Top Christmas Fashion Trends That Will Keep You In Vogue!

by Vinodkumar Sankranthi
christmas fashion trends

There’s a lot more to Christmas than just red, white and green. This festive season we have compiled a list of top Christmas Fashion Trends that will definitely win you applause from your friends, loved ones, and colleagues.

Indulge in holiday cheer, play Christmas Carnival and take home prizes worth up to Rs 10,00,000!

Without any further ado, let’s take a look at the best Christmas Fashion Trends:

1. Bold Velvet

christmas fashion trends bold velvet outdoor
You might have already seen these trends on the runway or in magazines. Velvet has made a comeback along with two of these shades. Black and blue together create a romance that is appealing to the eyes. Coming to the velvet trend, the fabric is already rich and luxurious and it multiplies the appeal with bold colors. Bold colors ruled the New York Fashion Week. Hence, bold colored velvet will rule this season. Ditch the all-black outfit, and mix it up with some bold blue to make a statement. Get amazing velvet outfits at unbelievable prizes only on Tata CLiQ.

2. Folk Prints

christmas fashion trends folk print
Designers experimented their hearts out this time of the year by mixing up unexpected prints together. Stitching together different prints, materials and tones resulted in a folk drama on the runway. It is all about more sophisticated ethnic and tribal prints adding elegance to women’s wear. Be it a shrug or a suit, feel free to experiment with prints this season, because you know you’ll be wearing a trend!

3. Head To Toe Denim

christmas fashion trends head to toe denim

Now, this might not surprise most of us. It was set to rule the runway’s ever since we saw Instagram flooded with people wearing denim outfits. Not to forget, most of us tried it and found it to be oh so comfy! Be ready to wear it anywhere you want. We have already seen celebrities going to parties with this look. We love this trend because it allows individuality to come through and is chic at the same time. It’s up to you, wear a baggy denim shirt with dark denim hot shorts or a well-tailored denim jacket with jeans. The only rule here is the right fit. Make sure whatever you wear fits you properly to look chic. Accessorize your outfit with statement jewelry or even a pair of sunglasses will do the job. Here are some outfit ideas that you can try-

4. Check-mate

christmas fashion trends checkmate
In the wake of the 90’s spirit, checks have made a comeback. But this time around it is all about layering them. Be it on a plain t-shirt or an entire outfit, it about leaving it open at the front. Plaids are not only timeless but effortlessly chic. But this is one of the trickiest trends to pull off. Either you end up looking elegant, or a complete granny. Stay away from styling yourself way too much, keep it minimal. You can go for a plaid scarfs, jackets, skirts or coats. Pair it up with the right accessories and bold lips.

5. Dark Florals

christmas fashion trends dark florals dress
Florals are no longer a summer story. From this season on, try dark, romantic floral prints in the winters. Florals don’t have to feminine or bright, for winter’s sake, you can try dark and moody blooms. Make sure they are on a dark color pallet with a hint of the Victorian era. Pair it up with bold solids to create a gothic look. Here is a floral embroidered top styled in two ways along with our favorite looks.

6. Colourful Fur

christmas fashion trends colorful fur
Who does not love fur? We all do! The trend came in first with footwear and now it’s all over. But this time it is not restricted to black, white, beige and browns. It has made a comeback with every color you can think of. Fur is not holding back this season with bursts of color. You can wear it as a coat or a cap, put on a belt on it if you wish, there are no limits. So beat the winter blues with a splash of color. And of course, it will keep you warm like no other.

7. Galactic Prints

christmas fashion trends galactic prints
With humans reaching out to space, this trend is an ode to science. This year, shine brightly with some stars on your outfit. Galactic prints are very diverse and you can wear them as you like. Abstract, direct or minimal, it’s your choice. You can go colorful but we suggest you stick to black and white for a classy feel. You can adorn this one among the other Christmas Fashion Trends as a sheer dress, a denim jacket or a pair of jeans.

8. Glitter dressGlitter dress

Glitter clothing is perfect for any festive event, family get-togethers, birthdays, and other holidays like Christmas. Glitter fashion is the best choice and a special idea for that Christmas party you are trying to have!

How To Dress Up Right For Christams?

All for the party’s sake; but what if you wore a black or a green or maybe a beautiful blue, rather than the classic combination of white and red?

How about a one-shouldered black dress/tunic? Match it up with a cute pair of stockings, heels in red or white and a black purse like this. A statement earring, open hair and light makeup will complete the Christmas look.

black-one-shoulderedPretty florals look good on just anybody. Yes, you need to have the right attitude to carry this off, but it is worth a try. Here’s a black dress embroidered in green, white and red. Bold lips would go well with this. It looks stylish and feels comfy too. There’s nothing better than rocking a style statement better than the rest of the people. This will add to your unique style and make you stand out, for sure!


A blue dress with quirky prints is what you can try if you are going out with your family. And if it is too chilly…amp up the heat by wearing it just like that. Peachy makeup would go really well with this dress. You can go nude on the lips! Wear stilettos with them as they’re gonna look epic. If you are wondering what other shoes you can try on this and another outfit idea in this article, read our article on types of footwear. This outfit is also good for office Christmas party.

Get a maroon dress such as this. It is both cute and elegant at the same time. An all maroon makeup and accessories is what you need to complete this kind of a party look. It will enhance your girl next door image and who doesn’t like it!


A light blue gown as this with antique embossing will steal the show. The best way to accessorize this would be to wear a statement earring and a finger ring in antique. It’s a perfect representation of modern day fashion for Christmas. It’s dainty colour, and the subtle yet striking design work will surely make it awesome. You can check it out in designer shops or maybe get a custom one designed for you.


Wearing a sequined dress such as this can be tad bit tacky, but if you can pull of the look, it would be the hit of the party. Match it up with your girlfriends and create your own clique.


An all gold like this looks so good…is it not? Try this style and awe your friends with the look. Gold and black is what they say looks tacky. But don’t believe everything they say. It can look sharp too. Just depends on how you carry it.


Let us know if you all liked these ideas, a different take on the colors of Christmas. If you have any more ideas, do share with us.

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