Interesting Facts That Make Baahubali The Conclusion A Must Watch

by Vinodkumar Sankranthi
baahubali the conclusion

Any theories or answers to why Kattappa killed Bahubali? Well, whatever theories you have or for those who doesn’t have a clue about it, all your questions will be answered soon. Baahubali The Conclusion is all set to release internationally on April 28, 2017. The first movie Baahubali was a watershed; no doubt people have been waiting for the second part desperately. The director S S Rajamouli has raised the bar on every aspect and level of the movie, be it acting, the business it did post release or the pre-production process. He is no less than the hero, Prabhas. While the first one itself had surpassed all expectations and had swept all of their feet, the second one is likely to surpass its predecessor. It has come to be more than just another film in the long list of epic movies; it is a brand altogether where the whole cast and crew have been highly involved in the making of the film, be it the actors, the director or the producer and others.

The Story of Baahubali The Conclusion

Baahubali 2 The Conclusion is the most awaited film of the year 2017. Everybody is waiting for the answer to Why did Kattappa kill Baahubali. And besides this, the movie has to reveal a lot more, such as the who got to know about the army secrets of the Mahishmati kingdom and much more. So, if you can’t wait to watch the movie, here are few more unknown facts, which are reason enough why Baahubali 2 is a must watch film.

baahubali the conclusion

Interesting and unknown facts about Baahubali The Conclusion

  1. Sabu Cyril, the National Award winning art director has worked on putting together the set, which is bigger than the first one. A large team of around 300 to 500 workers from moulders to carpenters, painters and welders have worked on creating the set. This time, the Mahishmati kingdom will be shown in a more grand way as compared to Baahubali first part. What is more interesting about the set is that besides the structure, the weaponry and animals that have been used in the film are not real. While the animals have been created mechanically, the elaborate weaponry has been created using carbon fibre. Amazing right?baahubali the conclusion mahal
  2. Prabhas dedicated his 4 years to this film and this film only! Listening anybody….yes it is being reported that the lead actor did not take up any other films for 4 years. He wanted to concentrate on the second part, although it has been a huge risk taken by him. But, it seems that all the risk him and others took and the hard work that everybody put in is paying off in the end.baahubali 2 Prabhas
  3. Prabhas gave his both mind and body to the film. It is not only the 4 years that he dedicated to the movie, but also his physique. He gained 30 kgs, to look his part in Baahubali The Conclusion. He had also hired dieticians and trainers for the same and got gym equipments costing Rs. 1.5 crore shipped at his place. This personal gym was created specially by the makers for his intensive training sessions. So, how much did he weigh? It is 150 kg! And yes, he is playing 3 different characters in the movie; one of Maharaja Vikramadeva, Amarendra Bahubali and Mahendra Bahubali. Even Rana worked on his physique to gain weight so that he looked perfect for the role.bahubali 2 prabhas
  4. Everybody is expecting an overwhelming response out of it. While the television rights for the movie has already been sold at a whopping number of 51 crores to Sony TV, BookMyShow is experiencing the highest ever advance opening for it. It is also close to setting another record where the number of advance opening is going to cross that of Dangal, which holds the title till now.
  5. Virtual Reality is the norm of the day when it comes to movies. The Bahubali franchise is entering into the world of virtual reality with their soon to be released second installment of the the epic fantasy, Bahubali: The Conclusion. The first one had awed everybody with the visual effects and now the Virtual Reality effect is all set to sweep people off their feet. It is being reported that virtual reality booths are getting installed in around 200 theatres. Oh, I just can’t wait to experience this!
  6. Rumors are rife that a third installment of the film is on cards. Here is what S.S. Rajamouli said about it on Twitter – “Looks Like I created more confusion instead of giving clarity..apologies.. Baahubali-3 is on cards… But the story that’s written for the Two parts will not be dragged for the sake of it. This story will conclude with the second part itself. Baahubali-3 will be done in a way that audience have never experienced films before. Hope that clarifies.” We all will be waiting for it, right?

So, what are you waiting for? Book Baahubali The Conclusion tickets today so that you do not miss out on the chance of watching this epic fantasy in all its glory. Happy movie watching!!! In the meantime, if you are in Ahmedabad (Rajwadu), go to this restaurant that is serving Baahubali themed feat.

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