Top Ways to Save Money on Mobile phone Bills

This is the age of technology where we live through mobile phone calls, texting, social networking sites and video chats. Mobile phone is perhaps one of the highly used gadget and makes you wonder how would we stay connected before these wonder contraptions were invented! Whether you need to send your friend the picture of latest outfit you have purchased or show your parents your new hostel room, mobile phone does it all! But what puts us off is those long winded bills which come at the end of the month like nasty surprises.


Now, there are ways to bring down your mobile phone bills by being smart and still being able to SMS, make calls, chat or use the internet over it. Grabon presents to you some cool ways for keeping the mobile phone bills down and staying connected.

Use these tricks to Save more on mobile bills

Compare package plans – We have numerous mobile phone service providers with n number of talk time plans, texting packages and internet charges. But what if you have a connection which requires you to pay for minutes and number of texts which you are not making use of? Perhaps its time to move to another package which would suit the number of calls you made and smses you sent. Use comparison sites to check which service provider has the right kind of package for you and at a price reasonable than the others. Accordingly, you can choose a mobile phone package which suits your requirements.

Track your talk time – Yes, we all have that one friend who can describe her latest bargain at the mall for hours together and relatives who are inquisitive about every detail of your life. Beware my friends – When you are in conversation with such enthusiastic and animated talkers, the talk time could be going higher by the minute. Especially if you are a postpaid connection user, it is always important to make a mental note to not get into hour long conversations every other day!

Go Prepaid – When you use a postpaid connection, sometimes you end up staring in horror at the fat mobile phone bill which arrives at the end of the month. This is probably when you stat thinking when did you make so many calls! Avoid this by using prepaid connection, getting small recharges and talktime to monitor how much money you are spending over it.

Matching your plan – Opt for plans which match your friends and family to get lesser call charges and extra benefits. Try to match your plan to friends and loved ones whom your call frequently and enjoy reduced mobile bills.

Free calls & texting – With the arrival of apps like Whatsapp and call apps like Viber, you can now connect to anybody in the world free of cost! Ensure the other person has the same app as well and enjoy free calls! Get Whatsapp to text for free and connect 24 by 7.

Follow these ways and bring down your phone bills (save money) – Stay connected the smart way!


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