7 Similarities Between An Employee & A Freedom Fighter

by Vinodkumar Sankranthi
freedom fighter

The trusted Merriam Webster defines freedom fighter as someone who is a part of an organized group fighting against a cruel system.

Employee & A Freedom Fighter:

Someone who values his freedom just as much as the rest or maybe a little more and goes the extra mile in order to attain it. No, I’m still talking about the freedom fighters here not the employee squad. Speaking of, when the definition itself is so relatable, wonder how many similarities these two factions actually share? Let’s find out.

1. You’re an engineer stuck in marketing? Don’t worry! By the looks of it, you’re not the only lost cause. Philosoraptor concurs.

Similarities between employee and freedom fighter


2. Corruption, tyranny (read boss), inequality, rights, you name it and they’re already fighting it. With sass.

Similarities between employee and freedom fighter1
3. When their rights are violated….well, let’s just not go to that territory.


4. 50% of the pain they take goes unnoticed. And 75% of them altogether go unnoticed!


5. One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter ~ Gerald Seymour
You = employee = freedom fighter (proved above) AKA TERRORIST.
And all this while you were loathing your boss? Reality check, bruh!


6. In the end, they come out quite the skilled multi-linguistic citizen to the delight of many.

Similarities between employee and freedom fighter5

7. All’s well that ends well. And in the end…it doesn’t even matter, does it? To FREEDOM!


Joke apart, we wouldn’t be the largest flourishing democracy armed with the quintessential freedom and rights had it not been for our brave freedom fighters – celebrated or unsung heroes. This Independence Day, let’s take note of the significant and radical change they’ve selflessly brought about in our lives. And don’t forget to thank the office heroes too including yourself.

Braving the 9-hour shift, meeting deadlines, giving monotonous a whole new definition, shuttling between colleagues’ office gossip and work, plenty of sacrifices….Jesus! Don’t you need a pat on the back for that?

Do pamper yourself this Independence and take a break. Happy Independence, you all! Jai Hind!

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