Keeping up with the calories-intake and busters is not the easiest thing on the planet. Following that tough regime advised by your fitness coach is becoming boring or you think getting that perfect body trac-fitness is far away from the reality? Don’t worry, we’ve rounded up a few best fitness apps that will help you track your fitness at your fingertips and offer a unique experience. When it comes to the best applications for droid devices, Blackberry and iOS, there’s no shortage of fitness tracking mobile applications. You’ll be spoilt for choices. So we think the below are some worth Fitness smart apps that stand out from the crowd.

Apps worth mentioning

Here are some of the apps that are unique and makes managing fitness easier than before:

Daily Workouts helping save money on your gym membership

This app targets at your regular workout routines. This app breaks down a workout video into 5-or-10 minute routines, thus encouraging you to work out at home! With this app, you are sure of not counting on your calories on an hourly basis, entering weight or anything like that; just choose the video that helps your abs, arms, legs or butt on shape. The app offer 10 to 30 minute routine, which can be randomized for full-body workouts, loaded with over 140 exercises. And that’s not all. This app requires no internet connection as well. It also gives detailed instructions to get started with workout at home, giving you the best results without the need to step into a gym.

Endomondo: Your pal to give that extra little motivation

Whether you’re cycling, running, walking or kayaking, this is the perfect personal trainer app that tracks your workout history and keep you motivated in a fun way. You can view distance, duration and calories you reduced with this distance-based fun app. What do you get: View workout history, track pulse rate, motivating audio-feedback at regular intervals and elaborated graph representation of lap times, altitude and more throughout your workout. The special heart-rate monitors feature is our favorite.

Hypnosis – Relaxation

Hypnosis is a powerful app that hypnotizes you into a mindset, accessing the power of sub-conscious affecting positive change in your life. It gives power to change one’s self and enables to accomplish things like stop drinking, quit smoking, weight loss, obsessive compulsiveness and more. This self-help app is a perfect pocket app that helps beat stress at the work, home and in general anywhere that causes a heck of stress.

Eat this, not that!

Food educating apps that guides what to eat and what to cut are a dime a dozen in this modern app world. But most applications lack exceptional performance and quality. This app developed for Android and iOS, claim to function seamlessly and complete no-diet weight solution without any erratics. What you get? You will be able to track calories for 13,000+ menus and over 10,000 grocery products. It helps you create your customized plan, view your daily-calorie budget and help you know the worst and best food choices across various restaurants and more.

Pocket Yoga — From beginners to experts yoga posters on your smartphone

With the increasing popularity and awareness programs on mindfulness yoga, there have emerged numerous mobile applications that help you carry around on the yoga studio with just a tap on your device. And pocket yoga happens to be the most notable app amidst in this category. In addition to giving access to the benefits of mindfulness yoga, this app also lets one to practice the ancient art of calming, relaxing, medicating, breathing and stretching at their own pace and time intervals.

Want to know more best smart apps? Stay tuned.


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