Just like few good things come to an end, all bad things also come to an end. To end few bad things and habits, we make New Year’s Resolutions. It is a very common thing to make promises to change in New Year. But what happens to those promises? Making a New Year resolution is also considered as a myth by many. Well, that might or might not be the case but if there’s one thing that’s certain it is that you can definitely save big on all your expenses in the coming days with New Year offers!

New Year Offers 2021

A Resolution generally comes from emotions and often have no destination. Like, stop eating junk, saving money and others. Actually, we are just being very practical to understand what we are doing wrong and restricting our selves to stop doing that. Here is the list of most common resolutions made during New Year.

People mostly make promises on the followings during New Year:

  • No Alcohol Drinking
  • Quit Smoking
  • Be Fit
  • Studying Regularly
  • Saving Money

Don’t tell us you never made took up any of the above resolution. These are indeed the most ordinary ones on every person’s list. Now, let’s jump to the myths revolving around resolutions taken on the New Year eve.

Let us see what the myths on this fact are…

Myth #1: They really work

New Year’s time is just an excuse to make a new beginning. There is a saying that resolutions are meant to be broken. Still people who know that they need to get rid of few bad habits make resolutions and they do not work always. It is just a myth that promises made on New Year works.

Myth #2: They really make lot of sense

People who think that a resolution makes lot of sense are completely mistaken. Making a resolution is nothing but paving way for a better future. So, when you know the areas you need to improve then why wait for New Year? Just start your day by believing that you can. Researches show that people making promises during the New Year lack self-confidence.

Myth #3: Only a resolution can make a better you

Lot of people think that a resolution can make them better. Actually, that is just a myth. The fact is that only when you think you can make yourself a better person, then you can. It can be mid of the year, end of the year or beginning of the year. The time really does not matter.

Did you know some of these facts about New Year Resolution?

  • Most New Year Resolutions are on staying fit.
  • 75% of the people keep their promises only for the first week of the year and then forget it.
  • Only 8% of the people keep New Year promises for the entire year.

New Year Offers 2021

How did New Year’s Resolution start?

History says that about 4000 years ago Babylonians where the first to make a New Year Resolution. Rome also did the same thing, after the reform-minded emperor Julius Caesar tinkered with the calendar and established January 1 as the beginning of the New Year circa 46 B.C.

So, have you changed your mind after reading this blog or are you still planning to make some resolutions this new year? Even if you are planning to make a few promises, make sure you follow them religiously and inculcate them for your own good. In the end, all we want is to leave behind all the sorrows of the last year and hope to kick-off the new year with utmost joy!


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