Father’s Day 2023 Special – Date, History, Activities & Celebrations

by Vinodkumar Sankranthi

This Father’s Day, we put on our thinking hats to come up with the best way we can make this special for the real superheroes without capes. But before you jump in headfirst into the preparations, let’s learn a few things about this day. This Blog will take you over the date, history, and what you can do to make this day even more special.

When is Father’s Day 2023?

Generally, Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June each year. This year, it is celebrated on the 18th of June. This day is dedicated to all the fathers of the world, honouring their sacrifices and hard work for their children and society as a whole. Also, with every passing minute, this day gets closer & closer, so you better be prepared.

What is The History of Father’s Day?

Father’s Day was originally dedicated to the father of Sonora Smart Dodd, who was a Civil War veteran living in Spokane, Washington. Her father raised her and her 5 siblings alone, as her mother passed away during childbirth. Sonora came up with the idea on Father’s Day in 1909. Upon hearing this the local leaders also supported her.

19th June was celebrated as Father’s Day. Throughout the years, several presidents showed their support for this day but finally pres. Richard Nixon signed the legislation declaring this day as a national holiday.

Father’s Day Dates (Previous/Future)

So, you can be prepared next year, here’s a list of dates on which Father’s Day will be celebrated in the coming years:

2024 – 16th Jun
2025 – 15th Jun
2026 – 21st Jun

And here is the list of dates Father’s Day was previously celebrated.

2023 – 18th Jun
2022 – 19th Jun
2021 – 20th Jun
2020 – 21st Jun
2019 – 16th Jun

How to celebrate World Father’s Day?

Here is a list of things you can do for Father’s Day celebrations.

1. Cook together

Not to be sexist but neither of you may have ever seen the inside of the kitchen. So, why not explore this forbidden place where food comes from? Cook something new & tasty, here is a list of the best electric vegetable choppers to make it easier for you.

2. Long drives

This day gives you an awesome opportunity to spend some quality time with your father, so don’t mess it up. Go out for a long drive with your whole family and strengthen your bond by jamming on some music.

3. Go on a father-daughter/son trek

Today we spend so much time inside we have forgotten how beautiful nature is. Take a break from the hectic routine and go out for a trek in the mountains. Just you and your dad, you guys can do so many things together this way. Also, he will always remember this day.

4. Take him on a trip

You know the place, your dad always wanted to visit but never did. Why not go there together, possibly with the whole family? The best thing about trips is that good times begin the moment you set out for one the journey, the destination, and the stay.

5. Build something

Guys like building things, all the men in this world can back this up. If you can’t go out for whatever reason, then build something together, this is one of the best Father’s Day ideas. You can build: A shoe rack, patio chairs or plant a tree the options are limitless.

6. Clean his car

If your dad is anything like a typical Indian dad, we all know their car or bike is their prized possession. So, clean it together and make it new & shiny again.

7. Father’s Day homemade cards

Bring out the inner child in your dad with some arts and crafts, instead of coming up with a card by yourself. Make the process of creating it fun, by doing it with your daddy dearest. This way he will have something that you created together, you can be sure he will hold on to it forever.

8. Take up yoga classes

It might be a stereotype that all dads are fatty, but oftentimes it’s true. Help your Papi get into shape again, he will definitely appreciate it.

9. Learn to ride a bike

You have to accept that, it’s high time you learned how to ride a bike. Ask your dad to teach you this skill and while you are at it bond over the little moments life presents you with.

10. Pour a glass of whisky

In our culture drinking is considered to be taboo, let alone drinking whiskey with your dad. But with daddy cool it’s a-okay, also getting drunk together has a different level of bonding experience that nothing else can provide.

11. Buy him a gift

Sometimes the best things are simple, a simple yet meaningful gift can go a long way. Make sure he can see it every day, so it can remind him of you.

12. Father’s Day photo frame

Another great Father’s Day idea is to create photo frames and albums. After all, photos carry a lot of memories, and they are long-lasting.

13. Breakfast in bed

Believe it or not even dad’s like being pampered and spoiled sometimes. So, do exactly that, cook a tasty meal and serve it on the bed in the morning.

14. Spa Day on Father’s Day

A spa day doesn’t have to be limited to just one day, but this day makes it even more special. So sign him up for the best spa in town.

15. Preserve time with a time capsule

Gather random stuff from around the house like a photograph, a watch, glasses or whatever you like, and pack it into a box. Now bury it in the ground to be discovered after 10 to 15 years, by then you might have kids of your own.

16. Take a tour of Mars

Head on over to NASA’s website and take a virtual tour of the rocky planet Mars. So grab a pair of Oculus Rift and get lost on this planet.

17. Video call all your loved ones

Spread love and joy by calling all your loved ones, reconnect and chillax with your dad. Also if at all possible keep it a secret and surprise your dad.

18. Play video games

Our dads were also kids once, they must have loved playing video games. So, buying & playing some old video games may bring back the feeling of nostalgia.

19. Junk food fiasco

There is no better feeling in this world than stuffing yourself with junk food. So, put on a TV series and sink on the couch with a whole lot of junk food.

20. Spend some quality time with him

The bottom line is before you rush into Father’s Day celebrations make sure it’s meaningful and memorable. Also, check out the best offers on Father’s Day Gifts in case you want to buy him one. And to help you find the perfect gift, here is a list of the best Father’s Day gift ideas. Finally, the hope is this blog serves its purpose of giving you the best Father’s Day ideas and making the day special for both you and your daddy.

Happy Father’s Day!!

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