Norton Antivirus: Types, Features & Pricing

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Norton Antivirus Types Features Pricing

Norton is an on-premise anti-virus and identity protection software that is used by businesses and organizations of all sizes. It offers reliable protection against viruses, spyware, and other types of malware, as well as provides password protection, two-factor authentication, and more.

Norton Antivirus is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices, and offers a range of features that include real-time scanning, notification alerts, and 24/7 support. In addition to its on-premise capabilities, Norton also offers a cloud-based version that can be accessed from anywhere. This allows users to access their data even if they are not located at the office.

The platform is powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence and is widely known as the world’s largest civilian cyber intelligence network. Additionally, it is considered to be the best anti-virus software available on the market today. At the end of this blog, we will also discuss Norton Login, Norton Security, and more. Read further.

Protection Norton Antivirus Offers:

  • The Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) scans your computer for possible cyber risks before they occur.
  • Antivirus with Advanced Machine Learning uses emulation to detect and delete malware files. It includes advanced machine learning.
  • Reputation Protection aids in classifying software application files by collecting important data from its worldwide network.
  • Norton power eraser helps in detecting and removing high-risk malware and applications that may be residing on your PC.

Types & Features – Top Norton Products & Services

Norton 360 Premium

Perfect protection and online privacy plan for all your devices. It offers protection for up to 10 smartphones, tablets, PCs, and Mac.

Norton 360 Premium Features
In this package, you get a variety of features such as real-time threat protection, secure VPN, parental control, password manager, 100GB cloud backup, a safeCAM for PC, and SMS security.

Norton 360 Premium Pricing

1 Year 2 Year
Rs 5,199 Rs 7,499

Norton 360 Deluxe

This is one of the best for Norton family members. If you are looking for something less than the Premium plan, then this should do. It offers protection for up to 5 smartphones, tablets, PCs, and Mac.

Norton 360 Deluxe Features
Except for the cloud backup, which is 50GB, this package includes most of the functionality of the Premium plan.

Norton 360 Deluxe Pricing

1 Year 2 Year
Rs 2,999 Rs 4,749

Norton 360 Deluxe 3 Devices

This is one of the most affordable Norton plans available on the market, which supports a maximum of 3 devices.

Norton 360 Deluxe 3 Devices Features
Offers 24/7 customer support, real-time threat protection, secure VPN, parental control, password manager, and a safeCAM for PC.

Norton 360 Deluxe 3 Devices Pricing

1 Year 2 Year
Rs 999 Rs 2,099

Norton 360 Standard

This plan offers protection for 1 device, be it a smartphone, tablet, PC, or Mac.

Norton 360 Standard Features
This package offers a wide range of features like real-time threat protection, a smart Firewall for PC or Mac, a secure VPN, a password manager, and a SafeCam for PC. It comes with 10GB PC Cloud Backup.

Norton 360 Standard Pricing

1 Year 2 Year
Rs 799 Rs 1,549

Norton Device Security Plans & Features

Norton AntiVirus Plus Pricing & Features: In this plan, you can find some of the best features such as real-time threat protection for advanced security, a password manager for more security, smart Firewall for PC and Firewall for Mac and 2BG PC Cloud Backup. This supports only one device and is one of the most affordable Norton plans on the market, priced at Rs 499 for the first year.

Norton Mobile Security for Android: In this plan, you can find features such as App Advisor for mobile threat protection, WiFi Security, Web Protection, Device Security, Device Report Card, Suspicious Network Detection and SMS Security. The plan starts at Rs 799 for the first year and supports only one mobile device. If you would like to opt for a 2-year plan, then it would cost you Rs 1999 with any offers and discounts.

Norton Mobile Security for iOS: In this plan, users can enjoy features such as a secure calendar, suspicious network detection, device report card, device security, SMS security, web protection, and WiFi security. The plan for the first year is Rs 799 with a discount of 20% and Rs 1,999 for 2-years. It supports only one mobile device.

Norton Online Privacy Plans & Features

Norton Secure VPN: This plan helps in keeping your private information such as your passwords, bank details, etc secure when using public WiFis. The Norton Secure VPN plan for one device is priced at Rs 1,799 with 40% off, whereas the plans for 5 devices and 10 devices cost Rs 1,999 and Rs 2,499, respectively. Some of the interesting Norton Secure VPN features are: compromised and insecure network detection, on-the-go access to connect your favorite apps, websites, etc, anonymous browsing, and others.

Things You Should Know About Norton Antivirus

  • Norton Login: In order to login, visit and enter your user name or email address. You can also login or sign in using your Apple account and Google.
  • Norton Security: For those looking for Norton Security, we request you to kindly check the Norton 360 plans shared above for multi-layered protection for your devices.
  • Internet Security Centre: Get the latest information in regards to internet security articles, latest online threat news, antivirus, online privacy, online scams, kids safety, etc.

Norton Antivirus Review

There are many internet security suites on the market, but Norton is considered to be the best all-around suite. Not only does it offer antivirus and malware protection, but it also includes protection against spyware, phishing, and spam. Norton also offers a built-in firewall to keep your computer protected against unauthorized access. Additionally, it offers a variety of other features such as online backup, password protection, and remote access.

Norton is also known for its customer support, which is one of the best in the business. If you experience any issues with your Norton software, you can always count on the support team to help you out. In addition, Norton offers a trial period for its products, so you can test out how it works before you make a purchase. If you are looking for an internet security suite that offers comprehensive protection, then Norton should be at the top of your list.

Some of the benefits of Norton include:

  • Protection from online threats such as viruses, spyware, and hackers.
  • Real-time protection against phishing and other online scams.
  • Automatic updates to ensure that your security is always up to date.
  • Comprehensive tracking of online activity so you can keep an eye on who is accessing your computer and what they are doing.

Norton Coupons & Offers

GrabOn has the best Norton coupon codes in store for you. These codes will allow you to save more money on the subscriptions you pick. However, you can also check out McAfee Antivirus, a great alternative to Norton. In case you opt for the alternative, here are some McAfee coupons.

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Norton Antivirus Frequently Asked Questions

Does Norton stop viruses?
Yes, Norton’s antivirus software is effective at stopping viruses. It uses a variety of technologies, including signature-based detection and real-time scanning, to identify and block viruses.

Does Norton catch Trojans?
Norton is a well-known name in the world of security software, and it is no surprise that it has a robust antivirus feature. Norton, however, goes one step further by catching Trojans and other malware. By doing so, it can help to protect your computer against malicious programs that could potentially damage your data or system.

Can Norton detect RATs?
Yes. Norton is a well-known antivirus software with a strong track record of protecting users from malware, viruses, and other types of threats. It is capable of detecting and blocking known RATs.

Does Norton clean malware?
Norton is an effective tool for removing viruses, spyware, and other types of malicious software. Additionally, Norton can help to protect your computer against online scams and identity theft.

Does Norton protect from hackers?
Yes, Norton is a security program that is designed to protect your computer from hackers. It includes features such as real-time scanning and proactive protection, which helps to detect and prevent malicious software from affecting your computer.

Is Norton security worth the money?
Norton security is a popular security suite that is often recommended to people who are looking for a good all-around solution. If you are looking for a quality product that offers a variety of features and protection, Norton security may be the right choice for you and is worth the money.

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