Who said men’s fashion is only restricted to shirts and pants? Men’s clothing nowadays has advanced to the point that many new styles have been introduced that are not only fashionable but trendy. Be it sweatshirts, jeans, t-shirts, jackets, or blazers but amongst all, shirts play a major role and are undoubtedly an important fashion element and a must-have in every men’s wardrobe. The specialty of shirts is, it is quite versatile in nature that can be paired up with jeans, formal pants, trousers, bell bottoms, etc.

But choosing the right kind of shirt that suits your personality is a bit challenging. Hence for your guidance, here we come up with a precise list of types of shirts that will help you find the perfect shirt that suits your personality.

Top 22 Different Types of Shirts for Men

We’ve covered the full range of the best types of shirts one may ever find online, from button-down shirts to casual to office wear and more. Take a look:

1. Button-down Shirt

Button down Shirt

As the name itself says button down. Button-down shirts are the regular kind of shirts with standard buttons on the front as you get in button-up shirts. But the difference with a button-down is, it will have two more buttons on each side at the bottom of the collars. Which gives the unique look to the men’s outfit.

Button-down shirts come in various quality materials be it cotton, synthetic, mixed polyester, polycotton, and many more. Additionally, there are colour choices and pattern choices, such as stripes and checks, that will always have you looking your finest.

These button-down shirts can be purchased in some cases through online retailers like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, and others. To get some spectacular savings from the above brands, one may also look at the most recent men’s shirt coupons.

How to style your button-down shirt

  • Button-down shirts look great when worn with causal jackets, formal blazers, and chinos with boots to complete your whole look.
  • A button-down shirt can be worn over a t-shirt with open buttons to get that sporty look.

2. Button-up Shirt

Button up Shirt

When compared to button-down shirts, button-up shirts are very similar and have a very subtle difference. This shirt is distinguished by the fact that it has buttons running up the front and does not have extra buttons on the collar.

Just like any other shirt, you can find numerous color options and fabric types that you can shop from some famous e-commerce platforms like Limeroad, Myntra, Ajio, and Amazon. You can even find this type of shirt from the local store retailer.

Button-up shirts are available in both short and long sleeves and you may even find a pocket. Moreover, these shirts come with/without a collar that you can choose as per your choice. Usually, button-up shirts are available for all ages and come in various forms like checks, blocks, mixed colors, etc.

Choosing the right shirt from a good brand is a tricky job since there are numerous brands available in the market. So, for your better assistance, you can check out the best shirt brands for men that will surely help you to find your suitable brand.

How to style your button-up shirt

  • You can style it with studs, and brooches along with a decent watch to complete your look.
  • You can even try wearing button-up shirt, with jeans or formal trousers that can be tucked or untucked.

3. Dress ShirtDress Shirt

Dress shirts often have long sleeves, a stiff collar, and button-up fronts. This is the typical shirt that is readily available in every man’s closet. This shirt comes in various color options to choose from and in different fabrics like cotton, polyester, etc. But ideally most dress shirts you will find in cotton with a soft smooth texture.

The plain and fewer patterns make it ideal for office wear and any formal events. This shirt is widely accessible and may be bought online as well as in local shops. The best dress shirt brands that offer dress shirts with top-notch material include Arrow, Allen Solly, Raymond, Louis Philippe, and many more.

How to style your dress shirt

  • This shirt is ideal to wear with a jacket, blazer with chinos that you can complement with tie.
  • It is best to avoid folding the sleeves and wear it open-necked with a tuck.

4. Cuban Collar Shirtcuban collar shirts

Cuban Collar shirts are also called camp collar shirts. In essence, it is a shirt with an open neck, a straight, boxy hem, and commonly come in short sleeves. The collar is what truly differentiates it from other types of shirts available today.

In a Cuban collar shirt, you wouldn’t find a top button and the shirts are flattering to most body shapes. The fabric is usually available in polyester and synthetic. The broad collar gives a broadening effect to the upper body giving a very unique look to your overall outfit.

You can find Cuban collar shirts in wide color options with various patterns like stripes, checks, solid, heavy floral, and more that make it flexible so that you can pair it up with anything.

How to style your Cuban collar shirt

  • Cuban collar shirts are informal and more of a casual wear that can be paired up with trousers, torned or skinny jeans, shorts, under a jacket, and can also be worn over a T-shirt.
  • It is usually worn untucked. You can even wear a Cuban collar shirt with jeans and a denim overshirt for a universal causal look.

5. Overshirtover shirt

As the word itself says overshirt, it is a shirt cum jacket. It can be worn as shirt and as well as a jacket hence it is commonly called a “Shacket”. The flexibility of this shirt is what makes it so beautiful and unique.

When the temperature is warmer, it serves as an excellent light jacket. On colder days, you can layer up and even wear a coat over the top. Moreover, overshirts are not tailored and are typically worn looser and bigger. It can be worn in both professional and causal events.

How to style your overshirt

  • The versatile nature of this shirt can be easily paired up with any outfit. For example, you may complete the look by adding some funky denim and a pair of lace-up work boots.
  • An unbuttoned overshirt can be worn over a t-shirt or you can even wear a sweater underneath.

6. Flannel shirtflannel shirt

Incredibly soft and unbrushed texture is what makes the Flannel shirts different from other shirts in the market. It is a supple, woven fabric that is often composed of wool or cotton which is slightly elevated and milled.

Mostly flannel shirts come with checks and block patterns but you can even find plain Flannel with both button-down and button-up types. You may even see people wearing Flannel over t-shirts because of their long sleeves make it look like a thin jacket suitable to wear in winter.

How to style your Flannel shirt

  • It is recommended to pair up with jeans, joggers for a trendy vibe. In warmer weather, you can also consider rolling up the sleeves or choosing a short-sleeved style.
  • For a more professional look, wear it tucked with dark Demin jeans or chinos with a belt complementing the look by adding loafers, and sneakers.

7. Denim shirtdenim shirts

One of the most commonly worn fabrics in the world today is Denim. Denim is nothing but a sturdy twilled cotton fabric that is popularly known for its durability. Denim shirts are worn more by youngsters and millennials.

All the Demin shirts you will find in the market are plain without patterns. But usually have a dual chest pocket with a fine detail, stitching all across the shirt giving it a smarter look.

How to style your denim shirt

  • It is usually warm so it can be worn in winter and can be paired up with boots with torned jeans or trousers.
  • People also wear denim shirts over a white or black t-shirt or jacket with white funky sneakers.

8. Office Shirtsoffice shirts

Office shirts, as the name suggests, are regular formal shirts that are most appropriate for office wear. Typically, it is plain with a selection of colours and soft fabric. It’s best to choose if you are wearing a blazer and tie. To complete the look pair it up with formal shoes and a perfectly ironed office shirt with formal trousers with a tuck.

How to style your office shirts

  • It is a typical formal shirt that you can put on with tailored business pants and formal shoes.
  • The ideal way to wear it is with a blazer.

9. Chambray shirtschambray shirt

Because of their identical feel and pattern to denim, chambray shirts are commonly mistaken for denim. Because chambray shirts are made of a particularly smooth fabric, they are often considered as a perfect light wear summer clothing. Because it will keep you cool in dry heat and humidity. As it usually comes in cotton fabric, maintenance of Chambray is hustle free, and can be paired with anything.

How to style your chambray shirt

  • You can wear half or full sleeve chambray with jeans or khakis.
  • It is more considered semi-formal wear, but if you want to wear anything from the beach to the office, go for a plain button-down chambray without pockets and pair it up with loafers or formal shoes.

10. Linen shirtslinen shirts

It is considered one of the most comfortable and lightweight shirts because of their low thread counts and highly breathable texture. It is one such fabric that is undoubtedly best for summer. It is available in all sorts of colors with long and short sleeves that you can choose as per your taste. The popularity of linen shirts is due to its straightforward, natural appearance, which also combines comfort and style.

How to style your linen shirt

  • Wear it with dark blue denim jeans, chinos, or even shorts to keep it casual, and can even be worn as an under jacket and blazer shirt.
  • You can even wear Linen shirts as beach wear with slip-on shoes, shorts, or khakis.

11. Casual shirtscasual shirt

Casual shirts are a go-to shirt for almost all men around the world. This type of shirt distinguishes itself from others by having fewer rigid collars with wide patterns or printings and heavy designs.

You can even find two chest pockets just like denim shirts. It is a kind of shirt that every man should have. Causal shirts are perfect to wear in events like weddings and parties or any informal events. They are the ideal clothing to play around with your appearance by adding layers to your combination.

How to style your casual shirts

  • Try wearing light blue ripped jeans with a cool navy-blue shirt with slip on sneakers.
  • You can even try your casual shirt with plain brown trousers with cool leather shoes.

12. Baseball shirtbase ball shirt

Baseball shirts are short sleeve, button-up shirts made of breathable polyester material that come in limited colors option and styles. It is even called a jersey that represents baseball sports. It is completely informal, sporty wear.

Usually, the back of the baseball shirts is blank, while the chest of the jerseys is embroidered with logos, designs, and patterns. These shirts typically come in white color with dark red stripes or blue stripes and some designs usually have buttons at the front along the length of the garment.

How to style your baseball shirt

  • You can wear a baseball jersey in a variety of ways, whether you choose denim shorts and sneakers with jeans, or biker shorts with flats.

13. Henley shirthenley shirt

Henley shirts are collarless and a kind of t-shirt with few buttons at the front side. It is available in long and short sleeves. The long-sleeved versions resemble a sweater with a narrow buttoning V-neck, while the short-sleeved ones resemble a polo shirt without the turndown collar.

Henley’s are typically made of cotton or a cotton/synthetic blend, which makes them both affordable and low-maintenance. The colour options and material combinations add to the overall versatility of your wardrobe without breaking the bank.

How to style your Henley shirt

  • It can be worn with a black leather jacket with a charcoal Henley.
  • Layer a sportscoat over a sleek black Henley if you want to look more formal. By using this excellent substitute, you can achieve the same business-casual vibe as a button-down collared shirt.

14. Tuxedo shirttuxedo shirts

Here is the dress shirt for an elite look that is known for its comfy, soft, luxury fabrics, with distinct collar styles and studs that are carefully placed. The shirt’s placket is a fabric strip with buttonholes and buttons running down the center of the Tuxedo is the main element of this shirt.

The majority of Tuxedo shirt designs feature an easily-removable button strip. Consequently, the top four buttons may be removed and replaced with studs. The studs enhance the overall aesthetic and aid in achieving a polished, formal appearance, much like cuff links.

Tuxedo shirts are the ones that are specifically meant to be worn with a tux. It is predominantly worn at weddings by grooms but it can also be worn at high-rise parties, exclusive business meetings, and more such events.

Tuxedo’s collar is the key differentiator that makes it special compared to other shirts in the market. It is recommended to choose a classy semi-spread for the collar of your tuxedo shirt.

How to style your Tuxedo shirt

  • Tuxedo shirts can be worn with blazers with tailored trousers.
  • Since this shirt majorly comes in two colors, white and black, you can even wear a bow or a tie that enhances your overall look.

15. Mandarin collar shirtmandarin collar shirts

Originated in Asia, the collar of a Mandarin is what differentiates it from other ordinary shirts in the market. The Mandarin collar rises a few millimeters above the neckline and is an unfurled, stand-up collar. At the front center, the collar’s borders either barely touch or slightly overlap.

It is perfect summer wear shirt because of its breathable cotton material and lower thread count. It is available in various color to choose from and usually comes full sleeve.

How to style your Mandarin Collar Shirt

  • You can wear this shirt with a jacket or a blazer. Though it can’t be worn with a tie; you can pair it up with dressy trousers.
  • It can even work with chinos, jeans with a matching pair of derby shoes underneath a jumper, and worn with shorts on beaches and resorts.

16. Aloha shirtaloha shirts

Considering a trip to the beach or a resort getaway? Then you must have Aloha shirts in your collection. Aloha shirts typically come in a variety of patterns with bold floral or leaf patterns, and each one is distinctive in its own way.

These shirts were originally worn by the people of Hawaii and were popularly called Hawaiian shirts. These shirts were previously made of cotton and silk, and they usually had short sleeves. But in the present, one can select from a vast array of textile possibilities, including cotton, synthetic fabrics, silk, and much more, depending on their preferences.

How to style your aloha shirt

  • Most often, the Aloha shirt is worn untucked, especially when paired with shorts, casual pants, or a bathing suit.
  • It goes exceptionally well with classic denim and linen. Aloha shirts can be worn tucked in for a more polished summer appearance, ideally with linen, cotton, or casual suiting.

17. Tunic shirttunic shirts

Generally, the tunic is a loose-fitting shirt that has the appearance of a long shirt. The tunic often has a V-neck and is made of fabrics like wool and linen. Tunic shirts comes in various forms like tunic long shirt, tunic t-shirt, traditional tunic which resembles a kurta, kaftan tunic with embroidery work, suit jacket style tunic, and boho look tunic with heavy embroidery on the neck and sleeve edges.

How to style your tunic shirt

  • The specialty of a tunic lies in its versatility and functionality. Tunics are usually worn untucked with a Tailored Track Pant or jeans.
  • You can even pair up a tunic with shoes and biker shorts for casual look.

18. Grandad shirtgrandad shirt

Grandad or Grandfather shirt is a long sleeve brushed cotton band collared shirt. These shirts are usually collarless and available in various colors with different patterns, usually worn as pajamas or nightshirts. Besides that, you’ll also notice the front buttons are organized in a row unlike any other shirts.

Granddad shirts contain a lot of buttons one shirt may have up to 15 of them. Typically, these shirts don’t have pockets and can be found in various fabrics like linen, cotton, wool, flannel, etc.

How to style your grandad shirt

  • For a pleasant, casual look, try wearing your grandad’s shirt with black jeans and a blazer.
  • Pair the shirt with a suit and smart oxford shoes for a formal look. This will give you a clean, formal look.

19. Western shirtwestern shirts

What differentiates western shirts from normal shirts is the signature pointed yokes on the front and back, and long tails. It usually features with dual chest pocket with pointed flaps, pearl snap closure down the front placket, and pearl snapped cuffs. It even has multiple snap button closure and the sleeve placket are the other few thighs that make the western shirt different.

Typically, western shirts were usually available in denim fabric with a plain texture with soft collars. Over time, there have been more material alternatives to choose from like, cotton, linen, polyester, and cotton blends.

How to style your western shirt

  • Usually, western shirts are worn with jeans paired with boots.

20. Checkered Shirtchecks shirt

This is the one common shirt type that you can find in all men’s closet irrespective of age and size. You can find various checkered shirts such as gingham checks, madras checks, tartan plaid checks, shepherd’s checks, and a lot more. These types differ in terms of the size and style of the checks including big window-pane checks and small, detailed checks, etc.

You can find checkered shits in various color options with different fabrics and sleeve types. The checkered patterns can be found in various types of shirts such as, formal, causal, flannel, linen, business.

How to style your checkered shirts

  • Wearing jeans with a checked shirt is the most classic look. Instead of tuck in, wear your shirt outside of your jeans and combine it with slim, light, or dark denim jeans.
  • If you want to go for an extra-casual style, you may add a cap to this outfit. It looks great with shoes or boots.
  • Another way to wear a checkered shirt is, you can wear it under a jacket, ensure that the shirt is not tucked in and that the coat is just partially buttoned.

21. Stain Proof shirtstain proof shirts

This shirt, as the name implies, is stain and mark resistant. The fabric of a stain-resistant shirt is frequently coated with a substance that makes it simpler to remove stains from the cloth.

The stain prevention compound essentially forms a barrier between the stain and the substance, preventing the stain from penetrating the fabric weave in the first place. By taking some minor precautions these shirts are a great invention. Stain-proof shirts usually come in plain colors without much designs and patterns.

How to style stain proof shirts

  • Because of its simplicity, it can be paired up with anything from formal trousers to torned jeans with a nice metal watch.

22. Reversible Shirtsriverseble shirts

By turning the shirt inside out, reversible shirts can be worn in two different ways. They typically feature two collars, buttons on both sides, and are thicker due to the joining of two fabrics. Reversible clothing is nothing new. They used to have a heated and a cold side and were typically worn as winter clothing.

Unlike any other shirts, you will find a wide range of color options and patterns. Mostly you will find the combination of plain and checked, stripes and columns, blocks and prints.

How to style your reversible shirts

  • Reversible shirts often taken as versatile shirt that is suitable for wearing both formal and informal events.
  • Jeans, formal trousers with shoes and boots are some of the common to pair up with reversible shirts.

 Shirt Latest Trends

In the world of fashion, new trends are constantly emerging. You can often locate the newest fashion trend on the market. Hence, if you are a fashion freak, it’s cool to keep up with the latest trends.

Typically, the market for women’s clothing is larger than that for men’s clothing. Men’s fashion is rather delicate because of the limited resources and options available. In order to avoid messing it up, you need to know what fits your physique well and what doesn’t. Therefore, here we have brought new, up-to-date shirt trends for your guidance and better understanding. These trends will enable you to keep up with the most recent trends in clothing. A quick read, please?

  • Denim double-down – The full denim outfit for both top wear and bottom wear is the dominating trend in the market. Denim double-down trends come with Denim bucket hats, frayed hems, oversized shirts, and baggy jeans.
  • Classic tie– Tie has been the most important part of men’s fashion. Whether for a formal or informal event, with or without a blazer tie goes well with every outfit. The classic tie trend actually wearing a tie with a more casual outfit like jeans and a leather jacket
  • Sheer tops – The fabric used to make sheer tops is transparent, allowing people to view some skin but not the entirety. Sheer tops have long been a fashion favorite. They are able to be modest and alluring at the same time, which makes them seem to never go out of style. Hence it has reentered the market as the latest trend. To style your sheer top you can wear it over a white tank with joggers and sneakers to complete the look. You can even be paired up with blazer and formal trousers.
  • Patterned sets – Patterns are such designs that help to achieve a significant distinct look with minimal effort. Patterns come in various forms and types. And its versatile nature makes it suitable for both formal and informal wear. It looks great when worn with tight jeans with boots or sneakers.
  • Anti-fit –Something that doesn’t fit! In other words, baggy oversized and comfy outfits for a more relaxed feeling.
  • Androgynous fashion –This is something that can be worn by both males and females making it a genderless and unisex outfit. You might have seen girls wearing men’s t-shirts so now no disappointment for men, hence the arrival of androgynous fashion will let both men and women wear the same outfit.


Men’s fashion field may be limited but there is a lot more to explore and to experiment with. Especially in shirts, mentioned above there are ample variables that one can try and choose the best fit. We are expecting that, you will find this content useful and we hope that it helps you to find your favorite shirt. We always appreciate your thoughts and feedback, so feel free to write your opinion about this content.


  1. What type of shirts are formal?

Among the shirts that are regarded as formal include button-downs, button-ups, dress shirts, Flannel, office, chambray, and grandad shirts.

  1. What are the different types of shirt fits?

There are a wide variety of shirts that are available that suit and fit differently to each body type some of the shirt fits are, skinny fit, slim fit, modern fit, classic fit, and tailored fit, etc.

  1. What is the difference between casual and formal shirts?

The basic difference you can find Casual shirts are shorter and trimmed to provide a little more space, while formal shirts are typically quite fitted and have long tails. Moreover, casual shirts are everyday wear, but formal shirts are office wear and suitable for formal events.

  1. Do checkered shirts come in formal?

Yes! Check shirts comes in various forms such as window-pane checks, small, detailed checks, graph checks, and more. Hence these shirts are formal wear. You can wear them under a blazer paired with formal shoes or loafers to complete your formal look.


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