On 5 September 2016, a company called Reliance Jio took the Indian telecom sector by storm. On the purchase of a Jio sim, unlimited 4G data was offered for free. For nearly 6 months, millions of people throughout India enjoyed unlimited internet at merely Rs. 50 (cost of the Jio sim).

But then, the dream came to an end. Reliance Jio began recharge tariffs for mobile broadband internet, much like any other telecom company in India. But Reliance Jio continues to be the in-demand mobile network operator in India. All due to its affordable data plans and good coverage. Add to that, the many entertainment services provided by Jio for free, under the Rs. 99 annual subscription.

The year 2016 was an outstanding year for the Indian telecom sector, for Reliance had launched their much talked about JIO. This year, post March 31st, JIO recharge will be taking the entire nation by storm. The price, at which the services, were offered was far from any kind of competition, thus threatening every single telecom provider out there in the country.

Jio Prime Membership JIO recharge

Never before any telecom company had offered Internet services for free at 4G speed. Jio revolutionized the Indian telecom industry and almost every mobile phone user wanted to turn into a JIO customer. While this splendid service is coming to an end on March 31st, users will now have to shift to JIO Prime, which is the company’s special membership plan for users.

In January 2017, Mukesh Ambani in a press conference announced that JIO would no longer be a free service and would charge users after March 31, 2017. The Happy New offer by Reliance will end by the end of the month and consumers will have to pay not only for 4G data but also for voice calls, and Jio bouquet of services. However, the membership price is kept minimum, and users will have to only pay Rs. 99. The last date for enrollment for JIO Prime is March 31.

If rumors are to be believed then over 40 million Jio users have enrolled for the Prime service. But this news is yet to be officially confirmed by Reliance Jio.

jio prime membership subscription

With just one day remaining before the start of paid services – JIO Prime, India’s largest telecom operator by volume, the company has urged its sales agents to promote the idea of ‘queuing’ up JIO recharge for a year.

A Jio marketing official had this to say,

“We have been told to encourage users to do recharges for multiple months before the offer period ends.”

The JIO recharge offer period refers to the ‘Buy One Get One’ deal that Reliance had announced earlier this month. Under the JIO recharge scheme, anyone who subscribes for the monthly pack of Rs 499 or Rs. 303, that person is eligible to get 10 GB and 5 GB extra data during the 28-day validity of that recharge. From the internal sources, we have found out that the company’s software has been provisioned for queuing up these recharges one after the other for later use.

jio recharge buy one get one

To summarize, if you do 10 recharges of Rs 303 one after the other, you will get the benefit of the first recharge starting Apr 1, the second recharge on Apr 29, and so on for the next 9 months or so. Apart from giving the daily quota of 1 GB or 2 GB, this recharge will also give you the bonus data of 5 and 10 GB.

In case if a user does not do the ‘queuing’ up and opts to recharge for each month then when the validity of the previous recharge expires, the user will not get the bonus data of 5 or 10 GB. It is not clear whether the ‘one plus one’ deal will also be extended beyond Mar 31 when the company extends its JIO Prime Membership sign up period.

Jio, owned by Reliance Industries, is scheduled to wind up its free, trial services at the end of this month. Instead, it has unveiled a special membership called JIO Prime, whose members are eligible to get higher data allocations than others for the same recharge amounts.

It is expected that Jio will manage to convert between 40 to 50 million of its existing 100 million connections into paying subscriptions. This brings us to understand what is JIO Prime Reliance jio recharge plans

What is Jio Prime?

As we have already mentioned Jio recharge is taking over the free JIO and consumers will have to now subscribe for JIO Prime membership. Actually, this is one of the safeguarded business strategies by Reliance JIO to secure their consumers with a special membership program. The enrollment fee costs Rs 99 per year (for now) and after that, you have to take monthly plans to avail of free data and voice calls. However, the consumers must know that the subscription is non-refundable and the last date of enrollment as announced by the company is March 31. Jio Prime is only valid for existing Jio users or those who get a new SIM activated on or before 31st March 2017.

What does Jio Prime offer?

While the monthly pack of JIO recharge is priced at Rs. 499 and Rs. 303, Jio Prime membership costs Rs. 99 per year. This JIO Prime membership offers their subscribers more data at the same price. For instance, if the JIO recharge – Rs 303 plan provides 2.5GB data and free calls, to the Prime member the same plan offers 28GB 4G data, free calls, and unlimited data at the speed of 128kbps in case the 28GB quota gets exhausted. JIO Prime consumers will get a total of 10 JIO recharge plans to choose from. These recharge plans start from Rs. 19 and go all the way up to Rs. 9999 offering free voice calls, 4G data, SMSes, and Jio services.

jio prime plans and pricing jio recharge

How can you avail of Jio Prime membership?

You can subscribe to Jio Prime membership via the MyJio app, Jio site or can also visit any nearby Jio Store.

Is Jio Prime available for post-paid users?

Yes, Jio Prime membership is also available for post-paid users. However, for post-paid users, there are only three JIO recharge plans — Rs 303, Rs 499, and Rs 999.

jio recharge mukesh ambani

What happens if you don’t take a Prime subscription?

There are other recharge options available apart from Prime subscriptions. These recharge plans start from Rs. 19 and go all the way up to Rs 9,999.  You will get free voice calls, SMSes, and a fixed amount of 4G data under these offers. In case you run out of data in the middle of the month, you can take a data to add on to continue using uninterrupted Internet services. There are five such booster JIO recharge packs: Rs. 11, Rs. 51, Rs. 91, Rs. 201 and Rs. 301.

What is Jio Prime buy one get one free offer?

This is the latest JIO offer for those who sign up for Prime before March 31, 2017. Jio Prime members, who opt for a recharge of Rs. 149, Rs. 303 and Rs. 499, will be given extra data by the company. This means if you recharge for Rs. 149, you will get an add-on worth Rs. 51 which will give you 1 GB additional data. Users, who recharge for Rs 303, will get an add-on worth Rs. 201 free, which will give you 5GB of additional data. A recharge of Rs. 499 and above will fetch you a free add-on of Rs. 301 with an additional 10 GB of data. These benefits will be automatically activated by Jio once you recharge your account. It is imperative, however, to do a recharge before 31st March, 2017.

Here’s the JIO plan

JIO recharge JIO Prime

JIO Recharge Plan for Prepaid Users

jio recharge plans

Here’s what everything you wanted to know about the JIO recharge plans for prepaid version

1. Rs 19 for 1 day

  • Prime members: You’ll get 200MB data along with free voice calls under this plan and it’s valid for only a day.
  • Non-Prime members: The non-Prime members will get only 100MB along with free voice calls under this plan.

2. Rs 49 for 3 days

  • Prime members: This plan is valid only for 3 days and you will get 600MB of 4G data along with unlimited voice calls.
  • Non-Prime members: If you’re a non-Prime member then you will be get only 300MB 4G data.

3. Rs 96 for 7 days

  • Prime members: This plan is valid for a week and users will get 7GB data along with 1GB FUP (Fair Usage Policy – It is a policy, where once a user consumes certain amount of bandwidth (download and upload counted), he would have to pay extra for the internet connection) for daily use. After the users have used the first 1GB data per day, the 4G data speed will drop to 128 kbps. The plan, however, offers unlimited local and STD calls to all networks.
  • Non-Prime members: If you are not a prime member then you will get free voice calls along with 600MB of 4G data for 1 week. Even the same applies to the non-Prime members i.e. the speed drops to 128 kbps soon after you consume the first 1GB.

 4. Rs 149 for 28 days

  • Prime members: This plan is valid for almost a month and you’ll get 2GB data along with unlimited STD and local voice calls. To add on, the tariff also offers free 300 local and STD SMS.
  • Non-Prime members: If you are a non-Prime user then you’ll get only 1GB data per day instead of 2GB while other benefits remain same.

Plans only for Prime Members

5. Rs 309 for 84 days

This plan is only for Prime members and offers 84GB of 4G data, with 1GB data FUP per day apart from unlimited STD and local voice calls. After you’ve crossed your FUP limit, the data speed drops down to 128kbps. The plan is valid for 84 days and after that, you’ll have to again recharge with Rs 309. You’ll get 28GB of 4G data valid for the next 28 days. This means the tariff plan offers 1GB of data per day.

6. Rs 509 for 84 days

This plan is valid for 84 days and you get 168GB of 4G data along with unlimited STD and local voice calls. This plan offers 2GB of data FUP per day, after which the data speed drops to 128kbps. After 84 days, you’ll have to recharge again with Rs 509 to avail of 56GB of 4G data for the next 28 days. This means the tariff plan offers 2GB of data per day.

7. Rs 999 for 120 days

This plan offers free STD and local voice calls along with 120GB of 4G data for 4 months on the first recharge i.e. you can access 1GB of data for a day. After exceeding this limit, the speed will drop to 128kbps. After 4 months, you’ll have to recharge with Rs 999 to avail 60GB of 4G data for 2 months which suggests you get 1GB data limit per day.

8. Rs 1999 for 150 days

This plan is valid for 150 days and you’ll get 185GB data for 150 days along with unlimited STD and local voice calls. You’ll have to recharge again later with Rs 1999 and enjoy 125GB of 4G data along with unlimited voice calls for 3 months.

9. Rs 4999 for 240 days

You’ll be getting 410GB of 4G data along with unlimited voice calls for 240 days on recharging for Rs. 4999. On the next recharge after 240 days, you’ll get 350GB of data with unlimited STD and local voice calls for 6 months.

10. Rs 9999 for 420 days

This tariff plan is valid for 420 days and you get 810GB of 4G data with unlimited STD and local voice calls. On the next recharge, you’ll get 750GB 4G data along with unlimited voice calls for 360 days.

To summarize

6 quick updates on JIO recharge and JIO Prime

  1. Unlimited night data will be not available after 31st March 2017 for all users
  2. Consumers will have to pay Rs.99 if you purchase a JIO SIM after 3rd March 2017
  3. JIO Prime users who will recharge their number with Rs.303 will get Extra 5GB 4G data, on recharge of Rs.499 and above they will get 10 GB Extra Data (offer valid till 31st March 2017)
  4. JIO recharge is now available at Paytm, you can also subscribe for JOI Prime using Paytm. Get discount of Rs.30 on recharge of 303 and more, use code PAYTMJIO. Use code JIOPRIME to get Rs.10 cash back on recharge of 99
  5. JIO recharge is now also available at Mobikwik.com. Use code PRIME to get Rs.20 SuperCash on recharge of Rs.99
  6. Under the JIO membership program,  Jio Prime members will get complimentary Jio apps worth Rs 10,000 for free till next year 31st March 2018. They can now enjoy music and content like movies and videos for free with Jio apps

The verdict

The overall cost of the Jio Prime and JIO recharge is still quite low. JIO users get more data at the same price. Also, in the future, there might be more special offers for them.


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