6 Golden Rules for Smart Online Shopping

by Vinodkumar Sankranthi

Let me tell you shopping is a dangerous leisure pursuit, if not played safely. We all love to shop, but how many us really do smart shopping?

It’s not a secret anymore that shopping online is always cost-effective than visiting physical stores. You can now make the World Wide Web as your bargain basement and save a lot of money by just following our tips.

Top 6 Golden Rules for Smart Online Shopping

Have control on your Rupee sense

It’s not necessary to repeat this Grandma’s saying that buy only what you can afford to. But when you browse through any online retail store, you’re bombarded with choices and offers, which only provoke you to take out your credit card from your wallet in no time.

It’s quite easy to spoil your budget, especially when you’re in a bidding war.

We suggest you whenever you plan to bid on a particular item, just write an amount you can afford to and stick it beside your laptop and try not exceeding that figure. Let’s say, you have made a budget of 2000 bucks to buy a dress, so browse accordingly as per your budget. Even if you come
across any attractive anarakali suit exceeding your set-up amount then just try ignoring it and instead browse any other store where you can come across a similar piece within your budget.

We also warn you to be careful with those bidding frenzy last minute auction which can further provoke you to spend more than you had planned.

Stay away from e-tail target

Always check for the authenticity. Make sure to shop at a reputed store and avoid sites which do not have a secured payment gateway. Look for a padlock logo on the check-out page which will assure you of their secured system.

Most of the retail stores display a feedback rating. Always do business with those who have the highest rating and do not forget to check the number of transactions the customers have completed. The higher the number (in hundreds and thousands) the more trustworthy the store can be.

Leave yourself an alternative

Whenever you pick a store make sure to check out their return policy. There are some shopping portals which offer 100% refund within 30 days of the purchase and some sites have specific conditions enabled with this policy. So, if you’re not clear about your retailer’s return policy then do call them at their 1800 number before you make the purchasing.

#4 Know your Label

Sizes often vary from one brand to the other. So always make sure to know your brand when shopping online especially dresses, footwear and jeans. And if you’re splurging on a new brand then do your homework to ascertain the appropriate size. It will always save you from the return fuss.

Know what it’s worth

It’s again a time-tested thumb rule – whenever you’re shopping online do not forget to compare the prices. You’ll come across numerous market places where you can often see a similar item being sold by different stores. Just check for the prices each site offers.

If you’re shopping on any classified site then don’t blindly settle for the listed price. There’s an old saying – Anyone, who has ever set foot in a swap meet understands clearly that negotiation is part of the process.

Do your homework and have a sense of both popularity and price of your desired item and then make a sensible counteroffer.

And when you are dealing with high-end products then we urge you to verify the product’s authenticity.

In 2004, Tiffany & Co. sued eBay claiming that nearly three-quarters of the 186 products were fake. In response, eBay didn’t refuse Tiffany’s claims, moreover it argued that only because they never claimed possession of any goods sold on its site, it isn’t responsible for authenticating them.

If you’re confused about a telltale mark on any item then it’s better to head to dig online to get actual information.

Last but not the least…

Whenever you shop online make sure to use discount coupons. It is one of the most sensible ways to save money, actually lots of money!

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