Robi Thakur To Roshogulla: 39 Things Only Bongs Can Relate to!

by Vinodkumar Sankranthi

If you know someone who can talk nonstop about any topic, is lazy as hell, obsessed with books, and food, chances are you’re in the presence of a Bengali, popularly called BONGS. They love to travel, eat, listen to music, live for the drama, adda, and tea. Born rebels, these intellects want to change the world, one chingri at a time!

Since Durga Pujo is here, here are a couple of places you need to visit

Here’s the list of 39 things that every Bong can relate to:

  1. Every Bong household has the entire Rabindra Rochana Boli Collection 


  2. The Sunday lunch is incomplete without Kochi Pathar Jhol and Shada Bhaat

    kochi pathar jol

  3. The curious case of Daaknaam and Bhalo Naam- Don’t ask our Daak Naam, if you are going to make fun of it. We wear it with pride.

    Daak naam Credits: Brown Paper Bag Comics

  4. Darjeeling= Switzerland, Digha= Maldives!


  5. There is nothing Boroline can’t cure…..Surobhito Antiseptic Cream Boroline!


  6. Bongs are Marxists at heart. Am I right or am I right, Comrade?


  7. Mati’r Bhaar e Chaa + Bapuji cake is a Godly combination

    christmas 1 305-1-min

  8. Waking up early on a Mahalya morning and listening to Birendra Krishna Bhadra is a different way of life.  



  9. Ashthami Bhog = Amritto, ’nuff said. 


  10. Ain’t no sleeping without a kolbalish.

    kolbalish love

  11. After a heavy round of pet pujo: “Dada, ektu Carmozyme ba Joan er Jol hobey?”


  12. East or west, Homeopathy is the best! 


  13. Mandatory pair of Hawai Chappal.


  14. Monkey Cap = A Bong’s identity for four months.

    monkey tupi

  15. Sherlock is great, Feluda is fatafati!

    satyajit ray feluda london

  16. Returning to work post-vacation means carrying Roshogullas for the colleagues!


  17. Dhunuchi Naach and looking up the next year Durga Pujo date is a tradition!

    dhunuchi naach

  18. Sondesh, Annondomela Pujobarshiki, Little Magazine runs in the blood.


  19. Jao moshari ta lagao.


    Credits: The Bong Sense

  20. No birthdays without payesh!


  21. Every neighbourhood has 2 South Pointers


  22. Mohan Bagan Vs East Bengal rivalry is perennial.


  23. A Bengali can live without food (for a day) but not without ‘Adda’ 


  24. Socialism in the sheets, Haath e taana Rickshaw in the streets. 


  25. A boat ride across the Ganges is the 2nd most romantic thing ever

    (32 is the first).ganges

  26. Seint Jabhiers na Lah Martz? Presidency na Jadobpur? The best school or college debate never stops.

    St. Xaviers, La Martinere

  27. No ritual is complete without the Shonkho Dhhoni and ‘Ulu Ulu’. And we can all do a good ‘Ulu’.


  28. What Britannia Marie? Oh, ‘Merry Biskoot’!

    Bongs Can Relate

  29. Snacks manei Peyaji, Aloor Chop or Gorom Gorom Shingara

    telebhaja grabon blog

  30. Money spent on Podda’r (Padma, for you non-Bongs) Ilish> Opening a fixed deposit.


  31. Masala Papad? Pff, Chatney + Papad FTW!


  32. Ei Poth Jodi na shesh hoye’ is the most romantic song ever written! 


  33. Ananda Bazar Patrika’ is the Holy Bible.

    abp grabon blog

  34. The Panch Phoron is their discovery!


  35. Keep your fairy tales to yourself, we’ve got Abol Tabol And Thakumar Jhuli 😎


  36. Ray’s Oscar and Tagore’s Noble is more valuable than their child’s first prize!


  37. Paanta Bhaat is a must during summers


  38. You can’t be sad when Pujo is around the corner!

    pujo love

  39. Sheetkal Showers? Thanks but no.

    chaan sheetkal

Bongs are intellects who love to sip their tea watching a Ray movie, at the same time have no qualms eating Chinese food on the streets of Terreti Bazaar. Knowing and understanding them is roller coaster ride but once you get to know them, they can be the warmest people ever.

Now that you’re here, did you know that Bengal was once called Bang? No joke there; it was also called Bonga, Vanga, and Vangaladesa over different periods in history. Here’s a list of the 5 oldest names of Bengal.

The 5 Oldest Names of Bengal

Bonga – This is the oldest name of Bengal that we can trace back to. How strange, yet pleasing, that we haven’t come too far from the original name. The word means ‘Sun God’ in Austric languages.

Bang – The name Bang came from a proto-Dravidian tribe that most likely inhabited Bengal in the Bronze Age.

Vanga – If you ever read the Mahabharata (in Sanskrit!) then you’ll find mentions of a place called ‘Vanga’. Yeah, that’s our Bengal, y’all

Vangaladesa – This name goes way back to the 11th century. Turns out, that is how South Indians started referring to Bengal.

Gauda – There was a kingdom in Bengal in medieval times called Gauda. Its kings were referred to as Gaudeswara. Then, as kingdoms expanded, the whole Bengal came to be known as Gauda.

Hope you enjoyed these 39 things. Did we miss out on any ‘typically bong’ thing? Mention in the comments below. On that note, Durga Pujo’r onek onek shubecha :)

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Amazing… I could really relate to it.. Special the boroline, moshari and South point.


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