Raksha Bandhan Special: 5 Things Every Brother-Sister Can Relate To!

rakhi celebration

We fight. We get over it. We fight again. So on and on, it continues. This bitter-sweet relationship that a brother and sister share dates way back to the beginning of time. There are some things anyone growing up with a sibling must’ve experienced first hand. On this occasion of Raksha Bandhan, here are 5 things every brother-sister can relate to:

#1 Fighting over the remote


Remote wars are no child’s play! Not as cute as it sounds. Actually pretty serious bouts of sibling rivalry.

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#2 Fighting over food


Be it the last piece of jalebi or the last aloo parantha, no one gets to have it without putting up a fight.

#3 Fighting over gifts


Best things come in small packages, they said. But it didn’t stop us from comparing the gifts and see who got the bigger one!

#4 Fighting over who rode in the front seat


‘Mom, it’s not fair. Today is my turn to ride in the front seat, his was yesterday’

Last but definitely not the least

#5 Fighting over ‘being the favorite kid’


Kid 1: Mom, I got an A+ in Maths.

Kid 2: I won a gold in the 200m sprint.

*Mom in a dilemma*

This Raksha Bandhan, relive all those bitter-sweet moments of siblinghood. What are the other quintessential sibling moments, do let us know in the comments below. GrabOn wishes you a Happy Raksha Bandhan :)


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