Best Vitamin A Tablets In India For Eyes, Hair and Immunity

by Aamer
Best Vitamin A Tablets

Staring at screens for hours straight due to work or binge-watching OTT shows will eventually take a toll on our eyesight. If we don’t take the right precautions now, we might blame our younger selves. You can use screen-friendly glasses but you can’t always rely on them. Maybe you forget it one day, or maybe you wear it so much that your eyes might start to hurt. You need to change things from within.

Vitamin A is pretty important for eyesight. If you take enough Vitamin A, you might find yourself in a better place. So if you are starting to see any symptoms of lower vision or compromised health, visit your doctor. And if you are diagnosed with a deficiency of Vitamin A, here are 12 great Vitamin A supplements that you could consume. 

Vitamin A Tablets

1. Vitamin A Chewable Tablet

Vitamin A Chewable Tablet

This is a great source of Vitamin A and, as it is Chewable, you can have it while also enjoying how it tastes. It is not like the bitter tablets that we usually run away from. These tablets can be used in case of a Vitamin A deficiency as directed by your physician. Maintain consistency with the doses in order to get the uncompromised benefits.

These are merely a supplement and may work great if you also have a balanced diet with vitamin A rich foods and other supplements if your doctor advises you to.

The usage can be hampered by some other medications that you are on. So make sure to let your doctor know about the existing medicines you use for the best results with the chewable tablets.

Manufacturer: Abbott
Unit Size: 25 X 10 tablets
Price And Where To Buy: 
1mg – Rs 6.27
PharmEasy – Rs 6.66
Practo – Rs 6.27

2. Vitawin Vitamin A Capsules 60’s

Vitawin Vitamin A Capsules 60s

The Vitamin A capsules by Vitawin are great for adults, teenagers, or senior citizens looking to get vitamin A supplements. It is recommended to complete the course for the best results. These capsules do not contain any artificial sugar, preservatives or flavour.

Vitawin: Vitawin is a proven brand in Ayurveda, pharma nutraceuticals and dietary supplements which was formed in 2003. The brand claims to be 100% herbal, all-natural, and lab tested.

Unit size: 60 capsule / bottle
Ingredients: Vitawin A
Price: ₹449.00
Where To Buy: Amazon

3. Vitamin A 25000 IU Capsules

Vitamin A 25000 IU CapsulesVitamin A is an essential nutrient for strengthening hair and also for better skin. You must consider the nutrient in order to achieve these results as they strengthen your hair and skin from the inside of your body, giving results that are more trustworthy and durable.

Unit size: 30 capsule / box
Ingredients: Vitamin A 25000 IU
Price: INR 225 / 30 capsules
Where To Buy: Gleinmed

4. Aquasol A Capsule

Aquasol A CapsuleAquasol A Capsule can help you with the treatment of vitamin A deficiency. It is good for the eyes and skin. You can take the dosage as prescribed by your physician to get the best advantage. Below are the ingredients and other details of the capsules.

Manufacturer: USV LTD
Unit size: 30 capsules  bottle
Ingredients: Vitamin A (25000 IU)
Price And Where To Buy: 
1mg – Rs 21.6
PharmaEasy – Rs 22.95
You can save when you buy from PharmEasy by using PharmEasy coupons.

5. HealthyHey Nutrition Natural Vitamin A 2400mcg Vegetable Capsule

HealthyHey Nutrition Natural Vitamin A 2400mcg Vegetable CapsuleThe Vitamin A supplement is derived from Beta Carotene. You will get good vision and a healthy immune system with Vitamin A in your body. In case of a deficiency of the nutrient, feel free to get the supplement from Healthy Hey as it will instantly help you make up for it. Enough vitamin A in your body will also promote proper cell growth by acting as a high protein antioxidant. The supplement from HealthyHey is naturally made, (not synthetic preparation) and is highly bioavailable.

Key Ingredients:

  • Vitamin K2 MK 7
  • Vegan D3

Price: ₹879
Where To Buy: 1mg
Amazon – Rs 799

If you are looking for discounts on 1mg, they can be found here. Use these coupons to save on the vitamin A supplements.

6. iFeelFIT Natural Vitamin A

iFeelFIT Natural Vitamin A

The iFeelFIT Natural Vitamin A capsule provides the goodness of vitamin A to help your body fight against the deficiency of the nutrient. Get the capsules to get healthy eyes, better skin and mucous membranes too. As you may know, vitamin A repairs eye tissues, it is perfect for you to consume when you need to better your vision. Consuming vitamin A can help you fight the effects of ageing on your vision and can help you maintain it. It also acts as an immunity support vitamin that reduces the risk of acne and improves your overall skin texture by boosting your immune system.

Unit size: 120 capsules / bottle
Key Ingredients: Natural provitamin A
Price: ₹640
Where To Buy: 1mg

7. Xovak Pharma Vitamin A 25000IU Veg Capsule

Xovak Pharma Vitamin A 25000IU Veg Capsule

The Xovak Pharma Vitamin A Capsules are vegetarian and help with the proper development and functioning of the eyesight, skin and immune system. It should be consumed when you are facing symptoms due to a severe deficiency of vitamin A in the diet. As Vitamin A is required for the proper functioning of many parts of our bodies, a deficiency should be immediately addressed.

Other benefits of the Xovak Vitamin A capsules include relieving the symptoms of premenstrual tension and preventing infections (of the airways). It is also popularly known as retinol.

Unit size: 60 capsules / bottle
Key Ingredients:

  • Anacyclus pyrethrum
  • Mesua ferrea
  • Pterocarpus marsupium
  • Clitoria

Price: Rs 564
Where To Buy: 1mg

8. Healthvit Vitamin A Dry 10000 IU

Healthvit Vitamin A Dry 10000 IU

This one from Healthvit is one of the most fast selling vitamin capsules. It provides antioxidant activity and improves your immunity. Other benefits include

  • Benefits the skin (adds glow)
  • Better eye health, and more.

Unit Size: 60 Capsules. bottle
Ingredients: VITAMIN A (AS ACETATE) 10000 IU
Price And Where To Buy: 
1mg – ₹427

9. Country Life, Dry Vitamin A 10,000 I.U, Tablets

Country Life Dry Vitamin A Tablets

The Country Life Vitamin A 10 tablets are water-dispersible tablets. They are good for bones and immune health. These tablets are certified to be gluten-free, vegan, halal, and Kosher-Parve. The tablets are free from preservatives, GMOs, artificial colours and sweeteners. It helps with ocular health too.

Unit Size: 100 tablets / bottle
Ingredients: Dry Vitamin A 10000 IU, + (Cellulose, stearic acid, cellulose & glycerin coating, silica, magnesium stearate, vegetable glaze.)
Price And Where To Buy: 
Amazon.In – Rs 3796
Luck Vitamin – ₹ 713.45

10. Source Naturals Vitamin A Palmitate 10,000IU

Source Naturals Vitamin A Palmitate

The supplements from Source Naturals will help you with Vitamin A deficiency that causes loss of eyesight, impaired vision or inaccurate night vision. You can maintain better and healthier skin, and keep the mucous membranes moist and functioning always. Mucous membranes covers the surface of internal organs (Wiki).

The tablets are suitable for vegetarians. And are free from yeast, dairy, egg, gluten or wheat, sugar, salt, preservatives, artificial colour, flavour, and fragrance. You can consult your health care professional before using this (or any product mentioned in this list).

Unit size: 100 tablets
Ingredients: Vitamin A Palmitate 10,000IU + (Microcrystalline cellulose, stearic acid, modified cellulose gum, and colloidal silicon dioxide. Contains soy).
Where To Buy:
Amazon, Flipkart

11. Bronson Vitamins Labs: Vitamin A 10000 IU

Bronson Vitamins Labs Vitamin A

The vitamin tablets from Bronson are potent antioxidants. Antioxidants prevent the process of cell damage (Wiki) and thus are important for your body. Moreover, the supplements will help you maintain healthy eyesight and enhance your immune system.

This supplement is fat-soluble and thus could mix with your internals faster when you also consume fat foods along with taking the supplements. However, do note the prescribed ways to consume the tablets by your doctor. It’s especially more required by ageing men and women as with time, the amount of everyday Vitamin A intake requirement may increase too. The tablets are gel-like and thus are easy to swallow.

The Bronson vitamin A gels which are 100% natural can be what you need.

Unit size: 250 softgels / bottle
Ingredients: Vitamin A (as Retinyl Palmitate) (+soyabean oil, glycerin, gelatin)
Price: 3794
Where To Buy: Amazon

12. Powder: ProFoods Vitamin A Palmitate 250cws Powder

ProFoods Vitamin A Palmitate 250cws Powder

ProFoods Vitamin A Palmitate 250cws Powder consists of Vitamin A palmitate, which is a compound, derived from Palm oil. Consume these tablets to reduce infection risks as it enhances your growth and builds immunity in your body. Its antioxidant effect also protects cell membranes and benefits overall health.

Unit Size: 125 gms (powder)
Ingredients: Pure Vitamin A Palmitate
Price: ₹1482
Where To Buy: 1mg

Facts about Vitamin A

  1. Vitamin A helps the lungs, hearts, kidneys, and other organs work smoothly and is essential for normal vision, the immune system, and reproduction, says the internet.
  2. You can have a deficiency from an inadequate intake of foods that has it present naturally.
  3. The food which is a rich source of vitamins is cheese, eggs, milk, yoghurt, fish and more.
  4. A deficiency in Vitamin A can be treated by consuming Vitamin A supplements as directed by a doctor.

You can consume these if your doctor prescribed you to in the way he/she has directed you to. You would particularly like the chewable ones mostly because of their pleasant taste.

See everyone’s habits are different and so is their immunity and so on. Thus unhealthy habits can harm you without ringing the bell

But, Vitamin A is a nutrient that‘s so essential for normal growth, and thus you shouldn’t ignore such a deficiency. Get the Vitamin supplements you need and include them in your diet to gain an adequate amount of the nutrient.

As important as Vitamin A is, your overall well-being depends on more than just one nutrient. A balanced intake of various vitamins and minerals can help strengthen your immunity and boost your energy levels.

This is where multivitamins come in handy. They provide a range of essential nutrients in one convenient dose. On top of that, when it comes to fitness goals, MuscleBlaze is a brand you can consider. They offer a wide range of multivitamins that cater to different needs, preferences, and taste buds. Whether you prefer a fruity burst or a plain flavor, MuscleBlaze has got you covered. And here’s a secret, you can enjoy these healthy treats even more by using the MuscleBlaze coupon codes available at GrabOn.

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