SRL Diagnostics Test Price List, Centres, & Contact Details – 2023

by Vinodkumar Sankranthi
SRL Diagnostics Tests, Centers & Prices

SRL Diagnostics is a chain of diagnostic laboratories with various labs across the globe. Their network of patent service centers can be found in 34 states and union territories, consisting of 400+ laboratories, 2500+ patent services, and 5000+ institutional touch points. Currently, this leading diagnostics center has top-notch labs in various countries, besides India like Dubai, Sri Lanka, Nepal, etc. Some of their services include various laboratory tests, including pathology, radiology tests, and more. The 418 networking laboratories include 4 centers of Excellence, 26 radiology/Imaging centers, 40 NABL Accredited, and 4 CAP-Accredited labs.

To help you understand more about the services in the offering, the prices, the centers, and more, here’s a list we compiled for you. Read further.

Tests at SRL Diagnostics

SRL Diagnostics provides diagnostic services in pathology and radiology. They offer more than 3500 tests in wellness, Occupational Health, Clinical Trials, Radiology, and Pathology. SRL Diagnostics’ consists of diagnostic centres, collection centres, and laboratories. Their user-friendly services allow patients to book tests with ease through their phones. They also help keep track of the patient’s medical record and locate nearby diagnostic centres for a quick checkup.

Their tests are reasonably priced and the results are accurate. Simply book a test and schedule it for a time that’s comfortable for you at a centre closest to your location—it’s that easy!

SRL Test Centers & Pricing

SRL Diagnostics has various branches spread out across the country. Good management, accurate results, and professionalism are some of the few reasons why SRL Diagnostics is so popular. Their branches cover all the major cities of India, like Secunderabad, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Mumbai. It also has branches in New Delhi, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, Chennai, Pune, Bangalore, Thane, Haryana, Punjab, and more!

No matter which city you live in, you will always find an SRL Diagnostics Center nearby!

The tests conducted by SRL Diagnostics help detect underlying problems & give clarity on a person’s wellness levels. It is advisable to get yourself checked frequently. This helps reveal an issue during the initial stages, which makes treatment much simpler.
The SRL Centers and Laboratories are well-maintained and kept tidy. Their impressive infrastructure rivals even International Diagnostic Centers for utility & efficiency. Their premises are neat and without a speck of dust. Every safety protocol is followed to ensure the Center remains COVID-free. People can visit at any time without worrying for their well-being.

SRL Diagnostics Pricing

We have compiled a list of all available tests at SRL Diagnostics where you can get yourself treated at the best possible price.


Diagnostic Tests Amount
Anti-Islet Cell Antibodies ₹ 4,100
Anti Islet Cell Antibody ₹ 2,900
Anti GBM Antibody ₹ 1,950
Alanine Aminotransferase, Serum ₹ 180
Aspartate Aminotransferase, Serum ₹ 180
ABO Group & RH Type, EDTA Whole Blood ₹ 130
Anti-CCP Antibodies, Serum ₹ 2,150
Anti – Tpo Antibodies ₹ 1,750
AFB Bactec Culture ₹ 1,350
Anti-Nuclear Ab-IFA, HEP2, Serum ₹ 1,300
Acid Fast Bacilli Smear ₹ 210
Act Partial Thrombo Plastin Time (aPTT) ₹ 330


Diagnostic Tests Amount
Bactec Blood Culture (Aerobic & Aerobic) 2400
Bilirubin Total 200
Bilirubin, Total, Serum 160
B12 Plus 1900
BCR/ABL – Quantitative (Philadelphia Chromosome) 6900
Breast Evaluation Panel 3650
BCR/ABL Kinase Domain Mutation Analysis 10200
BK Virus DNA Quantitative 7600
Bence-Jones Protein 800
Blood Lympho Culture 3600
Bordetella Pertussis IgG (Serum,EIA) 3650
B-Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia MRD 10500
B-Carotene,Serum 5000
B2-Microglobulin, Urine 2100


Diagnostic Tests Amount
Creatinine, Serum ₹ 190
Coronary Risk Profile (Lipid Profile) ₹ 400
C-Reactive Protein, Serum (Quantitative) ₹ 525
Calcium, Serum ₹ 190
Culture, Urine With Susceptibility ₹ 450
Cortisol, Serum ₹ 750
Creatine Kinase (CPK), Serum ₹ 320
Creatine Kinase – MB, Serum ₹ 435
Creatinine EGFR ₹ 220
CBC-5, EDTA Whole Blood ₹ 250
Cholesterol, Serum ₹ 240
Carcino Embryonic Antigen, Serum ₹ 970
Copper, 24 Hrs Urine ₹ 2,250
Coombs Test, Direct, Blood ₹ 360
CA 19-9, Serum ₹ 1,600


Diagnostic Tests Amount
Dengue NS1 Antigen Test ₹ 2,000
Dengue Duo Rapid Screening Test, Serum ₹ 1,800
Diabeta Screen ₹ 550
Dehydroepiandrosterone-S, Serum ₹ 1,200
Double Marker Test, Serum ₹ 2,650
Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) ₹ 3,300
Dengue Virus IgG, Serum ₹ 1,700
Dengue Virus IgM, Serum ₹ 1,100
Diabeta Profile ₹ 1,050
Diptheria IgG Abs,Serum ₹ 4,500
Direct LDL Cholesterol, Serum ₹ 330
Drug of Abuse- 5 Drugs ₹ 2,400
Duchenne / Becker Muscular Dystrophy ₹ 6,800
D3 Hydroxybutyrate (Ketone Body), Serum ₹ 3,200
DBS 17 OHP > 1 Month ₹ 530


Diagnostic Tests Amount
Electrolytes (Na/K/Cl), Serum ₹ 450
Estradiol, Serum ₹ 775
Erythro Sedimentation Rate, Blood ₹ 130
Everolimus, EDTA/Heparin Whole Blood ₹ 8,000
Echinococcus IgG, Serum ₹ 2,100
Erythropoietin, Serum ₹ 2,350
E.Histolytica Antigen Detection ₹ 2,700
EBV Viral Load Real Time PCR ₹ 7,300
EFTS Aneuploidy And Pre-Eclampsia ₹ 3,500
EFTS Aneuploidy Only ₹ 3,500
EGFR (FISH) ₹ 7,300
EGFR Mutation Detection ₹ 8,000
ER, PGR, C ERB B2 & KI-67 ₹ 4,100
ER/PGR,IHC (Estrogen Receptor) ₹ 2,900
ER/PR & C ERB B2/HER 2 NEU ₹ 3,100


Diagnostic Tests Amount
Ferritin, Serum ₹ 950
Folic Acid, Serum ₹ 1,300
Fever Panel ₹ 550
Fatty Liver Index ₹ 550
Free Thyroxine (FT4), Serum ₹ 450
Follicle Stimulating Hormone, Serum ₹ 625
Free Triodothyronine (FT3), Serum ₹ 460
Flow Crossmatch ₹ 8,100
FSH & LH Evaluation, Serum ₹ 1,100
Free Testosterone, Serum ₹ 2,000
Fecal Calprotectin, Stool ₹ 3,000
Flexi Allergy Panel (Any 10 Allergens) ₹ 6,200
FIP1L1-PDGFRA Gene Rearrangement ₹ 6,700
FISH In Sex-Mismatched BMT ₹ 4,500
FISH for 17p (TP53) Abnormalities ₹ 3,000


Diagnostic Tests Amount
Glycosylated Hemoglobin ₹ 450
Glucose Random, Plasma ₹ 80
Glucose Challenge Test ₹ 100
G-6-P-D Activity, EDTA Whole Blood ₹ 300
Growth Hormone, Serum ₹ 900
G-6-PD, Quantitative, Blood ₹ 1,300
G6PD Gene Mutations ₹ 4,200
G6PD Qualitative Reflex Quantitative ₹ 1,550
GATA 3 ₹ 2,100
GATA-3 ₹ 2,700
GCV Resistance By Sequencing ₹ 6,400
GIST PDGFRa Gene Mutations ₹ 10,000
Galactomannan, Serum ₹ 5,500
Galactosemia Gene Mutations ₹ 9,000


Diagnostic Tests Amount
Hemogram ₹ 300
HIV 4Th Gen Assay (P24AG + HIV AB) ₹ 650
Hepatitis C Antibodies, Serum ₹ 1,500
HCG, Serum ₹ 825
Hemoglobin By Cyanmethemoglobin ₹ 80
HCV Abs, Serum ₹ 600
Hepatitis B Surface Antigen, Serum ₹ 450
HIV Antibodies, Serum ₹ 500
HLA B27 By PCR ₹ 3,850
High Sensitive C-Reactive Protein ₹ 900
Hepatitis A IgM, Serum ₹ 1,400
Hepatitis E IgM, Serum ₹ 1,800
Httg Antibody ₹ 2,500
HoloTC (HoloTranscobalamine) ₹ 1,800
HLA A, B, DR Loci Duo (Patient + Donor) ₹ 35,000


Diagnostic Tests Amount
Insulin, Fasting Serum ₹ 1,000
Iron, Serum ₹ 400
Insulin, Serum (Post-Prandial) ₹ 1,000
Indirect Coombs Test, Serum ₹ 360
Interleukin 6, Serum ₹ 3,300
Intact PTH ₹ 2,100
IGH/CCND1 Mantle Cell Lymphoma ₹ 4,500


Diagnostic Tests Amount
Kidney Panel – I ₹ 700
Kidney Panel II ₹ 1,050


Diagnostic Tests Amount
Liver Function Profile ₹ 700
Liver & Kidney Profile ₹ 1,500
LH, FSH, Prolactin, Serum ₹ 1,600
Lactate Dehydrogenase, Serum ₹ 320
Liver Function Test (Without GGT) ₹ 650
Luteinizing Hormone, Serum ₹ 625
Lipase, Serum ₹ 750
Lupus Anticoagulant ₹ 2,300
Leptospira IgM, Serum ₹ 1,500
LAP Score ₹ 1,500
Leptospira IgG, Serum ₹ 1,500
Lipoprotein (A), Serum ₹ 1,300


Diagnostic Tests Amount
Malarial Parasite (M.P), ₹ 150
Malaria Antigen Detection, Whole Blood ₹ 590
Microalbuminuria, Urine ₹ 450
Magnesium, Serum ₹ 360
Metanephrines ₹ 2,600
Myoglobin, Urine (Urine Spot,ECLIA) ₹ 1,800
Mycoreal ₹ 2,150
Microfilaria Detection, Blood ₹ 270
Multiple Myeloma Panel ₹ 14,000
Myositis Profile Serum ₹ 7,000


Diagnostic Tests Amount
Prothrombin Time, Plasma ₹ 250
Prostate Specific Antigen, Serum ₹ 1,000
Prolactin, Serum ₹ 600
Progesterone, Serum ₹ 775
Panfungal Detection Panel ₹ 1,350
Phosphorus, Serum ₹ 230
Potassium, Serum ₹ 230
Preoperative Panel ₹ 1,150
Protein Electrophoresis ₹ 900
Parvovirus B19 IgG ₹ 3,150
Parvovirus B19 Igm ₹ 3,100
PSA Free & Total, Serum ₹ 1,850
PIVKA Total ₹ 4,000
Parvovirus B19 Dna PCR ₹ 2,900
Peripheral Smear Exam, EDTA Whole Blood ₹ 150
Phenobarbitol ₹ 1,050
Procalcitonin ₹ 5,500


Diagnostic Tests Amount
Rheumatoid Factor Quantitative, Serum ₹ 900
Rapid Typhi IgM ₹ 480
Rheumatoid Factor, Serum ₹ 450
Reticulocyte Count, EDTA Whole Blood ₹ 250
Rubella IgG Antibodies, Serum ₹ 900
RAAS Screening ₹ 5,700
Rota Virus Antigen Detection ₹ 1,550
Rubella IgG & IgM, Serum ₹ 1,500
Rubella IgG Avidity, Serum ₹ 1,650


Diagnostic Tests Amount
Sugar Test,Glucose, Fasting, Plasma ₹ 80
Sugar PP ₹ 80
Stool: Ova & Parasite ₹ 150
Serum Blood Urea Nitrogen ₹ 180
Stachybotrys atra ₹ 1,800
Saccharopolyspora rectivirgula ₹ 1,800
Sodium, Serum ₹ 230
Single Antigen Bead Class II ₹ 20,000
Single Antigen Bead Class I (ABC LOCI) ₹ 23,000
Stool For Occult Blood ₹ 150
Sickling Test, Blood ₹ 230
Soluble Transferrin Receptor (STFR) ₹ 1,700
Scrub Typhus IgM, Serum ₹ 1,050


Diagnostic Tests Amount
Thyroid Panel, Serum ₹ 550
Total Iron Binding CApacity, Serum ₹ 400
Total IgE, Serum ₹ 1,150
Testosterone, Total, Serum ₹ 800
Thyroid Antibodies, Serum ₹ 2,750
Thyroid Panel II, Serum ₹ 1,000
Tissue Transglutaminase IgA, Serum ₹ 1,600
Thermoactinomyces vulgaris ₹ 1,800
Total Iron Binding Capacity, Serum ₹ 400
Total Protein, Serum ₹ 180
Triglycerides, Serum ₹ 220
TSH 3G Ultra ₹ 330
Total Bile Acids ₹ 2,100
Testosterone,Free/Total, Serum ₹ 2,500
Total T4, Serum ₹ 280
Tetanus IgG Antibodies ₹ 6,850
Torch IgG & IgM Evaluation, Serum ₹ 2,900
Total T3, Serum ₹ 280
Transferrin, Serum ₹ 1,350


Diagnostic Tests Amount
Urinalysis, Urine R/M, Routine, ₹ 120
Uric Acid, Serum ₹ 190
Urinary Oxalate ₹ 2,050


Diagnostic Tests Amount
Vitamin B12 Level, Serum ₹ 1,300
VDRL, Serum ₹ 250
Vitamin D, 25 – Hydroxyvitamin D, Serum ₹ 1,675
Vitamin D & B12, Vitamin Plus ₹ 1,975
Vanilmandelic Acid, 24Hr Urine ₹ 4,300
Varicella Zoster IgG, Serum ₹ 1,900
Vitamin B2, Serum/ EDTA Plasma ₹ 3,500
Vitamin D Plus ₹ 2,000


Diagnostic Tests Amount
Widal Test, Serum ₹ 260
Weil-Felix Test, Serum ₹ 1,050

How to book an appointment at SRL Diagnostics?

Here are a few steps to follow to book an appointment with SRL Diagnostics for the choice of your test.

  • Visit the official website, and find the search bar which has an option to select the city of your choice, and then the test/package.
  • For example, if you are from Mumbai, enter Mumbai, and the type of test/package like Full Body Check Up.
  • On entering these details, you will be redirected to a new page with options that match your searches.
  • You can now select the package of choice and then add it to your cart.
  • Now, look for the Login or Register option at the right-hand top corner of the website, and sign-up using your mobile number, or Gmail.
  • All the information regarding your test/package will be saved in the ‘My Profile’ section, after which, you will have to fill in the Registration Form, with details like your Address, Gender, Date of Birth, etc.
  • Post filling the details, click on Next, and then ‘Confirm’. You will get an OPT on your registered mobile number, after which, your account will be registered.

SRL Diagnostics Labs Near You

SRL Diagnostics provides a wide range of diagnostic tests and services that are designed to help you find the cause of your health problems. From blood testing to urine analysis, they have everything you need to get started on solving your health problems. Besides, their staff is knowledgeable and helpful in making sure that you understand all the information that you receive.

In order to find the nearest diagnostic center near your place for medical assistance, or checkups, visit the website, find the ‘Nearest Lab’ section on the home page, and select your state, and city. Once these details are entered, the site will display all necessary information about the nearest SRL Diagnostics labs with details like location, time, reviews, and more. You can then click on the select center nearest to your house, and book an appointment by entering your contact details. It’s that simple!

Club SRL

  • Be a part of SRL’s Customer Health Rewards, a loyalty program that offers benefits, and discounts on a range of health tests, packages, medicines, and more.
  • You can join this program free of cost.
  • For example, if you need a cholesterol screening, you can take advantage of Club SRL’s program and earn rewards on every transaction you make.
  • You can also earn rewards by participating in surveys, on enrolment, completing your profiles, and more.
  • You can also get benefits such as 24/7 customer support and online account management.
  • Your membership will include access to special labs and clinics that are only available to members in select cities.
  • This initiative will not only cater to assisting you in regard to your health condition but also provides healthcare facilities to your entire family.

Club SRL Rewards

Activity Club SRL Silver Club SRL Gold Validity
First transaction 100 points 100 points 6 months
Transaction 5% 10% 12 months
Booking through Web/App 100 points 100 points 6 months
Profile completion 100 points 100 points 6 months
Fourth visit 100 points 100 points 6 months

SRL Diagnostics Review

SRL Diagnostics is a leading provider of diagnostic solutions that improve the accuracy, efficiency, and reliability of patient care. With its focus on innovative technologies, SRL offers a wide range of services that are known to be the best, and affordable as well. What makes SRL stand out from the rest is its range of packages that are decently priced and the accuracy of the tests. They are 100% genuine. They offer the best plan for full body checkups, and also provide preventive health checkups, which can be taken at your convenience. The results will help to identify any potential issues early on. This way, you can take corrective action before they become serious problems.

Furthermore, hygiene is a top priority when it comes to SRL Diagnostics’ operations. The entire process is conducted in a hygienic environment that ensures complete safety for both customers and employees. In addition to providing comprehensive health information, this service can also help identify skin concerns or other ailments that may require treatment and professional assistance.

SRL Diagnostics Offers and Coupons

If you are on the search for the latest coupons to save more on your checkups, and other services offered by SRL Diagnostics, GrabOn is the right place. You can use our latest and verified coupons, and promo codes from SRL Diagnostics to save more on your medical bills, packages, and also flat discounts on app-only bookings.


How do I enroll in SRL’s loyalty program?

You can become a member of SRL Diagnostics’ loyalty program on your first successful transaction. You will get an enrollment message within 48 hours of the transaction. Or, visit the website, and fill out the enrollment form to request the Club SRL membership.

Does SRL Diagnostics offer home services?

Yes. For home collection services, you can reach out to customer care at 91115 91115, or simply give a missed call at 8080444255.

How much does a Preventive Care Package cost?

You can book the preventive care package (Complete Care Basic Package) at just Rs 999 at SRL Diagnostics.

Does SRL Diagnostics provide 24×7 emergency services?

Yes. SRL Diagnostics is dedicated to providing top-notch round-the-clock emergency services to patients who need immediate medical assistance. If you ever experience a problem that requires immediate attention, you can call them at 91115 91115.

How can I get access to my reports at SRL Diagnostics?

Sign-up/Login, and visit ‘My Account’ > ‘My Report’ to view and download all your reports by date, Accession No, etc.

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