Christmas is the season of giving when joy is in the air and everything around you is colorful. But it can also be trying especially when you’re traveling. Covid has taken over the world, people haven’t been out of their houses for months. Travel during the Christmas season is hectic because of the soaring ticket prices, unavailability of flights and difficulty in packing. The reason is quite obvious – You are traveling with gifts for your loved ones and that cramps up your luggage space. And travelling in the present circumstances, you have to keep in mind a million things other than the travelling permissions. But fret not, we’re here to help you with last minute Christmas packing hacks that will ensure you have a great flight and a fun Christmas.

The worst thing about packing is that you either have leftover space or you have no space at all. When you are attending weddings and other such special occasions, your heavy wedding outfits tend to take a bag of their own. Depending on the way you pack, even a ten days trip-worth of clothes and accessories can be packed in a single suitcase.

Packing becomes even more important if you’re travelling by air. Airlines put baggage weight limits on every ticket and it’s a pain when your luggage goes over those limits. When you go over those limits, you sometimes end up paying more than you did for the airline ticket itself.

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So, let’s jump right into the last minute Christmas packing tips:

1. Create a checklist


The first step in getting things sorted and managing your packing is creating a checklist of all the things that you need and require. Cross off the list of items as you go over. Now, most people think that it actually increases the workload but it’s actually the other way around.

2. Estimate the size of your itinerary
The easiest way to do this is by laying all your travel related stuff on the floor and then see for yourself as to how much space it’ll occupy. This basic gauging is very important as it will help you in the next process, below.

3. Eliminate unnecessary objects
Just like your cupboards, you end up not using about 1/3rd of your luggage suitcase. So, you can eliminate that 30% by laying it down on the floor and estimating the size of your itinerary.

4. Save as much space as possible


The trick to last-minute Christmas packing is knowing how to save space. I get it that you have a lot of things to be packed but there are a few things that you could do like roll-up your socks or underwear and stuff them inside your shoes to save the space occupied by these items.

But that’s just one thing that you can do. There are many more tips to follow to save space while packing.

  • Roll your denims instead of folding them. This way, place them vertically and place many denims around it.
  • You can do the same with tshirts. T-shirt folds are smaller than the denim folds and take less space.

5. Place footwear properly
Footwear takes up a lot of space and becomes a nuisance at times when you need to pack quickly. Always place footwear at the bottom and place them head to toe.

6. Manage gaps in the luggage
Another very useful hack that can save you time and effort is managing the gaps in your luggage. Fill up the gaps by placing soft clothing such as T-shirts and jerseys in between footwear and other tough items. Roll up your shorts and innerwear to create more space and buddle them in the gaps.

7. Appropriately store formal and business clothes


The best way to store formal clothes and business suits, as well as trousers and skirts, is by interlinking them i.e. placing them on top of each other and then folding them. This will save you space and will prevent wrinkle formation in your clothes.

8. Place fragile objects & toiletries properly
When you’re in a hurry especially when during last minute Christmas packing, you often stuff toiletries and fragile objects like Camera wherever possible and that not only causes, takes up more space but also causes harm to your devices. Instead, spread a plastic cover or a dry cleaning bag and put toiletries, books, and camera on top of it and remember to place it in the middle for maximum protection.

9. Avoid space crunch and wrinkled shirts


Now, place your folded & ironed shirts on top to make space for everything and to avoid creases and wrinkles.

10. Don’t roll up belts!
This is one tip that no one might’ve told you up until this moment. Never roll up your belts, that is just a waste of space. Instead, place them around the suitcase or luggage lining at the very end of your packing process.

11. Cabin Luggage


When you travel by air, other than the luggage you hand in at the check-in counter, airlines usually allow you to carry an extra bag with yourself. This baggage is referred to as cabin luggage.

  1. Manage your electronics all at one place

Chargers, power banks, and additional phones can all make a mess when just thrown into your bag. But you can avoid this by organising them appropriately. What you can do is take one of your old phones’ box and use it for keeping all the electronics inside of. This box can occupy a place anywhere and won’t bother the rest ]of the items in the bag. So that’s a bye bye to clumsy chargers and wires.

So, if you’re suspecting that your check-in baggage is going over the weight limit, you can put the heavy things like laptops, tablets, etc. in a separate backpack. Compartmentalize as much as you can. Though, be mindful of what the airlines allows to carry in check-in and cabin baggages.



Pack gifts that are small in size when traveling for comfortable flight and to keep in line with the regulations.

Were these last minute Christmas packing tips useful?

So, these are a few tips from our side to make your Christmas holiday packing smoother.Do let us know in the comments below. While packing, DO NOT forget to keep face masks and hand-sanitizers. Follow Covid guidelines for the place you’re travelling to. Travel safe and travel, only if healthy. And if you have no trip planned, how about a holiday-movie binge with some Gingerbread cookies? Till then, have a great packing and happy holidays from Team GrabOn :)

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