We keep saying that Diwali is a Hindu Festival celebrated in India. But, do you know that this festival of lights is celebrated around the world. Surprised? Yes, it is celebrated in the US, parts of Europe, UAE, Singapore, Japan and other places. The nature of celebration however remains the same.

Interested to know how Deepavali is celebrated outside India?

Diwali around the world

It is not possible to celebrate Diwali on the same date as in India by people living outside India. So they choose a weekend before or after Deepavali. The celebration is very similar to that of India. They buy new clothes from Indian garment stores , perform puja of Lakshmi Devi. Yes, even they do the ‘Cleaning of the House’ before Diwali. The Indian stores sell Indian sweets and different types of Puja ingredients. This makes Diwali celebration easy for people outside India.

Diwali celebration as a community


The proverb says: Man is born free but he lives in chains. No one prefers staying alone and specially during festival time. It has been seen that people residing out of India celebrates Diwali as a community. They take a community hall on rent on a weekend following Diwali. All of them becomes a part of the get-together. They perform on songs, play cards, meet and greet others.



Lot of Indian dishes are made for this celebration. The concept of Potluck is very famous among NRIs. Each of them prepares a dish for all. Then they display the food on a table. Everyone can taste food brought by different people.

Playing Cards


Playing cards is very common in Diwali. It is common among NRIs as well. Friends get together and play cards, which is considered auspicious. It is believed that playing cards bring good luck and prosperity.

Celebration of Diwali is not much different than India. So, it is all about the spirit of the people.



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