Saving money while shopping is certainly a rewarding experience, especially if it’s a purchase you’re required to make. Requirements can be defined as per your daily bare necessities which include grocery, food staple and clothing or just for pleasure such as buying a footwear or handbag online. When such expenses are cut down with coupons, couponing then becomes an engaging activity.

Save with Online Coupons

However, most of such customers slip into the gray area of savings when they do online couponing. Most of us just get carried away with the discount mousetrap and end up buying stuff which are not needs rather only wants.

There is no denying of the fact that a coupon offers rebates or free shipping on specified products or stores. But if the product purchased through coupons isn’t a necessity then are we really saving money? I fear, the answer is no.

Let’s say, you happen to come across a promo code for any product say hiking boots and getting tempted with the alluring rebate you end up buying that pair of boots. So was the purchase really necessary and the money you saved worth? No, that’s because you didn’t require these boots atleast not for this season, when it’s raining cats and dogs. You won’t go for hiking this season, so did you save money or just ended up with an unnecessary shopping?

This was just an example. But it’s true with most of the individuals. People end up buying random stuff and become happy that they could save from the on-going discounts.

We haven’t actually saved anything, but we’ve made a whimsical purchase. This is so because a discount offered on any purchasing will only motivate us to make another spending to make use of such business leeways.

Furthermore, the products we buy randomly, just as hiking boots, we never make use of it. After we receive it at our doorstep, we try on for once and then they are stalked back in our cupboard where several other items are already hidden from the sunlight for days, months and even years.

Unless a discount voucher is utilized on a budgeted requirement which is made use of on regular basis, an individual does not benefit greatly from the efforts allocated to online coupons.

If you come across any promotional code on any coupon site or retail store for a product which isn’t in your shopping list for the month/season, it should be then in your best interest to ignore that page. However, if your month’s budget allows you to do some casual shopping then it may be again in your best interest to partake in the discount codes online.

These days you can find numerous blogs published regularly on the latest trend, “Extreme Couponing”. In US, even a prime time TV show is broadcasted on expert ‘couponers’. With the demand of online couponing growing rapidly, some individuals still believe the couponers are just a group of hoarders, while there are people who want to jump into the bandwagon to save huge amounts.

So is it really possible to obtain a middle ground, where one can buy in bulk and even save alike without being overboard? Yes, it’s possible provided we need to decide whether the shopping is a need or a want.

Money is king at the end of the day. So, if one is able to save more amount than the last month then the person has effectively succeeded.


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