that do not involve 1500 red polka dotted insects. Speaking of insects though, Amazon does sell a lot of other insects too – from worms to crickets. CRICKETS!
1500 Live LadyBugs

3. Underpants for your hands.. Handerpants

They’re underpants.. for your hands – Handerpants. I don’t think there could have been a better name for this revolutionary product. I’d buy it. Shame that you can’t buy this one in India. Amazon, are you listening?


4. Full. Body. Spandex. Suit.

Yep. I bet no one who returned this item chose “Item not as described” in the drop-down list. There aren’t many situations where wearing a full body spandex suit may be considered appropriate, but hey – being appropriate all the time isn’t healthy.

Full Body Spandex Suits

5. Nothing. Period.

Ever had to attend a birthday party where you wanted to walk in with nothing in your hands but couldn’t? Well, you could if Amazon was selling this product in India. Exactly as described, this product comes with a whole lot of nothing. Works great for weddings too!

Gift Of Nothing

Bonus 1: Glow In The Dark Condoms

This product is actually available online in India. Now, before you say anything, we do understand that the product might raise a lot of questions like: Why does it exist? What purpose could it possibly serve? ..and to be fair, those are all indeed valid questions. But, it is kinda hard to argue with “Why not?”.

Glow In The Dark Condoms

Bonus 2: A calendar with one Trumpism per day 




  1. LOL.. I wonder what people would do with a box full of dead lady bugs as I really dont think they would survive for so long without ventilation and food.

  2. To all the ignorant folks out there. Lady bugs are predators to many insects and bugs. They are used to get rid of said plant issues. How environmentally friendly it is another debate.


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