Thalaivar has struck again! This time with Kabali. True to his name, the all powerful Rajinikanth has dissolved all barriers between nations, language, time and people. And that is why even before Kabali release, people all over the world are going crazy for the epic flick. So much so that fake news of a Rajnikant emoji on WhatsApp is making rounds like wildfire! It is all set to release in a whopping 3000 screens worldwide. That’s not all. It is the first Tamil movie that is going to be released in Malay, an Austronesian language!

Lets do it The Rajinikanth way

The world has become absurdities galore, thanks to Rajinikanth. Crazy tales of an employee taking leave to watch the movie on the release day and taking his colleagues to accomplish the crime (O loving and kind God…Restore to me again the joy of your salvation), to auto drivers giving free rides to those on their way to the theater (All for God’s love…) are doing rounds on the Internet. And that is not all. Fans from all around the world are flying down to Chennai in order to watch the movie – MIND IT – and even perform puja so that the movie fares well!

So why should you be left behind? If you have already booked tickets for the first-day first show, it’s high time that you start collecting the Kabali merchandise. We, at GrabOn bring to you the opportunity to win free Kabali merchandise. Win some and show off the prized possessions to your friends (wink).

Well, you must already be thinking…what do I need to do to win the game?

Anybody can win Kabali merchandise by taking part in this contest launched by GrabOn. #KabaliOnGrabOn is a contest where you need to post a creative update on superstar Rajinikanth and his latest, to be released movie, Kabali. Post one such update and link it with GrabOn to win some exciting goodies.

Hold on, here’s exactly what you need to do:

  1. Follow us @GrabOnIn on Twitter.
  2. RT (Retweet) the tweets made by GrabOn for this contest.
  3. And then tweet your own creative post based on Kabali with #KabaliOnGrabOn

Creative post…what’s that?

Design an innovative image with the superstar himself (who else would it be :P) and add a tag line or Rajinikanth’s dialogue to it.


Make an interesting Thalaivar dubsmash and post it in the contest to win the war.

Here’s the winning potion: Take a cue from the posts already made!

When the war begins?

The contest starts on 18th July, 2016, Monday, 6 P.M…Get, set, go…

Halt please!

The contest ends on 21st July, 2016, Thursday, 6 P.M. Every thing comes to an end, sad though…

But, this is not the end. There have been various fun contests before this from GrabOn and more are to come your way soon. So, what are you waiting for? Put your brain cells to work and grab some of the best Kabali merchandise!


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