3 Simple Hacks On Winning Big in GrabOn Ka Teesra

by Vinodkumar Sankranthi

Brace yourselves, GrabOn ka Teesra is here!

Join us as we celebrate our 3rd anniversary and who knows you might take home Rs 1.2 Lacs worth of prizes. The special event begins on 20th September and will run until 22nd of September 2016. During these 3 days, a total of 990 winners will be announced who will be our Superheroes and Mega Superheroes. You could be one of them!

GrabOn Ka Teesra – Win win

Wondering how to win the big bucks? Well, we have the answer you were looking for.

Here are 5 simple hacks that can maximise your chances of winning big.

Are you ready? Sit back and take notes.

  1. Google+ following is a definite plus point
    Get regular updates on prizes and keep track of the entire event by following us on Google+


  2. Spread the word – Let the share-fest begin
    Share GrabOn posts like there’s no tomorrow.
    If your share-fest has got your friends wondering whether you’re a GrabOn representative or not, then you’re doing a great job.
    Oh and one more thing don’t forget to tag GrabOn while you share the posts. This might take you a step closer to the Mega Superhero title.
    GrabOn ka Teesra Sharing
  3. Tweet-Tweet says the little birdie  
    Start tweeting about Teesra and if you already haven’t. 
    Tell us how you feel about Teesra in your tweets. Your feedback is deeply valued and might get you a surprise gift!  The more you tweet the better are your chances of becoming a Mega Superhero. Don’t forget to mention GrabOn in those tweets.
    GrabOn ka Teesra Tweeting

Ready to employ these hacks?
Wait, before you get back on with the contest it would be wise to go through the flow and procedures involved.

Contest Flow:

1. Just follow us on Google+ and +1 us, to get started with GrabOn Ka Teesra celebrations.
2. All you need to do is browse through any section of GrabOn website from 10AM to 8PM on 20th, 21st and 22nd September 2016.
3. Every hour 33 winners or Superheroes will be selected from the users browsing Grabon’s website during the said hour, using our ‘Teesra algorithm’.
4. Each of the chosen Superhero will be presented with a pop-up with prizes worth Rs. 111 and will have 45 seconds to click on the pop-up or miss the chance.
5. Finally, don’t forget to share your winning moment on Facebook and (or)Twitter.

Every day there will be 1 unannounced FLASH Hour  that opens doors to becoming a Mega Superhero, who will be rewarded 3 times more i.e. Rs 333 (3×111) on top of Rs 111.

Terms and conditions

  • A list of 33 other Superheroes will be announced within 60 minutes after completion of every hourly event.
  • During the Flash Hour* 3 Mega-Superheroes are selected from 33 Superheroes, using our smart ‘Teesra algorithm’.
  • The list of Mega Superheroes will be announced by the end of the day.
  • If you become our Superhero or Mega-Superhero, you will receive a mail by the end of the day regarding your prize and when you can claim it. Just make sure to check your inbox (primary and spam!) regularly.
  • GrabOn is offering giveaways based on Teesra algorithm to superheroes entering the celebrations. The giveaways will be available for a stipulated time as mentioned and only during the Teesra celebrations.
  • GrabOn is the sole proprietor of the Teesra algorithm and under no conditions will the details of the algorithm be divulged or shared with anyone without prior permission.
  • The selection of Superheroes by GrabOn is final and binding. By participating in the celebrations, each winner agrees to that.
  • Each Superhero can avail the prizes no more than once. In the case of more than one pop-ups, only the first pop-up will be taken into consideration.
  • No tricks should be used to become a superhero because there are no shortcuts to becoming a superhero! In the case of any such tricks or transgressions, the contestant will be disqualified.
  • While joining the celebrations, each winner agrees to the term that their name will be used on GrabOn social media platforms for promotional purposes without any additional compensation, except where prohibited by law.
  • GrabOn reserves the right to stop the celebration and giveaways at any time without prior notice.

* The Flash Hour could be any hour in between 10AM to 8 PM.

Additional Information about GrabOn ka Teesra prizes

Superhero  i) 33 Superheroes selected every hour from 10AM to  8PM i.e. 330 Superheroes in a day.

ii) The list of 33 winners will be announced within 45  minutes of completion of the hourly event.

iii) Prizes worth Rs 111 up for grabs.

 A Superhero will be contacted via email by  the end of the day regarding the prize and  when it can be claimed. Just make sure to  check your inbox (primary and spam!)  regularly.
Mega Superhero  i) 3 Mega-Superheroes are selected out of 33  Superheroes during the ‘Flash Hour’

ii) The list of 3 winners will be announced at the end  of the day by 9:30PM

iii) Prize worth Rs 333 on top of Rs 111, to be won.

 A Mega Superhero will be contacted via email by the end of the day regarding the prize and when it can be claimed. Just make sure to  check your inbox (primary and spam!)  regularly.

Now, you’re ready. Go be the Superhero you were always meant to be!

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