I am and will always be my daddy’s girl. I’m the first born and was doted on by both my parents from the very beginning. But for me, it was always my Dad over my Mom. My Dad is charming, intelligent and funny. He is a great looking man with several degrees and accolades. But it is not what he is that makes him my favorite person…but what he has made me.

Learnings From Your Father

#1. The truest sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.
One of my favorite pictures from my childhood is of me sitting on the table next to my Dad, pouring over the newspaper, just as he would, every morning. It was he who first introduced me to the joy of reading. I have gone over every single book that he has owned at least a dozen times. Reading had become an obsession at a very early age. Things we imitate as kids, shape our personalities.

#2. Love can be best expressed in the simplest ways.
Despite his hectic schedule, every Sunday, I would see my Dad put on an apron, roll up his sleeves, and cook us a fine meal. “Your mom has had a long week”, he’d say. It was years before I could understand the meaning of that simple gesture. No fancy dates. No trips to exotic places. No expensive jewelry. All it takes to show some love is to be there for that someone.

#3. New beginnings, though challenging, bring endless possibilities.
On my first day at a new school in a new city, I nervously held my Dad’s hand and walked into a class full of strangers. He, in the most nonchalant way possible, stepped forward, struck up a chirpy conversation with my classmates-to-be, cracked a few jokes, and left. He taught me to not be afraid of new beginnings. Every day can be a starting point for the better you. 

#4. Make Mistakes. How else will you learn?
As I grew older, like all others, I was expected to make smart and wise decisions about my education, career and life. “Remember to do what makes you happy”, he’d say. “I promise you, I will stand by you through every mistake you make.” And true to his word, he stood behind me like a rock through all of my bad decisions and good. Take chances. Build a life that is your own.

#5. Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.
Birthdays never meant lavish parties in our household. He would drive me to an orphanage or an old age home where we would volunteer to cook, or to help raise funds through a charity event, and spend some quality time with the less fortunate ones. Be kind. Be compassionate. Take some time out to lend a helping hand to others. There is no greater celebration to life than that.

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No tie or coffee mug would replace the time you spend with him. This Father’s Day, take a moment to thank your Dad for you would not be where you are in life, if not for him. And watch him well up with tears and wrap you in his big, safe arms.

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