GrabOn’s Cricket Fantasy League 2024: 7 Hacks to Win Big! 

by Praneeth
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Exciting news, folks! We’re thrilled to announce the return of GrabOn’s Cricket Fantasy League for Season 12, in perfect sync with the 2024 T20 World Cup. This time around, we’ve upped the ante, offering bigger prizes and an array of thrilling contests that will keep you on the edge of your seats.

Cricket, known for its blend of skill and agility, stands as one of the world’s most beloved sports. And if you’re a fan looking to infuse the excitement of fantasy sports into your cricket experience, then do participate in the contest.

During this cricketing extravaganza, get ready to journey through a world of exhilarating games, where each click and choice could lead you to incredible prizes and rewards. But before that, check out the ultimate hacks and strategies to help you conquer these contests and score big.

So, gear up, cricket enthusiasts! Stay tuned to discover the secrets to winning big in our contests. Your ticket to an unforgettable cricket season awaits, and it’s just a click away.

GrabOn’s Cricket Fantasy League Season 12 Is Here!

Play GrabOn’s Cricket Fantasy League Season 12 and get a chance to win prizes worth Rs 35 Lakhs. Enjoy games that are fun to play like Hand Cricket, Whack-A-Ball, Power Predictor, and Daily/Weekly Mega Draws to satisfy your love for Cricket. Score points by playing these games and win prizes. Warm up your fingers, for as the cricketers of the world play against other teams, you’ll be participating in a league of your own and winning rewards.

We have brought in some huge brands to partner with us during this edition of the CFL, as we strive to get you the biggest and most exciting prizes you can hope for.

Yes, you read that right!

If you want to know more about what the games are and the rules, check out our blog. The games are super easy to play and yet very addictive. We are giving you the biggest chance to score big and take home amazing prizes!

Let’s dive deep into the CFL hacks that will make you win big this season.

1. Refer A Friend

Do you have a lot of Cricket crazy friends? Well, it’s time to put that to use. Refer to them to play GrabOn Cricket Fantasy League 2024 and win points when your friend logs in and plays. It’s simple to refer to! Just find the referral code on your account page and send it to a friend or family member to sign up with. That is why we recommend that you refer to as many friends and family members as you can. This will increase your points with which you can win more gifts. And nothing can match the fun of playing your favourite online game with the people you love.

Each referral gets you 50 Points, and you can refer up to 10 times

2. Download Chrome Extension

You stand a chance to win bonus points upon downloading the GrabOn Chrome Extension. Stay updated with the hottest deals & offers and never miss out on any sale event, big or small. Simply visit the Bonus Arena section and download the Chrome extension for GrabOn.

3. Play every day

You win the most when you don’t skip a day. So, put your sportsman/woman hats on and play the games every day to increase your chances of winning big items, and also bag each day. Don’t forget to collect those points that you can redeem later. After all, it doesn’t hurt to spare a few minutes to play some games on CFL when such lucrative rewards are waiting for you on the other end.

4. Surprise Prizes

You never know when your day will be and when your luck might shine. Surprise gifts are awarded to players as they play. So, start playing the game and watch out for surprises as you go! Who knows what big gift might be lying around waiting for you to just grab it?

5. Enter Daily/Weekly Bonanzas

Play more and enter the weekly Bonanzas. You need a certain number of points for the bonanza. You can check how many more points you need on your game page. Once you collect enough points, simply enter the weekly and Mega lucky draws and stock up your winnings. Now, the additional points you are left with won’t go to waste.

6. Be Patient

Play all that you can in one day and come back another day to continue. Don’t strain yourself in the thirst to win it all in a single day. Relax and remember to have fun while enjoying the Cricket Fantasy League. During this cricketing campaign, you will have plenty of opportunities to rack up a huge haul of points and rewards.

7. Explore Virtual Games

Fantasy Cricket League Games are played by the users virtually by login with personal credentials and win some exciting cash prizes and rewards. In 2024, CFL season 12 features 3 popular games – Hand Cricket, Whack-A-Ball, and Power Predictor.

In Hand Cricket, you’ll experience a cricket-inspired game where you face 12 balls for 2 overs, and your scores will be counted through a hand gesture from 1 to 6. If your gesture matches with the bot, then you will be declared “Out” or else will be rewarded 5x points. Plus, you have the exciting opportunity to win surprise gifts from our partners during a specific over. The more you play, the higher your chances of winning surprises and accumulating points for the weekly and mega-lucky draws.

Whack-A-Ball offers a different kind of challenge with 45 seconds to hit as many balls as possible that are jumping out from the arcade. In this game, you can earn points by hitting different colored balls – for Red and Golden balls, you will earn 10 and 20 points, respectively. But, if you hit the Stumps, you will lose 10 points. While Power Predictor is an amazing game where one can win prizes by predicting the correct responses to an upcoming match. Players can win 50 points for each accurate prediction.

Final Thoughts

Use these hacks and get a chance to win Bluetooth headsets, comfortable bedding essentials, ear pods, exclusive vouchers, and other jaw-dropping giveaways! We have partnered with various brands to get you awesome prizes and if you participated in last year’s CFL, you’d have set certain targets for this year’s edition. Let us assure you that you will be exceeding those targets and setting higher ones for the next CFL. Good luck :)

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