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Happy Parent’s Day: 5 Things You Should Never Get Desi Parents!

Well, for those who haven’t set any reminder for 1st June 2018, Friday is Parent’s Day. A.K.A it’s that time of year again to treat your parents in the most-appreciated and most meaningful way. So, before we tell you what to get your parents, here are a few things that you never should!

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Never Gift The Following On Parent’s Day:

5. Chappal:

hawai slippers parents day gift ideas

I know this might sound a little ridiculous but here’s the thing: As comfy and harmless these footwear might look, the truth is quite the opposite! In fact every year millions of Indian children suffer at the hands of chappals. If you grew up without getting hit by a chappal then you had a great childhood 🙂


4. Belt:

belts for dad parents day gifts

Now, this is something everyone had to face sometime or the other in their life. Having desi parents you get used to your Mom hurling things at you but once in a blue moon, you cross paths with your Dad that ends up in something you regret immediately. Only the lucky few avoid the belt. Are you one of them? Let us know in the comments below.

3. Belan/Rolling Pin:

belan roti rolling pin parents day gift

The rolling pin or the belan is not nearly as innocent as it looks. Every desi kid worth his salt can testify to the belan’s offensive prowess. This is something you should never gift your parents, lest it be hurled right at your head. Don’t make a decision you will regret later. Gift your parents anything except this rolling pin.

2. Dal Masher/Ghotni:

parents day gift ideas ghotni

The adequately sized handle with the big mallet like head makes this kitchen utensil perfect for mashing vegetables and lentils. This also makes it a handy weapon in the arsenal of Indian moms when it comes to disciplining kids. Gift your mom a ghotni at your own risk and don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Last but definitely not the list

1. Broom:

broom things not to get your parents

This is perhaps the favorite of desi moms. Extremely handy cleaning device and has a great aerial ability to hit moving targets like a disobedient kid!  Haven’t been hit by a jhadu yet? Don’t gift one to your parents and stay unharmed. If you have been hit by one, why repeat it? Refrain from getting your parents a broom, this parent’s day 2018.

Now, here’s something you can actually get your parents:

1. For the foodies: Too late for prepping? Well, we understand, with all the work and tight schedules it can get real difficult. So, why not order exquisite, mouthwatering food and get it delivered right to your doorstep with the best food coupons available on the internet. Choose from their favorite food items be it cakes, chocolates or sweets and make their day.

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2. For the travelers: If your parents are bitten by the travel bug, then here’s something you should gift them – the best deals on beautiful destinations with access to fresh-off stunning places on this significant day. Take your parent’s somewhere as iconic as them. Grab the best deals & e-travel coupons and save big on vacations! Don’t worry about the cost-cutting ways to travel, select the best coupons for your parents and surprise them!

3. For the shopaholics: If your parents love retail therapy then you can help them shop for the best apparel, footwear, gadgets, electronics and much more. Check out the latest shopping coupons and use them to buy awesome stuff at unbelievable prices. This is something all your shopping enthusiast parents would absolutely love. Don’t forget to use the hottest Myntra and Jabong offers while picking up gifts for your shopaholic parents.

4. For the fashionistas: Got really fashion concious parents who are the life of the party? Well, gift them beauty and essential needs or fashion accessories that they would love to carry around and love you for it! Take our word for it.

So, what are you getting your parents for Parent’s Day 2018?

Let us know in the comments below 🙂

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