Well, we’re pretty much into the T20 season and the battles between teams are starting to heat up. And it is also the time of the year when just as intense battles go off online, with Fantasy Cricket on full swing. If you haven’t been in on the whole fantasy thing so far, it still isn’t too late.

Luckily for you, GrabOn is hosting the ultimate cricket fantasy, with our global partners. The CFL is held between 19 September 2021 to 14 November 2021 to let you witness the IPL and World Cup and benefit from it. There are prizes to be won too but don’t let that get you carried away. Go ahead and have fun now and see if you have what it takes to reach the top of the leaderboard.

Fantasy Cricket

Well, go ahead. What’s that? You are still not convinced? Maybe these 5 simple reasons will make you change your mind.

1. Fun and Play

Do you know how it feels to win by simply playing fun games? CFL will get you that feeling. And if you have what it takes, you’ll also find yourself in a pool of vouchers and hampers.

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Cricket Fantasy League

The cricket season is back and so is GrabOn’s Cricket Fantasy! Now, you can participate, play awesome computer games, and earn points while the teams battle it out on the field. Play engaging games like Match/Tournament Predictor and get a chance to win Bluetooth headsets, exclusive brand vouchers, comfy bedding essentials and other exciting goodies worth up to Rs 35 Lakhs. Play NOW!

2. Matches Get (even more) Exciting

exciting match

Playing fantasy cricket gives you something that makes every match worth watching. That’s because you can now predict the games and win exciting prizes. There’s a whole lot of entertainment that you will appreciate. No more waiting for matches featuring your home team.

Note: You might end up leaving office early every day and your sports bar expenses might touch new heights.

3. Beat Your Opponents

beat your opponent

Remember the annoying guy(s) in your office who always seems to think they know everything about cricket? Wouldn’t it feel sweet to prove otherwise? Beat them up (well, not physically), but with your match prediction skills and crown yourself as the ultimate prediction expert among your colleagues.

And for those of you who are going to point out that it is a bad idea to play competitive fantasy sports within the workplace, I have two words for you – “employee engagement“.

4. Learn More About The Sport

learn more about cricket

Well, winning bountiful prizes is surely addictive. And you might just get hooked to the game even if you were not a fan. That’s a new chapter in your life where you learn about Cricket and you might discover a new passion or a hobby. Fantasy cricket will have you getting in deep into the sport. Well, if you are, watching every detail of the game and finding the strengths and weaknesses of each player is something you’ll see yourself doing as the season progresses.

5. There are Prizes Involved


As if the above reasons aren’t enough to jump right ahead and start playing, there are the prizes. With gifting partners you stand a chance to win prizes worth up to 35 lakhs, and there are also prizes to be won each day. So start today and who knows, you might just #GrabTheCup

6. Create your Dream Team

Fantasy cricket league features players who are all part of the game. When the match is held between two teams, you can choose the favorite players who can change the game with impeccable performance – batting, bowling, and fielding. So you can earn points and be on top of the table among your competitors, giving you more chances to win exotic prizes and money. Check out the Cricket Fantasy League 2021 for more detailed information about the games, prices, and rewards.

7. Earn Real Money

If you are willing to make extra money, you should start playing the online cricket fantasy game. This will help you to bring awareness and create a strategy to win the competition. The game is legal in India, so you don’t have to feel guilty while playing.  Apart from that, you can also get referral bonuses when your referred friends start playing the prediction game. To withdraw the money after winning, you need to link the bank account register to your mobile and KYC done for hassle-free transactions.

8. Analyze your Prediction Skills

It is a wonderful way to analyze the game by predicting the future outcomes based on previous data. Compared to other approaches, it gives you more accurate and reliable information. It further helps you to save and earn money among the tough competitors. If you are not sure about the previous stats and data, head over to the list of IPL winners from 2008 to 2021 for more accurate data presented through infographics.

9. Strategic Planning

If you are an online business enthusiast, you may need to handle multiple tasks at the initial stages. But, how is it possible? Will you be able to manage them effectively? Sometimes, you may lack confidence and cannot proceed further due to several reasons. Now, it’s time for you to showcase your skills in the game by performing detailed analyses on players and how much to invest. This ultimate win gives you a boost to kick-start your business.

10. Keep Updated with Cricket Information

Since the start of IPL in 2008, we have witnessed incredible knocks from the batsmen, bowlers, and all-rounders. It is essential to keep track of the player’s list and achievements so far to play and enjoy the quizzes, polls, etc., without hassle. Not just that, you will be updated with the latest information and even earn exciting rewards and gifts. Why wait? Start playing cricket fantasy league for Indian Premier League (IPL) and World Cup (WC) championships.

Final Thoughts

If you need more reasons to play CFL 2021, checkout our ‘10 Reasons To Play CFL’ article and we promise you can’t hold yourself from joining the extravaganza.

What do you like about playing fantasy cricket? Let us know in the comments.


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