Uber – ‘The Early to Catch, Early to Reach’ Ride

After the successful partnership and the exclusive Uber coupons only on GrabOn, we are back.

GrabOn – Uber Partnership

Or you can say, we are back with the famous deal – GRAB400. This spot-on deal was offered to GrabOn when Uber entered into a partnership with them and since then this deal has been on everyone’s lips. How does GRAB400 works, you ask. Well here’s how it works:

  • New users use the coupon code GRAB400 during the initial sign-up
    – This code will give the first FREE Uber ride
  • Old users can refer new users with the same code – GRAB400
    – This will earn them Rs. 600 as a referral bonus


uber coupons
Pretty easy, right! So if you haven’t tried this exclusive Uber coupon yet then DO IT NOW. But, you will ask me why Uber when you have other good taxis services already on road. Well, let me enlighten you more on this:
* Fastest, safest and easiest app

You don’t believe me. Well then book a ride now. Now, Uber is very easy to book – run your app, check the cabs availability near your area and hit ‘Request Uber’. Tring, Tring, you cab is here. Uber’s services are faster than any other taxi services. The drivers are at your door step within five minutes with just one click. There services are safest because all the details about the cab driver can be tracked, your route can be tracked and to put it simply your ride area, progress and time can be tracked.


Uber coupons
* Smooth Payment Options

Just load your wallet through Paytm wallet and continue to book the Uber rides. Your wallet needs to have a minimum Rs. 200 for you to book a ride and the payment option is also very simple and smooth. All you you need to do is use your debit/credit card or Net Banking and stock your wallet for your Uber ride.
* New Upgrade – Cash Payment

Uber ride gained more interest around the nation when it finally decided to launch its cash payment upgrade. So now all you have to do is have Rs. 200 in your Uber wallet, book a cab and select cash payment option and ride off conveniently.


Uber Free ride


To know more about the awesomeness of this app – try it yourself. So this is a shout-out for all those who have not tried the Uber exclusive coupon – GRAB400. Use this to get your first-ever Uber experience and you will come back for more, for sure.


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