Top 7 Destinations To Travel In India With Your Best Friend

by Vinodkumar Sankranthi
Top 5 Destinations To Travel In India With Your Best Friend

Friends who eat together, stay together. And what about friends that travel together? They stay best friends forever! In case you are wondering what is that one thing you and your best friend could do, exclusive to only the two of you, here’s something: make travel goals! India is not only diverse in terms of cultures and languages but also in terms of travel destinations. India has got a great number of tourist destinations that make you wish that you never go back.

So, we decided to list out the top travel destinations you can always visit with your best friend and make memories deeper than the Marina Trench. Take a trip, click those photos, have deep discussions about life and come back and post those pictures and tag us! Don’t worry, we are not going to recommend Goa. You will cancel reading this article at the last minute…

Here Are The Best Places to Visit In India With Friends:

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7. Triund, Himachal Pradesh

Triund himachal pradesh

Situated along the Lesser Himalayas, Triund is another place of absolute beauty. If you are looking for snow, trekking and camping, all at the same location, well- go to Triund with your best friend. Considering that it is a bit steep, it makes the trekking all the more adventurous. Not exactly a very popular tourist spot, it is a perfect getaway from all the hustle and bustle of a busy city. Don’t worry, you have all the facilities there to stay and enjoy with your best friend!

6. Kasol, Himachal Pradesh


A cozy little place atop the Himachal, Kasol is a paradise for a trip with your best friend. Get comfortable in hot springs, as your body relaxes and takes in all the comfort in skin and bones. And if you are more of an adventurous kind, you have trekking as well! Not to forget camping and night-outs in the cold weather, sitting near a camp-fire, looking at the starry night skies! So, if you are looking for a great trip to the mountains with your best friend, where it is chilly and some cozy time, this is your place.

5. Darjeeling, West Bengal

Darjeeling is one of those places that ticks off your criteria for an ideal travel destination to visit with your best friends. The place is one among the 5 highest peaks in the world that comes with a magnificent view and spectacular natural beauty. There are plenty of scenic varieties spotting about 600 myriad orchids here. This dreamy location is the perfect destination to travel with friends and we’re sure you’ll love exploring this place without any qualms.

4. Kovalam Beach, Kerala

Kovalam Beach Kerala
Located 16 Km away from Trivandrum, Kovalam beach, also known as white sandy beach, makes up a part of this beautiful city in Kerala, alongside the Malabar Coast. This beach is a union of three coves — the Lighthouse Beach, Hawa Beach and the Samudra Beach. It’s so that you visit three dream destinations at once!

3. Manali, Himachal Pradesh

Manali Himachal Pradesh
Manali is a heaven for those who love nature and outdoors. There are a variety of holiday activities you can easily access at this place. We’re sure the activities accessible at this place will get your adrenaline rushing and blood pumping. The best way to enjoy this spot is to go paragliding, river rafting, skiing, or simply opt for a nature walk. Take your time exploring all the beautiful places, adventure activities and more. It’s very fun-filling.

2. Leh, Jammu and Kashmir

Leh Ladakh
Every pair of best friends includes a trip of Leh (on road) on their list. And rightly so! The place is absolutely beautiful. Situated in Jammu and Kashmir, India’s heaven, Leh is considered to be the most beautiful place in J&K. The view in Leh is absolutely breathtaking (figuratively and literally, considering the altitude). If you want some quality, memorable road-trips and ethereal beauty, this is your place for sure!

1. Gokarna, Karnataka

Gokarna Karnataka
Love beaches? Then, here is a perfect spot for you. Go down south in Karnataka and you will find the most exotic and unexplored beaches in the country. Gokarna is a paradise for beach-lovers. Uncharted beaches dominated mostly by foreigners, these beaches in Gokarna are secluded. You feel the calmness of nature and yet the tempest that the sea winds come in with. The only object that can describe the beauty of Gokarna are your eyes.

Hope you’ve found this curated list interesting. Be it an end-of-college trip or a reunion trip or a bachelor/bachelorette trip, trips with friends always mean something to everyone and using this list, you can go to that perfect place with your best friend, whatever be the occasion. If you have any place to share with us or would like to add to this list of destinations to visit with best friends, shoot us a note or drop in a comment.

Here’s a tip- nowadays, it doesn’t cost a lot more for a group of friends to visit nearby international destinations like Thailand, Nepal, etc. (even cheaper in some cases). Otherwise, any place you and your best friend choose to go will be fun and memorable. Because it’s not the place that makes the trip memorable but the conversations that happen.

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