18 Easy & Beautiful Ugadi Rangoli Designs

by Anushka Oza
Ugadi Rangoli Designs

How many of you agree that Ugadi is just colourless without rangoli? Unique rangoli designs outside each and every house on this festive day is a sight to behold. The day itself starts with finalising the most beautiful Ugadi rangoli design and kick-off the festival with vivid vibes.

But, the problem comes in when you find out that deciding the rangoli design consumes the major time of the morning.

Don?t worry! We are here to simplify your work! In this article, we have listed a few simple and gorgeous rangolis to help you add some colour to your day. Moreover, for those who are planning to do some shopping this festive season, there are some amazing Ugadi offers in store for you. Why the wait? Let?s check out some awesome Ugadi Rangoli Designs to make your festival extra special.

18 Best Rangoli Designs For Ugadi:

This is the day you can make your pretty house turn prettier. Decorate your home with the below-mentioned muggulu designs on this Ugadi.

1. Dotted Butterfly Rangoli Design

If you are a beginner and want to pick a rangoli design that not just looks good but is also easy, then this is the one! By drawing a few dots and connecting them properly, you can come up with the most wonderful rangoli you have ever imagined. Once you are done drawing the rough sketch, you can add some colours to make it look more stunning.

2. Apartment Rangoli Design

Apartment Rangoli is also known as 7 dots rangoli design. It is probably the most popular design one can find on the internet. This rangoli is so famous that it can be seen outside many houses during this festival. Don?t forget to add the right colours to it if you want it to look super cute.

3. Ugadi Pachadi Pot Rangoli

Is Ugadi even considered complete without pachadi? While you prepare the oh-so-delicious pachadi for your family and friends, you can also decorate your house with this extraordinary pachadi pot rangoli. It is not just unique but also marvellous in its own way.

4. 4 to 4 dots Rangoli Design

This muggulu is the easiest one on the list. If you have a thing for flowers and want to make a flower-themed design, this is the one. After drawing the dots, the outer sketch of the design will not even take a minute to complete. And, coming to the inner part, you can either draw some design inside the leaves or just fill them with your choice of colours.

5. Star Rangoli Design

This Gudi Padwa, decorate your veranda with this amazing design! It is based on a simple 7-dot formula and is effortlessly easy to draw. Follow the steps shown in the video and get ready to witness the magic done with your fingers.

6. Flower Rangoli Design

Flower rangoli is an evergreen rangoli design that will make your home look brighter and prettier than ever! This design will have a big charming flower in the centre and multiple leaves surrounding it.

7. Ugadi Special Mango Rangoli

Enriched with Vitamin C and antioxidants, raw mangoes offer many advantages. The festival of Ugadi is synonymous with green mangoes. People start eating mangoes from this day and even make a drink out of them. You can mark this festival by drawing an adorable rangoli with attractive mangoes. This quirky design will make your Ugadi muggulu stand out from the crowd.

8. Lotus Rangoli Design

Lotuses indeed make the room blossom with their mere presence. Imagine how spectacular it would look adding a lotus to your rangoli. Follow the 11 dots rangoli steps as shown in the above video and you will soon see an astounding rangoli evolving by connecting the dots.

9. Swastik Rangoli Design

Looking for a distinctive Ugadi rangoli design? Swastik rangoli is all you need! You will need a fork, a bangle and a pen to recreate the same rangoli as seen in the above video. Follow the steps correctly, use the right colours and get ready to witness an enchanting rangoli design.

10. Little Birds Rangoli Design

This Gudi Padwa, make your neighbours go ?wooowww? with your delightful rangoli. This rangoli has tiny little birds revolving around a small flower. It is also a dots format of rangoli and hence very simple to draw. Be it your home, office or any rangoli competition, this can be a perfect pick for the Ugadi festival without any doubt.

11. Shading Flower Rangoli

The Shading Flower Rangoli is surely the most elegant one on this list. You just require a plate and a spoon to create it. Instead of the earbud, you can also use your small finger. Choose this rangoli design if you are close to nature and like flowers to the core. You can also use the colours of your choice to make the muggulu more enchanting.

12. Rose Rangoli Design

Next on our list is the very impressive Rose Rangoli design. Draw it near the entrance of your colony, house or office, it will look breathtaking. This style of rangoli uses 5 dots, and connecting the dots properly will result in a phenomenal rose that is sure to catch the attention and love of all the visitors.

13. Peacock Rangoli Design

This Peacock rangoli has left you awe-struck, hasn?t it? It does look difficult to create, but it actually is not. By using the 5×1 dots, you can get the smashing muggulu ready in no time. And, filling it with your favourite colours will definitely add more charm to your rangoli.

14. Parrot Rangoli Design

The Parrot Rangoli design is our favourite one on the list. It can be drawn in your hall, veranda or near the main gate. This design is simply uncommon and remarkable. By following the step-by-step procedure, you can undoubtedly recreate this spectacular rangoli.

15. Butterfly Rangoli Design

Next on our list is the mind-blowing Butterfly rangoli design. This dots-based rangoli uses a 10 to 2 dots model. On rightly connecting the dots, you can see 4 lovely butterflies surrounded by ?UGADI?.

16. Designed Mud Pot

If you are looking for a way to add a simple and traditional twist to your rangoli design, we recommend attempting the decorated mud pot. It is easily eye-catching and truly a beautiful sight to look at without putting in too much effort.

17. Freehand Rangoli Design

If experimenting with your art style is in your Ugadi roaster, you really need to give freehand art a shot. Use the opportunity to unleash your creative genius and go where your hands and the powder take you. Here is what we love about the freehand design, there is absolutely no way to go wrong with it. Whatever you make is sufficient enough.

18. Ganesha Rangoli Design

There is no better way to evoke a new year other than in the presence of Lord Ganesha himself. If you are feeling rather adventurous with your art, try this rather simple Ganesha design and be prepared for some looks of awe and appreciation.

And, if these designs have not pleased you enough, you can also checkout some more fascinating rangoli designs right here.

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