Have you ever thought quotes on saving money can enable us with some thought-provoking ideas? Yes, there are some motivational quotations, which can certainly trigger us with an idea on saving some real money. Such quotes are much needed in the time of financial crisis. There is a timeless saying by Benjamin Franklin and I quote –

This quotation has never been truer than right now for a person, who is in a financial crunch. When someone is already struggling with his budget then saving a Rupee might sound difficult. However, it can always be achieved.

Motivation Mantra For Students To Save Money

You’ll come across an array of inspirational money saving quotes online, which address the issue behind saving money, encouraging on spending less and fun ideas on how to save money.

In this edition, I have compiled some age-old money saving quotes, which you would have definitely bumped into in your life time. Have a look!

Money does not grow on trees

This is perhaps one of the most widely used proverb. My parents used this phrase all the time. The actual meaning of this phrase is that it is never easy to earn money as compared to spending it. By spending wisely, we can significantly save a great deal of our income. Ideas such as ‘overnight millionaire’ and ‘quick rich’ ideas never work, but still people are consistently running after such illusionary concepts.

Keep your money for a rainy day

This is another popular quote on saving money. This may or not be directly related to a rainy day. Let’s think in this way. If a cyclone hits your city, leaving you confined inside your house then you’ll be forced to survive on your stocks. Here is another bottom line to this idiom. It’s raining heavily outside i.e. there has been an inflation in almost everything you want to buy. the sky may one day suddenly come crashing down if we are not financially prepared beforehand. If we did not make any saving then we are surely going to be in big trouble.

A penny saved is a penny earned

We are living in a world of achieving instant satisfaction. We are so much used to this ‘microwave culture’ that we have lost patience in almost everything and when it comes to saving money, we just end up spending it heedlessly. If you are willing to do a crash-course, do check out the latest Udemy coupons to save money.

Saving is a fine thing

This quotation by Winston Churchill strongly applies for people who are born with a golden spoon. They should always thinking of saving and expanding the money they have inherited from their forefathers. This is surely a tough challenge to deal with, but never impossible to achieve.

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