Is Road Safety in India Compromised?

by Vinodkumar Sankranthi
Road Safety

With the increase in the number of road accidents in India, there is a rising concern that do the people of the country realize the importance of following road safety guidelines? According to the stats, India has the highest number of road accidents with at least 1200+ road crashes being witnessed every day and almost 15-20% of total road crash deaths are recorded under two-wheelers category.

Road Safety

These stats are undeniable because of the specific risk-taking attitude that every motorists and two-wheeler riders have. It is not that the people do not understand the road safety rules or are not well-versed with the guidelines provided by the government. It is the laid-back behaviour we have because we know we are too smart to get caught or we can always bribe the traffic police. We see people jumping the signal everyday, over-taking from the wrong side, not wearing helmets, the list is never-ending.

What is appalling is the fact that even after passing the “safety helmets compulsory” rule, we can still spot majority of the riders not wearing helmets. They have innumerable reasons to avoid helmet be it from “I lost my helmet” to “I’m carrying it but not wearing it”. The point remains is that this rule is for your own safety and no one gains anything out of this (wait, traffic police and the government do make money out of your challan). But is that helping in anyway?

The bottom line remains why we do not follow the rules that are for our safety and betterment. Wearing helmets while riding has been made necessary because in a road accident, it is the two-wheeler rider who is at more risk of getting killed or injured. It’s high-time we stop making excuses for not wearing helmets, even if the excuse is that the helmets are costly. A simple solution to costly helmets are online offers from where you can buy good helmets at dirt-cheap rates. Try Industrybuying coupons, which gives various deals and offers on helmets and other road safety items.

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