A big smile comes to our face whenever we hear about McDonalds.  And that’s how the brand has created its impression among his customers. McDonalds is every adult’s go-to place because whenever confused, we all end up visiting McDonalds. McDonalds serves the demand of almost every demographic and satisfies the taste buds of almost every foodie. From crispy fries to mouth-watering burgers, McDonalds has it all.

Founded in 1940, by Maurice and Richard McDonald, in California, Mc Donalds went on to become the most sought-after food joint globally. In fact, it is one of the largest food chains by revenue.

Wondering What Makes McDonald’s So Popular?

Well, the answer is in its menu.

McDonald’s keeps on tweaking its menu to satisfy the demands of its ever-changing consumer’s needs. It either adds twist to local dishes or adds the local dish itself in a menu served in their style. Furthermore, the prices are always affordable.

Coming back to the prices and deals related to MCDonalds menu,  the prices and deals keep on changing but here are some popular dishes and their prices you should know about.

Most-Loved McDonald Burgers in India

Here are McDonald’s most sought-after burgers loved by people in India. These burgers are popular because of their rich flavors and aromatic fragrance that can make anyone feel hungry.

Name of ItemPrice
McSpicy ChickenRs 181
McSpicy Paneer BurgerRs 159
Mc Veg BurgerRs 118
McSpicy Chicken BurgerRs 112
Mexican McAloo Tikki BurgerRs 100
Chicken Maharaja MacRs 225
American Cheese Supreme chickenRs 289
Mc Aloo Tikki BurgerRs 42
Filet-O-Fish BurgerRs 138

Most Recommended

Here are the most recommended food items ordered and preferred by the Indian public. Check out the below table and see if you can discover your next favorite burger.

Name of ItemPrice
McSpicy Chicken BurgerRs 181
McSaver American Cheese Supreme – Veg MealRs 269
McSpicy Chicken + American Cheese Supreme + McChicken + Chicken Maharaja + 3 Fries LargeRs 913
McSaver American Cheese Supreme – Chicken MealRs 289
McSaver Big Spicy Chicken Wrap MealRs 205
Filet-O-Fish BurgerRs 138

Popular Super Combos

McDonalds offers special combos designed for a specific number of people. These super combos are for 2-3 people who can easily satiate their hunger.

Name of ItemPrice
2 MC Aloo Tikki + 2 Fries LargeRs 293
2 MCSpicy Paneer + 2 Veg Pizza Mc Puff + 2 Fries Large + Coke mediumRs 688
2 American Cheese Supreme Mc + 2 Veg Pizza Mc Puff + 2 Fries Large + Coke MediumRs 550
McSpicy Chicken + American Cheese Supreme + McChicken + Chicken Maharaja+3 Fries LargeRs 913
2 McVeggie + 2 Mc Aloo Tikki + 2 Fries medium + 2 Chocolate ShakesRs 770
2 American Cheese Supreme Chicken + 2 Fries Large + 2 Chocolate ShakesRs 790
McSpicy Paneer + McSpicy Chicken + 2 Fries Large + Coke Medium Rs 606
2 McVeggie + 2 McAloo tikki + 2 Fries medium + 2 Strawberry shakesRs 770

Sought-after Meals

Meals have always been a large part of McDonald’s sales because of their pocket friendly prices. Try them and become a fan of the meal instantly.

Name of ItemPrice
Chicken Maharaja Mac MealRs 333
Chicken McNuggets Piri Piri 9 Pcs Meal LargeRs 330
Big Spicy Chicken Wrap Meal LargeRs 333
Mc Saver Veg Maharaja Mac mealRs 299
Mc Saver Big spicy Chicken Wrap mealRs 205
Mc Saver Big Spicy Paneer Wrap MealRs 385
Chicken McNuggets Piri Piri 9 Pcs Meal MediumRs 313
Chicken Maharaja Mac Meal RegularRs 289
McSpicy Paneer Meal LargeRs 267
Filet-O-Fish Meal LargeRs 267
American Cheese Supreme – Veg Meal LargeRs 269
McSaver American Cheese Supreme – Chicken MealRs 289
Chicken Kebab Burger Meal LargeRs 249
Chatpata Naan – Kebab MealRs 212
McSaver Chicken Kebab Burger MealRs 269
McSaver Chatpata Naan – Aloo MealRs 176
McAloo Tikki Meal LargeRs 182
McSaver McVeggie MealRs 275
MCSpicy Paneer Meal LargeRs 267

Scrumptious Wraps

McDonald’s offers a good range of delicious wraps made with love. So get your hands on crispy and fulfilling wraps awaiting you at McDonald’s and enjoy every bite of it.

Name of Item Price
Chatpata Naan – AlooRs 59
Chatpata Naan – KebabRs 76
Big Spicy Chicken WrapRs 194
Big Spicy Paneer WrapRs 182
McSaver Big Spicy Chicken Wrap MealRs 205

Tasty Nuggets

Get super tasty, juicy chicken nuggets with no added preservatives or flavors.

Name of ItemPrice
Chicken McNuggets – 6 PcsRs 137
Chicken McNuggets – 9 PcsRs 171
Chicken McNuggets – 20 PcsRs 304
Chicken McNuggets Piri Piri – 6 PcsRs 161
Chicken McNuggets Piri Piri – 9 PcsRs 193
Chicken McNuggets Piri Piri – 20 PcsRs 328

Delicious Happy Meals

Happy Meals are another thing being popular among Indian audiences. It is super affordable and fulfilling.

Name of ItemPrice
McAloo Tikki Happy MealRs 275
American Cheese Supreme – Veg Happy MealRs 269
McVeggie Happy MealRs 182
Masala Wedges Large Happy MealRs 192
Mcchicken Happy mealRs 196

Crispy Fries

Who isn’t a fan of yummy crispy fries at McDonald’s?They are utterly delicious and a great food item to have as a side.

Name of Item Price
Fries RegularRs 62
Fries MediumRs 92
Fries LargeRs 108
Mexican cheesy friesRs 117


We all are incomplete without sides. Check out the below list of tasty food items you would love to have by your side.

Name of ItemPrice
HashbrownRs 38
Piri Spice MixRs 22
Veg Pizza McDuffRs.41
Masala Wedges RegularRs.43
Masala Wedges MediumRs 92
Masala Wedges LargeRs 111
Chicken McWings – 4 pcsRs 128
Chicken McWings – 8 pcsRs 246
Chicken McWings – 12 pcsRs 364

Drinks & Beverages

McDonald’s offers a great range of beverages and drinks that you can gulp down instantly.

Name of ItemPrice
Coke FloatRs 44
Coke RegularRs 36
Chocolate ShakeRs 169
Strawberry ShakeRs 169
McCafe-Ice Coffee RegularRs 192
McCafe-Vanilla Coffee Frappe RegularRs 192
Choco hazelnut ShakeRs 192
Double Chocolate FrappeRs 227
McCafe-Mocha Frappe RegularRs 216
Oreo Cookie & Cream ShakeRs 192
Fanta MediumRs 71
Thums Up RegularRs 71
Sprite RegularRs 71
Mixed Berry SmoothieRs 229
Mango SmoothieRs229
Mccafe Iced AmericanoRs 169
Raw Mango Fruit Splash RegularRs 97
McCafe-Strawberry Ice Tea RegularRs 138

Mouth-watering Desserts

Desserts are the best part of every meal. So don’t miss out on McDonald’s mouth watering  desserts.

Name of ItemPrice
Soft Serve ConeRs 23
Mc SwirlRs 36
Hot Fudge Sundae RegularRs 38
Strawberry Sundae regularRs 38

McDonald’s Offers And Coupons

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So this was all about McDonalds menu and its prices. For keeping up with the latest advancement in McDonalds menu, keep on checking this site.


What are McDonalds opening hours?

McDonalds is open from morning 10:am till night 10:pm.

Does McDonalds offer free burgers on birthdays?

Yes you can get a happy meal only if you sign up for McDonalds email newsletter.


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