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Funny dialogues by teachers that are guaranteed to make you LOL

School has always been fun mainly because of the set of friends we used to have, but then the teachers were always hell bent on making things tough. However, this is also true that we cannot ever forget that these teachers have been the stepping stone to our success. Yes, they make life tough for the students, but in most of the cases, it has only helped students attain success. So, let’s celebrate this special day in a different way, a Happy Teachers Day to all the teachers out there. There are some common and funny dialogues that teachers used to repeat time and again, at least that has been the case with the most of us.

What have been those funny dialogues? Remember anybody?

  1. Is this a fish market?fish market teachers day
    I think this has been the most funny dialogue by teachers till date and one that without fail used to result in giggles, drawing an even sterner look from the teacher.
  2. Whoever is talking, go out of this class and talk!giphy (8)
    Oh yes, time to chat more….is it not what every other student used to think, barring the studious few (chuckle).
  3. You haven’t done your homework? Go out of the class and stand.source
    Oh, it’s fun time. Send out more of mah friends. Actually, none of them have done the homework! Well, don’t you think teachers have always wanted us to stay away from class!!!
  4. Why are you laughing? You there….yes you. Stand up! Let the whole class know and let us also laugh.giphy (8a)
    It is better to keep this a secret. You would not like to know why we have been laughing or giggling for that matter (lmfao in mind).
  5. Do you think teachers are fools?teachers are fools is that what you think
    Oh God, we simply can’t answer that question.
  6. Why do you need to go to the bathroom always?why dialogues by teachers

    Isn’t the answer to this very simple. Because I wanna pee! Yes, it is that simple.

  7. Why are you looking at that dog, when I am standing here?teacher scolding

    Dw-aa–ggg! Are you seriously comparing yourself to a dog (lmfao).

  8. So students, I have a surprise for you. It is a surprise test!giphy (8b)
    Why why why…why do you do this to us teacher…..How many of us used to dread these sessions.

Well, we simply thought of taking things on a lighter note. So, no offense, please. We all love our teachers, respect them and thank them for what we are today.

giphy (9)

But, we definitely cannot overlook these funny dialogues and situations that almost all have been a part of in the past. Don’t you agree? I cannot agree more. Do let us know if you remember such funny dialogues by teachers from your educational institution.

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