Christmas Carnival At GrabOn (Season 7): A Chance To Take Home Best Christmas Goodies

by Vinodkumar Sankranthi
Christmas Carnival

This time with Christmas around, GrabOn goes one step further and has some awesome stuff in store for you. Enjoy Christmas Carnival and have loads of fun with engaging games and win amazing prizes.

Join The Christmas Carnival And Win Exciting Prizes!

The Christmas season is approaching, and we’re excited to bring extra joy to your Christmas celebrations! We’ve collaborated with various renowned brands across India to offer you fantastic gifts. You can look forward to receiving complimentary vouchers and subscriptions from these partners. Stay tuned for more surprises as we unveil additional exciting partnerships in the near future.
The campaign will kick off in the last week of December, so be sure to stay tuned for exciting updates here. Get ready for five fantastic days of giveaways, featuring a wide array of items. Rest assured, there are a multitude of prizes waiting to be claimed.
The only mantra is to play every day and get all the chances to win awesome prizes. Then, winning is guaranteed!
GrabOn is all set to offer you a one-of-a-kind gaming experience that is sure to make your Christmas week joyful.

So, What Are You Signing Up For?

Christmas-themed games to add to the festive cheer of the season. These are the games that will fetch you prizes. Games that are absolutely fun.

So, the games lined up for the Christmas Carnival are:

Christmas Wheel: Remember when we used to get all psyched up while watching the wheel of luck being plates on TVS and people winning life-changing gifts? Well, it’s your chance now.

Play the simple game of luck and get vouchers, goodies, and cool stuff then and there. It’s simple, hit the center button and watch until the wheel stops. Players have reported this waiting time to be worse than anything they ever felt. The gifts are so astonishing that we get them.


  • Every user receives three changes per day.
  • Click the wheel to spin it, and if the pointer lands on the prize segment, you’ll win amazing prizes.
  • If you miss it, a new day awaits with a new set of chances.

Spot the Sock: Spot a sock to get the gifts. This time the sock would not necessarily be under the Christmas tree, but it would surely be on the Christmas Carnival game. The sock is available only at certain times. Thus make sure you watch the space to not miss it.

Let’s make it better for you. We post sock timings throughout the day on our Facebook page. So you can simply watch that and be able to spot it when it comes.


  • Every day, you’ll see the Sock Icon twice.
  • Tap on the Sock Icon whenever you see it.
  • It’s that simple: get rewarded for every successful tap.

Santa’s Hat: Santa’s  Hat is a game of swiftness. Click on the hat fast (it moves fast) to get your rewards. The game has multiple chances but don’t let that fool you as the bigger you earn in the beginning the bigger you win too!


  • Every user has three chances per day to win big.
  • Shuffle the hats and find the correct one to earn 50 points.
  • If you don’t find the right hat the first time, try again the next day.

So, gear up for the Christmas Carnival!

Earn points, score big, and don’t miss out on this chance of bagging wonderful prizes. Earn points to either bid on the Secret Santa or, enter into the lucky draws. Wondering what the lucky draws are? We thought so! Okay, these are the mega-winning opportunities where you can enter with your points and heavily increase your chances of winning the big hampers. You get more too! So collect as many points as you can and start winning.

Here are a few more hacks to win points without having to do anything. You’ll love these hacks.

a. Refer a friend: You can simply refer a friend or a family member to play Christmas Carnival. Not only both of you can have fun together, but also will you get additional points just for doing so.

b. Download the Chrome extension: GrabOn’s Chrome extension lets you know the latest and the hottest offers on the go. So we encourage you to download the Chrome extension. And if you do that through the Christmas Carnival page, then you are up for some more points ;)

c. Newsletters: Another way to stay up to date with the coolest offers on thousands of brands is by subscribing to our newsletter. Simply doing so will also get you some additional posts.

The best way to win more points is by logging in every day and playing awesome games!

Already set your eyes on those prizes? Play soon and take them home. :)

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