Well, it’s very common to hear people (especially the elder ones) talking about the importance of breakfast. To be frank, having all three meals of the day on time has its own benefits. But the difference is minute, and if you’re young, very negligible.

Be it bread, butter, toast or dosas and idlis or parathas, and pancakes or the perfect English breakfast – the list is too long. So whether you eat breakfast or you don’t, you will still get amazing offers on all your pizza orders through Dominos coupons. Keep hoggin’, you foodies!

Healthy Breakfast

We often grow up with the notion of the many harmful effects of skipping breakfast. We even hear people talk about some foods to avoid which are eaten usually as breakfast. In this article, we are going to talk about some of the most popular myths about eating a healthy breakfast.

Eating breakfast boosts performance

breakfast power

Many believe that eating breakfast early increases your performance. Why? Because if you’re hungry, you won’t perform well and feel uncomfortable. That’s not true. Have you ever noticed no matter how much breakfast you may eat, you will feel hungry within the next couple of hours? This is because your body burns food eaten on an empty stomach quickly. So eating your breakfast doesn’t really make a difference in your performance.

You’ll lose weight if you eat breakfast

breakfast lose weight

Seriously? If I eat more I’ll lose weight? Sounds a bit too good to be true, doesn’t it? Many researchers have claimed that if you eat your breakfast you will eat less throughout the day. But as discussed in the previous point, that isn’t true. Also, weight loss completely depends on what you’re eating and how much exercise you’re doing in a day. The more times you eat, the more you’re adding to your body.

Breakfast cereal

breakfast cereal

If you’re reading this article, I’m sure you don’t eat Fruit Loops or Chocó’s, nor are you a 12-year-old. So now that we have those cereals out of the equation, let’s see the others. Cornflakes, Muesli, and Oat cereals are all excellent sources of nutrition. In fact, if eaten with honey diluted milk and some dry fruits, they are the ultimate and most crucial meals of your day. Cereals like these are also not fattening and instead are high in protein and other nutrients.

Breakfast should be heavy

breakfast sleepy

Many say that your breakfast should be heavy and the amount you ate now should come down for your subsequent meals. Wrong, this makes no difference to your health. As long as you give a break after your dinner before you sleep, there is no limit to how much you’re actually supposed to eat. Also, a heavy breakfast can make you drowsy during work, which is obviously not a good thing.

Did all this scare you? Well it shouldn’t ‘coz breakfast is still a meal of the day and you can get various choices.


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