WhatsApp is the go to choice for people for texting around the globe. And this was made possible because they constantly updated the app with useful new features.

But don’t you think WhatsApp has drastically changed our lives, so much so that if WhatsApp goes down people have drastic reactions about it. That is why this article will talk about the new features WhatsApp has added to its platform and  the positive & negative impact WhatsApp has had on our lives.

Note – All the information is sourced through WhatsApp’s website, social media posts and through in-depth analysis of the app by experts.

Features on WhatsApp

Today, WhatsApp is actively used by everyone for multiple numbers of reasons. According to GrabOn’s Indian Internet Market Statistics, in India alone, WhatsApp is used to send over 12 billion messages. All this was made possible because of the various features, so let’s take a look at the various new features WhatsApp has added:

  • Voice Call & Video Call via desktop app.
  • Disappearing Messages.
  • View Once Feature.
  • End to End Chat Backups.
  • Mute audio before sharing a video clip.

Here is an in-depth look at the latest features rolled out by WhatsApp in 2023.

1. Voice Call & Video Call via desktop app

WhatsApp recently updated this new feature for their platform.Now you can make video and voice calls through their PC app. All you need to do is to pair the device with your smartphone via scanning the QR code. Also, these calls will be protected by the end to end encryption just like in the smartphones.

2. Disappearing Messages

Now WhatsApp lets you enable the disappearing feature, where after the receiver of the message has read the message it automatically disappears. You may also choose between 24 hours, 7days or 90 days period after which the messages will disappear.

3. View Once Feature

Another feature which improves users privacy and security is the View Once feature. With this you can send a picture to someone once and after they view it once the picture will disappear automatically.

4. End to End Chat Backups

Another new feature that WhatsApp has recently updated is their backup feature. With this you can save your chat backup in the cloud with the same end to end encryption which protects your chat.

5. Mute audio before sharing a video clip

If you are the kind of person who sends clips to your family and friends but the audio always sucks, this feature will let you mute the audio before sending it.

WhatsApp Tips & Tricks

Using these tips and tricks will elevate your user experience and make texting more fun.

1. Search specific/all Chat

Looking for your friend’s address that he sent you over WhatsApp a week ago and you can’t find it? Well now you can find any specific message with the chat search feature.

Specific Chat – Just go to the lens option on the top and start typing what you remember. WhatsApp will show you every text where either of you used those specific words.

All Chat – Open specific chat>go to option>tap on search>start typing what you remember.

2. Find out who you talk to the most.

Did you know you can find out who you talk to the most on WhatsApp. Your bestie might not like it, if it’s not them.

Setting>Storage & Data>Manage Storage>Here the list of contacts is listed according to the people you talk to the most.

3. Delete media from a certain chat

Did you know you can delete all media from a specific chat without combing through your library for them. Or you could just delete the videos or gifs, now you can. This seacret feature lets you do all that.

Go to Settings>Storage & Data>Select Contact>Manage>Tick all the boxes which you want to delete>Tap on the bin.

4. WhatsApp Text Tricks

There are some very nifty tricks you could use on WhatsApp. Use these text tricks to add a little umph to your messages.

Bold Text

You can Bold your text easy by putting “*” before and after any word.

Example – Hey, *Amit*>> Hey, Amit.

Turn your text Italic

Similar to Bold You can also write text in Italics by adding “_” before and after any word.

Example – Hey, Amit. _How are you doing?_ >>Hey, Amit. How are you doing?

Strike through any text

You can strikethrough through words by adding “~” before and after the word or sentence.

Example – Hey, Amit. How are you doing? Let’s catchup on Monday Sunday.

Add monospace

Monospace is a text formatting method by which you can put more focus on specific words. You can do this by adding ““`” before and after words and sentences.

Example – Hey, Amit. When are you “`coming back“` from Delhi?>> Hey, Amit. When are you coming back from Delhi?

What is WhatsApp Business?

WhatsApp Business is exactly what it sounds like. It helps you create a profile for your business on WhatsApp, through which you can communicate with your customers. It presents various advantages and features that improves customer service experience.

Features of WhatsApp Business

  • Build a Business Profile
  • Quick & Easy Replies
  • Automatic Replies
  • Custom Away Message
  • Build a product/service catalogue
  • Interactive Messages

This is a list of features you can find on WhatsApp Business.

Build a Business Profile

Building a business profile has several benefits. People can easily find your business and can contact you through WhatsApp directly. Additionally, when WhatsApp verifies your profile, it increases your business authenticity.

Quick & Easy Replies

With WhatsApp business your most sent replies are saved for quick replies. Simplifying communications with customers, vendors and more.

Automatic Replies

Do you know what makes great businesses stand out from the average ones? The customer service experience with WhatsApp business improves your customer’s experience with your business when they reach out to you. And all these free of cost.

Custom Away Message

Away messages are nothing but automatic replies your customers get when they try to contact you after working hours. WhatsApp lets you customise it and schedule it to be sent after a specific time.

Build a product/service catalogue

WhatsApp recently rolled out a Collection feature on their business platform. This feature lets you list all your products on their profile, so customers can look through your products without visiting your website. With each product you can add description and price.

Interactive Messages

With WhatsApp you can send an interactive text to simplify communication. Here the customer can input numbers to receive replies regarding their queries.

WhatsApp Payments

Now you can receive payment for your product directly through WhatsApp. They kick-started this feature with collaboration with National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI), so you don’t have to worry about security. These payments are done through Unified Payment System (UPI).

Advantage and Disadvantage of Whatsapp

Top 6 Benefits Of Whatsapp – Positive Effects

1. Sharing Information

  • WhatsApp is the best platform to share and access information. Be it a New York Times article or a doggo meme (millennial language coming through!)WhatsApp is the best platform to share any kind of news or information.
  • According to a study by the Reuters Institute, WhatsApp is becoming a major source for news in several countries. In Malaysia, 51% of them said that they used WhatsApp to get news.
  • Large files, such as images and documents can be sent across seamlessly.

2. Helps Connecting Across Continents

  • Thanks to internet messaging, and with the later introduction of voice & video calls, WhatsApp helps in connecting people with friends and families across countries and continents.
  • WhatsApp also lets you send audio recordings, images and more to your friends and families across vast distances.

3. E-Learning

  • In recent times, WhatsApp has transformed itself into a pseudo-e-learning platform. Teachers not only share notes or information but can also make learning videos or videos from YouTube and share it on WhatsApp groups. Talk about multipurpose!
  • WhatsApp’s video call feature lets teachers & students create online classrooms.

4. Safety And Security

  • Thanks to WhatsApp’s secure end-to-end encryption feature, personal information is much more secure.
  • You can block unknown & malicious people from sending you messages.

5. No Advertisements

  • Thanks to WhatsApp’s no advertisement policy, WhatsApp does not spam you with ads like other social platforms.

6. Business opportunity

  • It’s no news that Social Media is a medium for running businesses in today’s online world. Thanks to the massive usage of WhatsApp, promoting products has become easier. This has increased the opportunity for people to make a living through creative means.

7. Free to use

  • Ever since WhatsApp was introduced, it has always been a free to use app. All you need is an internet connection to send messages to anyone, anywhere.

Top 6 Disadvantages of Whatsapp – Negative Effects

1. A Tool To Circulate False Information

  • It’s no surprise that people use the app to circulate fake news among the populace to facilitate their political ideologies.
  • WhatsApp has also been used for spreading hate speech against individuals & Government institutions.
  • And it doesn’t just stop with news, people also receive messages with wrong information about general things in life. For instance, during Covid – 19 pandemic people received a number of false treatment ideas on Whatsapp which either did nothing or worsened their condition.

2. Creates Mental Health Issues

  • WhatsApp has contributed to social isolation amongst the youth. They prefer being on their phone rather than talking to people in real life.
  • It affects an individual’s self esteem & creates a sense of self doubt.

3. Health-Related Problems

  • Multiple studies have confirmed that WhatsApp contributes to health-related problems amongst teenagers. From sleep deprivation (due to continuous chatting) to straining of eyes, WhatsApp contributes to a lot of problems.

4. Sexual Grooming

  • Perhaps one of the scariest aspects of Whatsapp is that chat between two people can remain untracked and unsupervised because of the various security features available in the app.
  • From disappearing messages to “delete for everyone” option anyone can erase any and all messages exchanged between two people.
  • Ill intentioned adults may use all these features to groom a child sexulaly. And the parent may never find out about it.

5. Lack Of Content Censorship

  • Considering that WhatsApp has no censorship over the kind of content shared, a lot of inappropriate information and media can be shared.
  • It can also be used to blackmail teenagers with their personal information, and no one will ever find it out, unless the teenagers complain about it themselves.

6. Monetary Fraud

  • Users can make use of the platform to exploit inexperienced boys and girls for money.
  • Because of the simplicity of sending and receiving payments, teens too can find themselves in a pool of fraud activities when they turn towards asking money from people in return for fake promises.

Just like most things, WhatsApp has its healthy share of pros and cons. Although it is up to the user to choose how they use their app, WhatsApp has very valuable pros. It is up to the people on how they use WhatsApp and its newly introduced features. People should understand that this app was designed to bridge barriers and information and to help communicate efficiently. The results which bring detrimental effects to the user depends mainly on how the user uses the app. In that way, it is important that we, as adults, communicate with teenagers as well.

Let us know about your opinion of the app in the comments section below!


How many people can talk on WhatsApps group calls?

WhatsApp lets upto 36 people get into a group call at once. It utilises your internet connection for calls rather than a mobile network plan.

How to create a WhatsApp group?

To create a group, tap on new chat>new group>select the people you want to add>add group subject>you are all set.

Does WhatsApp have a message limit?

WhatsApp Business has a limit to how many customers you can send messages to based on the tier your company is registered in. Here are the tiers and the limits:

  • Tier 1 – 1k customers per day
  • Tier 2 – 10k customers per day
  • Tier 3 – 100k customers per day

Are WhatsApp Payments secure?

WhatsApp payments use the Government recommended payment system UPI. So, you can be sure that your money is in safe hands.

How to save others’ WhatsApp status?

First view the status you want to save then head over to your file manager app, you will have to enable “Show hidden files” in your file manager app. After that go to Internal Storage>>WhatsApp>>Media>>.Statuses.



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