How Kids Learn With Gadgets and Gizmos


You’re probably familiar with the constant accusations on technology and how it has made us its loyal ever-dependent slave. What if I told you that technology is responsible for your child’s progressive development by leap and bounds? Yes, you read that right. Are you always instructing your precious one to turn it off? As surprised as you might be, interactive technology can actually help your child learn the play way method. Let’s run you through five reasons why you should let your little one on a little more screen time with all those gadgets and gizmos without fussing over.

1. Talent Mine Field

Gadgets, when used in a controlled manner can prove to be a wondrous mine field. With so many child-friendly gadgets and gizmos available in the market, you can pick the one your child is more inclined towards. His talents could vary from music to arts or even sports, you will not be let down by the options you find to keep your child busy while he hones his talent.


2. Cognitive Development

Various technological outputs act as fodder to the young fertile mind. Their young minds readily take in the humongous amount of information coming their way. This stimulates their mental health, problem-solving and high-order thinking skills especially if the information they receive is being presented in an interesting digitalized manner.


3. Promote Social Behavior

With their high-octane energy levels and eagerness to learn, kids who are more acquaint with a variety of topics tend to interact more and share what they know. According to studies, they show more positive social behavior and can adjust to different social situations pretty much effortlessly.


4. Coordination on Multiple Levels

This is music to all the video-gamers’ ears. And not just the video-games, most gadgets demand good hand-eye coordination through engaging and motivating activities. The child tends to focus on multiple activities while trying to perfect them all to an extent. This, in the long run, makes him quite a multi-tasker.


5. Sky is The Limit

It truly is, isn’t it? Especially in the virtual world, your dreams are limitless and horizons have no boundaries. Your child can see the best places the world has to offer or take up those salsa classes he always wanted to, even better learn multiple foreign languages. All this in the comfort of the four walls. He will stay up-to-date with all the happenings and for all you know, might even be an active participant in it!

And you thought all that gadgets did was turn your child into the technology zombie? Think again!


  1. Hi Tanysha,

    It is an interesting article. Gadgets play an important role in improving the overall abilities of a child when used in a proper and controlled way.

    I landed up in this blog very accidently.


    Reji Stephenson

  2. Good Article !! But what worries me is that , kids at an early age are suffering from weak eyesight, hearing problems by spending more time in front of the electronic gadgets.Though yes, you can learn by leaps and bounds but at what cost??


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