With busy schedules, traffic congestion, and the on-the-go lifestyle, many are finding it very convenient to order food online with Swiggy today.  Days of driving down to a restaurant are becoming grim by the day as online food ordering is quietly racking up the number chart, and rightly so.  A few years ago, what was once hospitable, sitting near a poolside or listening to live music in a peaceful ambiance, has now turned into a crowded, time-taking painful experience in most cases.

Online Food Ordering - India

With over 40 lakh office goers, lakhs of meetings and conferences each day, a rugged lifestyle, and the need for tasty and healthy food, a whole new market opportunity has opened up.  Even those romantic candle-light dinners are now preferred within a home balcony’s security and comfort than a restaurant poolside. It has become essential to avoid all the pain of driving to a restaurant, parking, walking, waiting, and getting distracted on crucial meetings, gatherings, or a date.

Especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, people couldn’t go out and were either cooking within their homes or ordering food online. Swiggy and Zomato flourished during quarantine, as people struggled to resist their cravings for outside food. Even now, when restaurants have opened up, people are a little hesitant to eat out.

How is online Food ordering as an industry-changing?

Online Food Ordering
According to the National Restaurant Association of India (NRAI), the Indian Restaurant sector’s market size is around INR 247,680 Crore (USD 48 Billion). This is 24 times bigger than the glamorous, star-studded Bollywood movie industry itself.

Food is a super large market with umpteen potential, and experts feel that it is only partially tapped when it comes to technology. The initial drift in the market happened with fast-paced industrialization. Later on, when KFC and McDonald’s took over, they raised the bar to another innovation level. Then came the drive-n-order, take-away style of ordering that attracted people and, to an extent, many buyers still do that. Everything from a Dosa to Biryani, ice-creams to desserts, can be purchased on the go.

What is new in 2022?

Come 2022, and we are talking a whole new language when it comes to ordering food. Food is no more a bare necessity, and it’s a lifestyle. It is, in some cases, a fashion statement and an essential aspect of one’s meal. Health-conscious customers are making wise dietary choices. Of course, the taste is still crucial, contemporary ala carte garnering interest, and the need for customer loyalty is at an all-time high.

Many restaurants have built their reputation for specific delicacies. One way there is reputation, and the other challenge is to scale and keep customers coming back. It is not just limited to only the taste of food and quality of service alone. This has grown far more beyond that. From a customer standpoint, personalized nutrition, new menu, health-oriented, having lunch tailored to one’s taste, or delivered right after a business meeting or at the convenience of home on the weekend has taken precedence over self-cooking and packing for a busy day.

Online Food Ordering

Online Food Ordering in India

One could order food online with the top restaurants that have their website and App. On the other hand, food delivery apps could be used to order food from different restaurants. We suggest you to use Swiggy which offers huge discounts on foods.

Make savings with the coupons available at Grabon for Dominos, Pizza Hut, McDonald, and many more. Have a new cinch of comfort, personification, innovation, luxury, and service to add. Ordering food is now as easy as touching a button on your cell phone or over the Internet. One can now customize the order, find coupons for the best deal at a restaurant, ask for delayed delivery, even deliver it at 3 AM at times or tailor it for a particular occasion, and best of all, negotiate a price!

Varieties of Food to Choose From

We eat in terms of taste and cuisine, and what we eat in terms of quality and consciousness has extraordinarily evolved over an extensive scale of factors. You can order Biryani from hotel 1, Burger from hotel 2, continental from hotel 3, and desserts from hotel 4, combine it into one super dinner menu for that perfect occasion.

How will ordering food online be in a couple of years from now?

Call that DJ home, arrange a grand party in your hall, order food online; customize the food, source from favorite hotels your guests love – even if it’s from all over the city, no hole in the pocket, but pure savings, yet, go on and have a blast in the party at the comfort of your home!

Not just that, with the advancement of technology, we expect food delivery times to come down drastically to the point where your food is delivered as soon as you order. But we also hope local restaurants to survive, collaborating with online food delivery apps or otherwise. However, virtual restaurants with no physical presence are in-trend right now.

That’s how we think ordering food online will be and expect it would completely change the way we eat.


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