Everyone is out there today celebrating Friendship day – meeting friends, surprising friends or just spending time with friends. But our nation is still in mourning as we are remembering that one lost friend who has done tons for the country.

A Friend Is always special

At the same time, he wouldn’t have wanted us to mourn his death instead he would have wanted us to move forward and turn his visions into reality.

The People’s President.

He was and why not! He always thought first about the people of India and then about the betterment of the country. He said “We will be remembered only if we give to our younger generation a prosperous and safe India, resulting out of economic prosperity coupled with civilizational heritage.” The changes he made in the constitution was questioned but he didn’t stop. Because all he wanted to do was make India an exceptional country where commoners like us can have a superior life.

The Missile Man.

It was his conception and hard work at DRDO that made the ballistic missile possible. He put his genius into Pokhran II Nuclear Tests that worked brilliantly. This gave India the firepower that it needed to be taken seriously at many diplomatic levels. We need to be grateful to him because without him India as a country would not have achieved the respect it has today.

The Scholarly Scientist.

He worked heavily on the launch vehicle technology and laid the foundation stone for the growth that India achieved by leaps and bounds in the Space Research sector. It was his conviction that took India’s Space Programme to a different position as a whole. This played an instrumental part in taking ISRO into a league of its own. We, as a country which believes in making radical scientific inventions, should absolutely be thankful to him for his efforts.

He was loved and admired by all, be it the common man or political parties or scholars. His personality was so endearing that he even bought two arch rivals together – his presidentship was majorly supported and backed by the Bharatiya Janta Party and the Indian National Congress which were always at loggerheads. He made this rare sight possible again at his funeral. Such was the man’s grandeur.

A lot of people who had directly worked or interacted with him have spoken about his greatness and humility in public. But some of us might not even be aware on how his work affected all of us. This man had a lot of well-wishers. But he made sure that he himself was a well wisher only for one entity. INDIA.
Our nation did not just lose its scientist, president and teacher. It lost its best friend. And that is why we appeal to the awesome citizens of this great country to dedicate this friendship day to the man who dedicated his everything for his best friend, his country.
Jai Hind!


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